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Hunter (skill)

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Hunter is a skill themed around defeating mobs.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The hunter skill serves the purpose of allowing the player to defeat certain mobs, termed "hunter mobs". When the player is exploring the world or dimensions, the player may come across mobs that they are unable to damage. Training the hunter skill allows the player to damage these mobs.

The player is able to tell which mobs are hunter mobs by the two swords above the mob's head (if no icons appear, pressing the N key by default will turn it on). Hunter Entity Available.png If the icon is two green swords, then the player is able to damage the mob. Hunter Entity Unavailable.png If the icon above a mob's head is two red swords, that means the player is unable to damage the mob.

When the player defeats a mob that is considered a hunter mob, the player will receive experience for their hunter skill. Each mob gives a different amount of experience. Reaching the level of a specific hunter mob will allow the player to damage it. If the player is not the correct level, the mob will not be damaged.

The list of hunter mobs, the level required to defeat them, and the experience they give, are as follows:

Mobs Level Required Experience
Anemia Lvl 1 23.1 XP
Bloodmist 9 XP
Dark Beast 11.2 XP
Host 19 XP
Irkling 9.9 XP
Linger 10.8 XP
Modulo 11.9 XP
Night Watcher 9.5 XP
Rammerhead 10.8 XP
Roloscope 9 XP
Scrubby 7.6 XP
Skellox 7.6 XP
Terrestrial 13.4 XP
Urka 8.8 XP
Vertebron 9.5 XP
Void Walker 6.4 XP
Walker 6.6 XP
Death Hunter Lvl 3 11.4 XP
Headless Destroyer 12.1 XP
Reaper Twins 9 XP
Triclops 7.6 XP
Mother Void Walker Lvl 5 9.9 XP
Ice Giant Lvl 9 8.6 XP
Leafy Giant 7.4 XP
Sand Giant 10.2 XP
Stone Giant 15.5 XP
Wood Giant 12.4 XP
Amphibiyte Lvl 12 8.1 XP
Skeletal Cowman Lvl 13 12.8 XP
Kaiyu Lvl 17 10.5 XP
Zhinx Lvl 19 17.8 XP
Exohead Lvl 23 15.2 XP
Nethengeic Beast Lvl 24 16.3 XP
Diocus Lvl 27 29.9 XP
Paravite Lvl 28 21.4 XP
Spinoledon 21.4 XP
Iosaur Lvl 29 24.2 XP
Mushroom Spider 21.6 XP
Rawbone Lvl 30 24.6 XP
Enforcer Lvl 31 26.4 XP
Undead Troll Lvl 32 28.4 XP
Jawe Lvl 33 30.5 XP
Banshee Lvl 34 39.1 XP
Nightmare Spider 26.6 XP
Dawnlight Lvl 35 35.4 XP
Nightwing Lvl 39 47.8 XP
Flesh Eater Lvl 40 51.6 XP
Jumbo Lvl 42 90.2 XP
Phantom Lvl 44 70.3 XP
Cane Bug Lvl 47 88.9 XP
Gingerbird Lvl 50 112.8 XP
Gingerbread Man Lvl 53 143.6 XP
Pod Plant Lvl 56 183.1 XP
Vine Wizard Lvl 59 233.9 XP
Spectral Wizard Lvl 64 353.3 XP
Runic Guardian Lvl 66 417.2 XP
Mermage Lvl 67 453.5 XP
Amphibior Lvl 69 536 XP
Faceless Floater Lvl 71 634 XP
Zorp Lvl 75 888.4 XP
Zarg Lvl 76 966.9 XP
Baumba Lvl 78 1145.8 XP
Refluct Lvl 79 1247.6 XP
Inmate X Lvl 81 1443.4 XP
Inmate Y 1640.8 XP
Merkyre Lvl 83 1755.3 XP
Crusilisk Lvl 84 1912.2 XP
Arkzyne Lvl 86 2270.2 XP
Shyre Troll Lvl 90 3203.6 XP
Lightwalker Lvl 94 4527.5 XP
Luxocron Lvl 97 5873.8 XP

Other uses for hunter[edit | edit source]

Once the player reaches level 70 hunter, the player will unlock the ability to fight Penumbra. Once the player reaches level 100 hunter, the player will be able to wear the Hunter Armor.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
2.0 Added the Hunter skill.
2.3 Added Cane Bug and Fungock, which are hunter mobs.
2.4 Added Mushroom Spider, Zorp, Zarg, Arkzyne, Crusilisk and Headless Destroyer which are hunter mobs.
Tslat 1.1 Added ArcWizard and Soulscorne, which are hunter mobs.
3.0 The Hunter symbol above mob's heads is now split into two separate symbols: two red swords for when the player can't damage a mob, and two green swords for when the player can.
Bosses no longer drop hunter xp if the player's hunter level is 30 or over.
3.2 The hunter mobs were changed drastically: many mobs gained hunter status, some lost their hunter status, and many received level and xp changes.