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Prerequisite dimension Overworld
Faction Erebon, Pluton
Realmstone Immortallis Realmstone.png
Text Erebon and Pluton welcome you.
Portal sound
Version 2.4

Immortallis is a perplexing dungeon dimension.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Immortallis Realmstone.png Realmstone is dropped by Death Hunters, which spawn on the Death Day Event. This dimension is controlled by both Erebon and Pluton. Immortallis is very unique as it is more like the Ancient Cavern than the other dimensions. The player cannot place blocks in Immortallis (including torches), but the player can place water or lava from a bucket.

WARNING[edit | edit source]

There are a few things the player must remember before entering:

This dungeon is filled with strong enemies and should NOT be taken lightly. You will often be crowded by the mobs that spawn from the spawners. Be aware that you must be well prepared for this dimension. If you die, you will need to buy a new starting coin to get back in, oftentimes meaning you will lose your items. As such, the Intervention enchantment is strongly recommended on the player's gear unless it is easily replaceable, and items that do not need to be brought in should be left behind.

Progression[edit | edit source]

Immortallis is composed of many rooms floating above the void, similar to the Ancient Cavern. Unlike the Ancient Cavern however, the rooms in Immortallis can be accessed by completing various puzzles in each room. The player's progress will be recorded in the tribute bar.

The puzzles contain large amounts of lava, and most of the mobs will easily knock the player into it. It is heavily recommended to bring a Potion of Fire Resistance, Infernal Armor, or some other kind of fire protection. It is also recommended to have a few empty spaces in the player's inventory.

The main room/first room contains 2 portals and 2 npcs. One NPC sells a Vulcane and a Starting Coin. The other sells various weapons only obtainable if all of the puzzles are complete. To progress the player must use the starting coin on the Immortallis Progressor.

In the second room the player must collect Impure Gold from the Goldums. This can be achieved by killing a goldum, then taking the gold to the Gold Accumulator on the other side of the room. The player must collect 5 to progress.

In the third room the player must face the strength immortal Klobber. Once defeated, he will drop a Progress Coin, which can be used on the Immortallis Progressor to progress.

In the fourth room the player must slay 25 skeletal spirits for Erebon. These include Skelekytes and Skeledons. Once 25 have been defeated, the player can right-click the Immortallis Progressor to progress.

In the fifth room the player must defeat the immortal Proshield. Like Klobber, he will drop a Progress Coin upon death.

In the sixth room the player must collect Pure Gold from the Goldus' and deposit it into the Pure Gold Accumulators. This time though it is a lot harder. Shavos and Fenixs spawn from spawners in this room. The player will need to collect and deposit 5-10 gold in order to progress.

In the seventh room the player must face the immortal Mirage.

In the eighth room the player must slay 25 evil spirits for Erebon. These include Ghastus, Urv and Visage. It should be noted that all of the monsters in the 8th room are quite powerful. Be careful in this room.

In the final room the player must face Flash.

What to Bring[edit | edit source]

Some kind of Fire Resistance is recommended. All of the player's equipment should be enchanted.

Recommended Armor[edit | edit source]

The following armor sets are recomended for Immortallis:

Armor Set Description
NethengeicArmorIcons.png Nethengeic Armor This armor set gives both Fire Resistance and Strength. Perfect for dealing with the excess lava and the powerful monsters.
BaronArmorIcons.png Baron Armor A majority of the mobs here use melee attacks. Some of the mobs hit hard, such as the Fenixes, Ghastus', or Urvs. The first Immortal Klobber, also has strong attacks. Being able to take less damage and do more damage will help if the player gets cornered, espically if cornered by a group of Urvs.

NOTE: If the player is not able to afford Baron Armor, Weaken Armor can be used as a substitute.

SubterraneanArmorIcons.png Subterranean Armor Since the player will be fighting a lot of mobs, an armor set that makes the enemies attack themselves can be useful.
FungalArmorIcons.png Fungal Armor If the player can afford it, this can be brought instead of Subterranean Armor, if the player desires it's effects.
AlacrityArmorIcons.png Alacrity Armor Should only be brought if none of the above armor sets are an option. With this set, the player can jump over hordes of mobs and (in the 6th room) up to safety.

SpaceKing Armor and Commander Armor need further testing.

Recommended Weapons & Staves[edit | edit source]

Weapon Description
BloodFury.png Swords At bare minimum, a sword that does at least 21 (Heart.png×10.5) damage should be brought. Make sure it is enchanted with Sharpness and Knockback. Fire Aspect may also be handy.
GUNS Any gun that provides knockback and/or any fast-firing gun, can be brought along.
Staves Description
Kaiyu Staff.png Kaiyu Staff The shielding this staff provides will prove a great asset against both the normal mobs and the bosses.
Rejuvenation Staff.png Rejuvenation Staff If a quick heal is desired.

Why come here?[edit | edit source]

- to purchase a Vulcane.png Vulcane. The player does not need to leave the spawn room or fight mobs to get one.
- ArchaicArmorIcons.png - a very useful late-tier set.
- Trade Dungeon Tokens.png Dungeon Tokens for mid-late tier weapons and upgrades for the Vulcane.png Vulcane.

Generation[edit | edit source]

Immortallis generates as a large dungeon.

The first room has 2 portals centered in the middle of it, as well as 2 npcs, the Dungeon Keeper and the Token Trader. The 2 NPCs are located on opposite sides of the room. The Dungeon Keeper stands next to the Immortallis Progressor. 4 lava fountains are found on the four corners of the room.

