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Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade Kit
Ancient Upgrade Kit.png
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Version Added See individual kit

An Upgrade Kit is an item used to upgrade certain weapons, primarily Guns. Most Upgrade Kits are extremely rare drops (1% chance or less) from certain enemies in a dimension.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of which mobs may drop or trade each upgrade kit. By default, they are listed in alphabetical order; the order can be changed by clicking the arrows at the top of the table.
Note that, like most other mob drops, the chance to get an upgrade kit from a mob is not affected by the Looting enchantment.

Upgrade Kit Dimension Obtained from Version Added
Abyssal Upgrade Kit.png Abyssal The Abyss Bloodsuckers, Web Reapers 1.1
Ancient Upgrade Kit.png Ancient Precasia Kaiyus, Sabre Toothes 1.0
Apoco Upgrade Kit.png Apoco Vox Ponds Alarmos, Gadgetoids 1.1
Clown Upgrade Kit.png Clown Celeve Bobos, Kokos, Tipsies 2.3.5
Darkly Upgrade Kit.png Darkly Dustopia Basilisks, Lost Souls, Lurkers 2.3.5
Floro Upgrade Kit.png Floro Gardencia Flower Faces, Archvines 1.1
Golden Upgrade Kit.png Golden Iromine Quickpockets, Voltrons 2.0
Haunted Upgrade Kit.png Haunted Greckon Grillfaces, Shifters, Valkyries 2.3.5
Lelyetian Upgrade Kit.png Lelyetian Lands of Lelyetia Trotters, Trackers, Flyes 2.3.5
Light Upgrade Kit.png Light The Haven Rainicorns, Surveyors 2.0
Lunar Upgrade Kit.png Lunar Lunalus Visulars, Lunarchers 2.0
Millenium Upgrader.png Millenium Upgrader Lunalus Reflucts 2.4
Molten Upgrader.png Molten Upgrader Lunalus Baumbas 2.4
Nether Upgrade Kit.png Nether The Nether Infernals, Nethengeic Beasts 1.0
Precasian Upgrade Kit.png Precasian Precasia Diocuses, Iosaurs, Spinoledons 1.0
Predator Upgrade Kit.png Predator The Deeplands Rockbiters, Dwellers 2.0
Rocky Upgrade Kit.png Rocky Barathos Nospikes, Ramradons, Keelers 2.3.5
Runic Upgrade Kit.png Runic Mysterium Runic Golems 1.0
Seaside Upgrade Kit.png Seaside L'Borean Coralons, Munchers, Sea Vipers 2.3.5
Smiley Upgrade Kit.png Smiley Celeve Krankies, Snappies 2.1
Weapon Parts.png Weapon Parts Lands of Lelyetia Sold by the Lelyetian Trader 2.0

Usage[edit | edit source]

Upgrade Kits can be crafted with a weapon to upgrade it. A specific upgrade kit can only be used to upgrade a few specific weapons.

