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Heavy Boulder

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Heavy Boulder
Heavy Boulder.png
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Version added 1.0
ID aoa3:heavy_boulder

Heavy Boulders are used for spawning the boss Rockrider. To obtain one, the player has to throw a Floating Stone into the void, and once the Floating Stone falls below y = -10, it will transform into a Heavy Boulder and teleport up to y = 257. The player will then have to catch it to use it.

To spawn Rockrider, the player has to throw (drop) it on the ground while in the Haven dimension and wait a little bit. After a while the item will consume and the boss will spawn in.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.0 Introduced as a drop from Terradons.
3.0 ID changed to aoa3:heavy_boulder from nevermine.HeavyBoulder.
3.2 Now can be obtained by throwing a Floating Stone into the void and no longer a drop from Terradons.