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Scrapped features

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The following page lists scrapped features. These are features that were either mentioned by a developer or planned to be added to the game by a developer at one point, but were later confirmed to be scrapped.

Note that this page does not list features whose status on being scrapped is unknown. If a developer mentions something, but does not follow up on whether its scrapped or not, then said feature would go on the mentioned features page instead.

Scrapped skills and resource systems[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Hermetism[edit | edit source]


Hermetism was a skill that would have involved converting the player's unwanted items into coins.[1] The Hermetism skill icon was added in the 2.4 update but the skill remained untrainable.

According to reveals, the Hermetism skill would have allowed the player to convert their unwanted items and weapons into coins. Any item could be converted. As the player leveled up in Hermetism, the player would gain the ability to convert more valuable items into coins. Items of low-value would be converted instead into Hermetic Dust, which could then be converted into coins. The value received would have depended on the value of the original item.

All items that are not from the mod (such as Vanilla items), would have been rated at a low value. Xolova had mentioned the possibility of adding a config option that could be set to increase the value of said items.

A Hermetism Master and Hermetism Armor set both existed in the game upon Hermetism's introduction. The armor's full set bonus did not work. In the mod's files, an unused texture for a Hermetism Table could be found.

As of AoA3-Snapshot 3, the hermetism skill icon had been removed, its place being replaced with alchemy. The mod developer has confirmed that this skill has been scrapped.[2]

Robbery[edit | edit source]


Robbery was going to be a skill that would allow additional interaction with a couple of the NPCs, but it was mostly going to be new NPCs created for various worlds allowing the player to pickpocket them.[3]

The skill icon for robbery was added in ??, but the skill remained untrainable. As of AoA3-Snapshot 3, the robbery skill icon was removed from the game, its spot being replaced with engineering. The mod developer later confirmed this skill to be scrapped.[2]

Scrapped items[edit | edit source]

2.5 snapshot swords and greatblades[edit | edit source]

Several swords and greatblades were added in the 2.5 Snapshot. They were not added in the mod in any version released after, and Scimiguy confirmed that they have been scrapped.[4]

For documentation purposes, the weapons and their stats are listed here.


Weapon Damage Secondary effect
Diamondhead Sword.png Diamondhead Sword 17 (Heart.png×8.5) 2% chance to fully heal player on hit
Divinity Sword.png Divinity Sword 9 (Heart.png×4.5) Kept on death by default
Slowstone Sword.png Slowstone Sword 7 (Heart.png×3.5) Quintuple damage to slowed enemies
Terrestrial Sword.png Terrestrial Sword 9 (Heart.png×4.5) 6 (Heart.png×3) damage to nearby mobs
Witherstone Sword.png Witherstone Sword 7 (Heart.png×3.5) Quintuple damage to withering enemies


Weapon Damage Secondary effect
Burnblade.png Burnblade 6 (Heart.png×3) Quadruple damage to mobs on fire
Slowstone Greatblade.png Slowstone Greatblade 8 (Heart.png×4) Quadruple damage to slowed enemies
Terrestrial Greatblade.png Terrestrial Greatblade 7 (Heart.png×3.5) 6 (Heart.png×3) damage to nearby mobs
Witherstone Greatblade.png Witherstone Greatblade 7 (Heart.png×3.5) Quadruple damage to withering enemies

Other weapons[edit | edit source]

The following weapons were once planned for future updates.[citation needed] However, they have been confirmed scrapped.[5]


Leveled Greatblade.png Leveled Greatblade Darkin Greatblade.png Darkin Greatblade Eternal Greatblade.png Eternal Greatblade

Bows and Archerguns

Eternal Bow.png Eternal Bow Darkin Bow.png Darkin Bow Darkin Archergun.png Darkin Archergun Demon Bow.png Demon Bow


Darkin Destroyer.png Darkin Destroyer Leveler.png Leveler Creator.png Creator
Bullet Blaster.png Bullet Blaster Mystique.png Mystique Demonic Destroyer.png Demonic Destroyer


Vengence Staff.png Vengence Staff Snowstorm Staff.png Snowstorm Staff Demon Staff.png Demon Staff

These have been scrapped and will not be added.