Upgrade Kit Can be crafted with Output
Abyssal Upgrade Kit.png Abyssal Power Ray.png Power Ray
Wither Cannon.png Wither Cannon
Mechryo.png Mechryo
Death Ray.png Death Ray
Bulb Cannon.png Bulb Cannon
Abyssro.png Abyssro
Ancient Upgrade Kit.png Ancient Abominator.png Abominator
Boom Cannon.png Boom Cannon
Discharge Cannon.png Discharge Cannon
Iominator.png Iominator
Ancient Bomber.png Ancient Bomber
Ancient Discharger.png Ancient Discharger
Apoco Upgrade Kit.png Apoco Spirit Shower.png Spirit Shower
Mechanical Assault Rifle.png Mechanical Assault Rifle
Discharge Rifle.png Discharge Rifle
Apoco Shower.png Apoco Shower
Apoco Assault Rifle.png Apoco Assault Rifle
Apoco Rifle.png Apoco Rifle
Clown Upgrade Kit.png Clown Pulse Cannon.png Pulse Cannon
Overshot.png Overshot
Decimator.png Decimator
ClownoPulse.png Clowno Pulse
Clownershot.png Clownershot
Clownimator.png Clownimator
Darkly Upgrade Kit.png Darkly WimsyWinder.png Whimsy Winder
Monster.png Monster
Wrecker.png Wrecker
DarklyGuster.png Darkly Guster
DarkBeastWeapon.png Dark Beast
Darkener.png Darkener
Floro Upgrade Kit.png Floro RPG.png RPG
Ka500.png Ka500
Iro Rifle.png Iro Rifle
RPG Floro.png RPG Floro
Floro500.png Floro500
Floro Rifle.png Floro Rifle
Golden Upgrade Kit.png Golden DoomBringer.png Doom Bringer
FlamingFury.png Flaming Fury
BoulderBomber.png Boulder Bomber
GoldBringer.gif Gold Bringer
GoldenFury.gif Golden Fury
GolderBomber.gif Golder Bomber
Haunted Upgrade Kit.png Haunted Roulette.png Roulette
LunaBlaster.png Luna Blaster
Artifact.png Artifact
Skullette.png Skullette
SkulloBlaster.png Skullo Blaster
Skullifact.png Skullifact
Lelyetian Upgrade Kit.png Lelyetian ShadowBlaster.png Shadow Blaster
Construct.png Construct
Clown Cracker.png Clown Cracker
HiveBlaster.png Hive Blaster
Hiver.png Hiver
HiveCracker.png Hive Cracker
Light Upgrade Kit.png Light Soul Spark.png Soul Spark
BloodIron.png Blood Iron
MindBlaster.png Mind Blaster
LightSpark.png Light Spark
LightIron.png Light Iron
LightBlaster.png Light Blaster
Lunar Upgrade Kit.png Lunar MarkMaker.png Mark Maker
DarkDestroyer.png Dark Destroyer
EnergyCannon.png Energy Cannon
MoonMaker.png Moon Maker
MoonDestroyer.png Moon Destroyer
MoonCannon.png Moon Cannon
Millenium Upgrader.png Millenium Upgrader Lunar Greatblade.png Lunar Greatblade
Millenium Greatblade.png Millenium Greatblade
Molten Upgrader.png Molten Upgrader HotShot.png Hot Shot Heat Wave.png Heat Wave
Nether Upgrade Kit.png Nether Chain Wrecker.png Chain Wrecker
Bayonette Rifle.png Bayonette Rifle
Bubble Horn.png Bubble Horn
Flame Wrecker.png Flame Wrecker
Nethenette Rifle.png Nethenette Rifle
HellHorn.png Hell Horn
Precasian Upgrade Kit.png Precasian Nethengeic Slugger.png Nethengeic Slugger
SquadGun.png Squad Gun
Tommy.png Tommy
Precasian Slugger.png Precasian Slugger
Spine Gun.png Spine Gun
Tiger Tommy.png Tiger Tommy
Predator Upgrade Kit.png Predator Minigun.png Minigun
Pulsator.png Pulsator
Ghast Blaster.png Ghast Blaster
Predigun.png Predigun
Predator.png Predator
PredatorianBlaster.png Predatorian Blaster
Rocky Upgrade Kit.png Rocky Demolisher.png Demolisher
Proton.png Proton
Terminator.png Terminator
Boulder.png Boulder
Fragment.png Fragment
Mineral.png Mineral
Runic Upgrade Kit.png Runic M-K.png M-K
Flower Cannon.png Flower Cannon
Jack Rocker.png Jack Rocker
MK-Fung.png MK-Fung
FungalCannon.png Fungal Cannon
JackFunger.png Jack Funger
Seaside Upgrade Kit.png Seaside Orbocron.png Orbocron
MintMagnum.png Mint Magnum
BalloonBomber.png Balloon Bomber
Seaocron.png Sea-O-Cron
AquaMagnum.png Aqua Magnum
WaterBallonBomber.png Water Balloon Bomber
Smiley Upgrade Kit.png Smiley Haunters Rifle.png Haunters Rifle
Big Blast.png Big Blast
Shadow Blaster.png Shadow Blaster
HappyHaunter.png Happy Haunter
BlissfulBlast.png Blissful Blast
SmileBlaster.png Smile Blaster
Weapon Parts.png Weapon Parts Minigun.png Minigun
Stampede.png Stampede
Discharge Rifle.png Discharge Rifle
Stormer.png Stormer
Ka500.png Ka500
Bomb Launcher.png Bomb Launcher
Megagun.png Megagun
Roulette.png Roulette
DischargeSniper.png Discharge Sniper
Artifact.png Artifact
MarkMaker.png Mark Maker
Blast Cannon.png Blast Cannon

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Most upgrade kits take the form of a suitcase, but there are a few exceptions.
  • Except for the Millenium Greatblade, all weapons upgradable via upgrade kits are guns.
  • Lunalus is the only dimension that contains 3 different upgrade kits.
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