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Hydrangic Armor

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Hydrangic Armor
Hydrangic Armor.png
Hydrangic Helmet.png Hydrangic Chestplate.png Hydrangic Leggings.png Hydrangic Boots.png
Armor Helmet: +4 Armor
Chestplate: +9 Armor
Leggings: +7 Armor
Boots: +4 Armor
Total: +24 Armor
Armor toughness +5 Armor Toughness per piece
+20 Armor Toughness total
Durability Helmet: 594
Chestplate: 864
Leggings: 810
Boots: 702
Effect Full Set Bonus: Fertilizes plants when placed at the cost of durability
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Version added 1.1
ID aoa3:hydrangic_helmet

Hydrangic Armor is a Tier 2 armor set obtained via a Petal Crafting Station.

Information[edit | edit source]

Wearing a full set of Hydrangic armor, will make it so Crops placed by the player will automatically fertilize when placed on Farmland. The Fertilization process is the equivalent to using 1 Bone Meal on a Crop. Each piece of Hydrangic armor will also lose 1 point of durability per crop fertilized.

Repair[edit | edit source]

See Repairing

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

See Armor#Enchanting

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Petal Crafting Station[edit | edit source]

Using Petals on a Petal Crafting Station will consume the Petals and create a random piece of Hydrangic armor.