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Hermetism Armor

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Hermetism Armor
Durability Helmet: 1100
Chestplate: 1600
Leggings: 1500
Boots: 1300
Damage Reduction 80%
Full Set Bonus Killing creatures randomly drops extra coins.
Version Added 2.4

The Hermetism Armor is an artistry armor set.

Information[edit | edit source]

To wear the armor, the player has to be level 100 Hermetism. As Hermetism has not been implemented yet, this set cannot be worn in normal gameplay (though it can be worn if the player uses an NBT editor to set their Hermetism level to 100).

Despite what the armor's tooltip states, the full set bonus of the armor does not exist.

Method of Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Hermetism Master sells the armor for one Lunaver Coin each.