Claymores[edit | edit source]

On 24 February 2015, Xolova added claymores to the weapons page of this wiki.[6] The addition included a brief description of what claymores were, and a list of claymores.

Claymores would have functioned as explosive bows that used Energy instead of Holly Arrows.[6]note

Claymores were never added to the game as a weapon, but their textures could be found on the Ancient Cavern Banners until 3.0, when they were replaced with the sticklers.

Claymores have officially been scrapped.[5]

Erebon Claymore.png Erebon Claymore Luxon Claymore.png Luxon Claymore Pluton Claymore.png Pluton Claymore Selyan Claymore.png Selyan Claymore

These have been scrapped and will not be added.

Scrapped entities[edit | edit source]

Mobs[edit | edit source]

During Advent of Ascension's development, a number of mobs have been developed but later confirmed to be scrapped.

On the mod's Minecraft forums thread, a list of mobs without context was released on 10 December 2015.[7] It included the mobs for the 2.5 snapshot dimensions, the Shyrelands, and several other unknown mobs.

On 21 August 2018, Xolova added a list of names of unimplemented mobs to the wiki in this edit.

Scimguy has confirmed that all of these mobs have been scrapped.[8]

The following list is a compilation of mob names from the list of the Minecraft forum thread and mobs that Xolova added to the wiki himself.

The Haven:[9][10]

  • Airstroke
  • Gravicus

The Abyss:[9][11]

  • Clocker
  • Decapitator
  • Gorge
  • Spinecracker
  • Webbulous
  • Shadow Ancient


  • Desworm (Were hard to see until they attacked. [13])
  • Desworm - Expanded
  • Miragus
  • Oozer
  • Phaser
  • Tumbler


  • Chocoman
  • Crush Candy
  • Manmellow
  • Marsh Monster

The Deeplands:[9][15]

  • Hammerock
  • Rock Wizard
  • Rungus
  • Golddish


  • Exskello Ucereus
  • Dawnwalker
  • Elite Stalker Guard
  • Stalker Mage


  • Furnivus
  • Melonman
  • Stewhead
  • Vileshroom

The Greckon:[9][18]

  • Dreamer
  • Dark Wizard
  • Rifter
  • Skullomancer
  • Shadeus


  • Detonator
  • Ironfist
  • Magneto (Would "magnetize" dropped items towards it. [13])
  • Rapido
  • Silverus
  • Telematrix
  • Warpotron


  • Living Comet
  • Star Wizard


  • Darkling
  • Undead Eeo


  • Tyranospinarus
  • Stegokeledon

Unknown dimension:[7]

  • Radion
  • Executor
  • Ipolo
  • Magicyte
  • Coralacus
  • Water Wizard
  • Deceiver

Dark Moon mobs[edit | edit source]

These mobs have models and textures, however they have not been coded and were never officially revealed. The following screenshots were created by giving their models/textures to other mobs.

They are confirmed to be scrapped.[5]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

The Necromancer is an unreleased boss. A reveal suggested that he could be spawned in multiple dimensions, with his ability and drops being different depending on what dimension he was spawned in.[29]

Necromancer has an unused model, texture, boss bar texture, and boss music in the mod's files. Reveals showed that the Necromancer would also have been called the Warlock of Death.[29]

The boss is considered scrapped.[5]

Retrocon[edit | edit source]

Retrocon was planned to be the boss of Cyberzon[30]. Retrocon was to use retro video game mechanics to attack, and its boss fight was planned to have multiple stages. A contest was held where players could suggest these mechanics.

