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Health 30 (Heart.png×15)
Size Width: 0.6 blocks

Height: 1.75 blocks

Damage 4 (Heart.png×2)
Environment Overworld:Swamp
Hostility Aggressive
Version 2.0
Item (Quantity) Rate
Camo Rifle.png Camo Rifle 1.33%

Information[edit | edit source]

The Hag is a ranged mob that spawns in the swamp biome of the overworld. It inflicts a Slowness I (5 seconds) effect on hit. This Mob also has a very small chance to drop a Camo Rifle on death.

Bestiary Entry[edit | edit source]

Once a peaceful creature, the Hag grew so tired of humans prodding and poking at it, and pulling at its moss-like hair that it now reacts hostilely to any human it sees.

At some point it learnt from Goblins how to harness the magical energies required to produce high-energy projectiles, which it now uses to fire at human targets.