The second room starts out will a small area surrounded with lava. Going out of this area leads to a T-junction. Going left leads to a Gold Accumulator, going right leads to spawners that spawn Goldums. Going straight ahead leads to the Immortallis Progressor. In the middle of the T-Junction are two pillars, inside are spawners. The one on the left spawns Reavers, the one on the right spawns Uriohs.

The third room is a small empty square room where Klobber is fought. The Immortallis Progressor is located on the opposite side that the player enters.

The fourth room starts the player out in a small area, similar to the second room. Outside the area is a big room full of pillars and other things. There is a big pillar in the center that contains spawners that spawn Skeledons, and two smaller pillars towards the back corners of the room, that contain spawners that spawn Skelekytes. The Immortallis Progressor is located opposite of where the player enters.

The fifth room is also a small square room where Proshield is fought. There is a massive pillar in the room's center. The Immortallis Progressor is opposite to where the player enters.

The sixth room has a large pool of lava at the bottom, with various floating platforms. Pillars are attached to 2 of the platforms, the pillars contain spawners that spawn Goldus. Various Archaic Ladders exist everywhere, taking the player up or down. A floating platform higher up contains a big pillar. The big pillar has spawners that spawn Fenixes and Shavos inside. A ladder on the same level will take the player up to a mini-maze. Shavo and Fenix spawners exist in the walls of the mini-maze. A Pure Gold Accumulator exists at the end. The Immortallis Progressor is near the Goldus spawners.

The seventh room has a lava pool at the bottom and four floating platforms. Mirage is fought here. An Archaic Ladder is located on the side of the room to take the player back up to the platforms, in case the players falls off. The Immortallis Progressor is located next to the Archaic Ladder.

The eigth room has a massive pillar in the center that contains spawners that spawn Ghastus and Urv. There are three pathways that branch off from the main room. One of them leads to the Immortallis Progressor. The other two lead into hallways that loop around to the Immortallis Progressor. Towards the end of the halls, there are pillars that have Visage spawners inside them.

The final room is an empty room with three lamps on the ceiling. Flash is fought here. The Immortallis Progressor is located opposite to where the player enters the room. Using a Progress Coin on the progressor will take the player back to the first room.

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Naturally generating
Generates in structures
Archaic Tiles.png Archaic Tiles
Archaic Lamp.png Archaic Lamp
Archaic Dirt.png Archaic Dirt
Archaic Ladder.png Archaic Ladder
Archaic Glass.png Archaic Glass
MissingIcon32.png Lava
Immortallis Progressor.png Immortallis Progressor
Gold Accumulator.png Gold Accumulator
Gold Accumulator.png Pure Gold Accumulator

Mobs[edit | edit source]

There are 11 hostile mobs in Immortallis, all of the mobs spawn from spawners. None of them are hunter mobs. Some of them have special abilites, such as turning invisible, applying strong knockback or applying the Wither debuff. Others have high health or high attack power.

Hostile:[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
Reaver.png Reaver Spawns from a spawner in the 2nd room None
Urioh.png Urioh Spawns from a spawner in the 2nd room None
Goldum.png Goldum Spawns from a spawner in the 2nd room Impure Gold.png Impure Gold
Skeledon.png Skeledon Spawns from a spawner in the 4th room None
Skelekyte.png Skelekyte Spawns from a spawner in the 4th room None
Fenix.png Fenix Spawns from a spawner in the 6th room None
Goldus.png Goldus Spawns from a spawner in the 6th room Pure Gold.png Pure Gold
Shavo.png Shavo Spawns from a spawner in the 6th room None
Urv.png Urv Spawns from a spawner in the 8th room None
Visage.png Visage Spawns from a spawner in the 8th room None
Ghastus.png Ghastus Spawns from a spawner in the 8th room None

See individual mob pages for more information.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
DungeonKeeper.png Dungeon Keeper Spawns in the first room. See here.
Token Trader.png Token Trader Spawns in the first room. See here.

See individual mob pages for more information.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
The Immortals.png The Immortals Spawns in their respective rooms. See here.

See individual boss pages for more information.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The resources obtainable in Immortallis are:

Misc Items Obtained From
Battle Augment.png Battle Augment Token Trader
Dungeon Tokens.png Dungeon Tokens Defeat Flash
Equality Augment.png Equality Augment Token Trader
Fire Augment.png Fire Augment Token Trader
Impairment Augment.png Impairment Augment Token Trader
Impure Gold.png Impure Gold Kill a Goldum
Poison Augment.png Poison Augment Token Trader
Power Augment.png Power Augment Token Trader
Progress Coins.gif Progress Coins Klobber, Proshield, Mirage and Flash
Pure Gold.png Pure Gold Kill a Goldus
Return Crystal.png Return Crystal Use the Starting Coin on the Immortallis Progressor
Starting Coin.png Starting Coin Dungeon Keeper
Wither Augment.png Wither Augment Token Trader
Vulcanes Obtained from
Vulcane.png Vulcane Dungeon Keeper
Guns Obtained from
Deadlock.png Deadlock Token Trader
Odious.png Odious Token Trader
Swords Obtained from
Vulcammer.png Vulcammer Token Trader
Staves Obtained from
Everfight Staff.png Everfight Staff Token Trader
Evermight Staff.png Evermight Staff Token Trader
Armor Obtained from
ArchaicArmorIcons.png Archaic Armor Defeat Flash
Banners Obtained from
Immortal Banner.png Immortal Banner Token Trader

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