Cyberzon and thus Retrocon were scrapped.[8]

Aflora[edit | edit source]

Aflora was planned to be the boss of The Capricorn.[31] Not much is known about either. The Capricorn and thus Aflora were scrapped.[8]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

35+ structures and NPCs were originally intended to be implemented.[32] This did not occur however.

The NPCs have been scrapped.[5]

Dinosaur Breeder[edit | edit source]

In the 2.5 snapshot, one of the new NPCs exists in the game: the Dinosaur Breeder, which can only be seen by typing /summon nevermine.DinosaurBreeder.

The Dinosaur Breeder sold dinosaur eggs, such as the "Cryosaur Egg". However, the dinosaur eggs were not functional and any dinosaurs they referred to were never implemented in any way. As a result, the Dinosaur Breeder has been scrapped.[5]

Scrapped dimensions[edit | edit source]

The following features were once planned, but are now confirmed to be scrapped.

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

Many new dimensions have been proposed over the course of development.

Xolova has stated that he does not believe any of these dimensions should be added, at least under their current names, as most of them lack any sort of substance beyond a name and a vague idea. Scimiguy's plan is to adhere to this request.[33]

If a dimension with a similar concept to those below is released in the future, it will almost certainly have a name different from anything in this section.

Cyberzon[edit | edit source]

Cyberzon was going to be a cyber-themed dimension. It was originally planned to be implemented not long after 2.7.[34]

A contest was held for Cyberzon in order to create its mobs as well as abilities and music for its boss, Retrocon.[30] The beta for The Shyrelands was released as the prize for the first wave of winners.[35] However, the second wave's prize, the beta for the Everland[36], was never released, and the contest was never officially acknowledged following this.

Oshellus and Democron[edit | edit source]

Oshellus and Democron were two dimensions that were planned to be released side-by-side together in an update titled the Angles & Demons update. Oshellus was an angel dimension, while Democron was a demon dimension.

Xolova has stated that Oshellus is completely fleshed out, but Democron needed work in order to make it less like the Abyss.[37]

Frostica[edit | edit source]

An ice-themed dimension that was mentioned a few times. Almost nothing is known about it.

The Overgrowth and The Undergrowth[edit | edit source]

The concept behind these two dimensions was that the Overgrowth's activity took place on the surface, with it's underground being bare. The Undergrowth was the opposite, its underground was blooming, with a bare surface. The dimensions were scrapped due to generation time being a problem. They were eventually replaced with Runandor and Barathos respectivly.

Other dimension ideas[edit | edit source]

Various other dimensions that have been named, but little is known about them.[37][38][39]

As mentioned above, the new developer has stated that it is highly unlikely that any of these dimensions will be implemented.

Dimension Information
The Capricorn A jungle-dimension. The boss of this dimension would have been called Aflora.[31]
This dimension was originally in development for DivineRPG.[40]
Serevphos An Egyptian-themed dimension.
Arathon An infinite-city dimension.
Silentia A horror dimension.
Xolova stated that this dimension was an island dimension in-concept, with "giant apalachian like islands".[41] The islands had "really tall cliffs down to water at the edges". There would have been "black water in between the islands", and "large monsters in the water".

Silentia may have included animated screen effects, playing with noises, and visuals. The different islands would be plagued by "different darkness". The different darknesses potentially included "The dammed, the darkness, the shadows, the blood, and one other".

The Blackwood A dimension that would mimic the Overworld, but it would be a much darker, eviler, alternate reality. Whatever the player built in the Overworld would appear in the dimension, and the player could not build there directly.[42]
Shawdor Described as "Very limited vision, dark". The player would be able to carry around a lantern for light. Creatures in the dimension would try and sneak up on the player, and lunge on the player. The terrain was normal with really tall trees (taller than Dustopia). The trees would have towns in them filled with undead people. Different color scheme than Dustopia.[43] Around the player, it was super clear, but faded into black fog.
Outpost-X A minigame dimension with different wave minigames[44].
Zelgum Mines Originally was going to be implemented in 1.1, but was replaced with the Deeplands in the update, and put off until later.[45]
Xax A cyborg-ish world, where everything (plants, flowers, creatures, ground) was half mechanical and half organic. Originally was going to be implemented in 1.1, but was put off until later.[45]
Eternal Isle Was not going to be the final dimension, as that was confirmed to be Arc of Ascension.[46]
Galactico A space dimension. Xolova mentioned possibly adding Star Wars references to it.
Neonon A dimension that was originally shown in a teaser, but later confirmed to be canceled[47]. Every block in the dimension would have been animated, which produced seizure-like results. The concept of animated textures was moved to cyberzon, "where all the blocks had animated wires running through them".
Steocrunk A steampunk dimension.[48]
Rockolla A music dimension.[49] Xolova mentioned making a guitar mob, that different guitar notes upon taking a step, as well as flying music note enemies and possibly a trumpet mob in concept.
The Bazaar A mountainous dimension world with giant towns in-between them. The mountains had caves. At night, monsters would come from the caves to attack the town. If the player did duties for the city, and helped them protect, the villagers would give stuff to the player. This dimension was originally supposed to be in DivineRPG.[50]
Paragon Forest
Darkmyre Faction
Krasaun's Cavern Was going to be a "final ending point to the arc of ascension where you could replay stuff".[51]
Selyanica A dimension affiliated with Selyan, where the generation would be exaggerated versions of his controlled biomes. There would be a final dungeon with an army boss.[52]
Luxonica A dimension affiliated with Luxon; similar to above.
Erebonius A dimension affiliated with Erebon; similar to above.
Plutonus A dimension affiliated with Pluton; similar to above.
The Floodlands Was a minigame dimension.[53]
Tyfellenior The Eeo's home dimension. It would have been a peaceful dimension that served as the base for quests. Xolova's original plan for backstory: the dimension was destroyed by Erebon, but Krasaun arrived to save the Eeos and moved them to Mysterium. The old destroyed dimension is now the Vox Ponds.[54]
Knight's Realm Was a minigame dimension.[53]
The Sapphiros
The Davengard Was a pirate dimension.[55]
The Oasis Was a tropical island dimension. The water around the islands would have water creatures and krakens.[56]
Dungeon of Paralysis Was a minigame dimension.[53]
The Dark Haven A dark reskin of the Haven. The mobs here would have been more evil.[57]
The Abyss of Light Most likely a light version of the Abyss.
Crawlodus Was a bug dimension.[58] The bugs in the dimension were giant, giving the impression that "you were the bug to them".[59]
The Catacombs Was a minigame dimension.[53]
Eldercarne Chambers
The Lunar Plane Was possibly going to be a layered dimension.[60]. This dimension would have possessed a gimmick where if the player moved east, for example, it would take them up a layer. The player would not be able to go back down a layer. Illusion-like.[61].
L'Boreallus An underwater dimension. This dimension was originally going to be implemented in DivineRPG.[62]
The Void A dimension with an invisible ground.[63] Possibly would have been accessed by falling into the void.
The Arc of Ascension Was possibly going to be the final dimension, until Nevermine 3.[46]

Dimension Features[edit | edit source]

Reveals have shown that:

  • Celeve was supposed to have a minigame of some sort.[64]
  • Barathos was supposed to have underground NPC bunkers.[65]

Other scrapped features[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quests were a mentioned game mechanic. A reveal showed off what appears to be the names of various quests, sorted into different folders labeled with difficulties. Quests would not have been repeatable once completed.[66]

Scimiguy has said that quests are scrapped.[67]

The following table shows the quests alongside the difficulty they were supposed to be:

Difficulty Quests
Beginner ABBQ
Diamonds are forever
Forgotten Past
Mysterious Traveller
Intermediate From the Sky Above
Into the Void
The lavaman
Advanced Beyond Darkness
Grinding Gears
Expert No quests were shown for the expert category.

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