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This article is about standard guns. For other weapons that deal bullet damage, see Shotguns, Snipers, and Cannons.

Guns are ranged weapons that consume Limonite Bullets or Metal Slugs. Out of the weapons that deal bullet damage, standard guns have the highest average DPS, but also have the slowest unholster times. When firing a gun, the impact from the recoil will cause the player to look up slightly.

Guns deal bullet damage, and deal no damage to enemies with Gun Immunity.png Gun Immunity.

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

Guns can be given the following enchantments:

Bolded enchantments are ones added by Advent of Ascension. Any Guns can be enchanted at an Enchantment Table, Anvil, or Infusion Table.

List of guns[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all Guns in the mod. By default, they are listed in alphabetical order; the order can be changed by clicking the arrows at the top of the table.

Name Damage Unholster time Fire rate Recoil Durability Effects
Abominator.png Abominator 10.5 (Heart.png×5.25) 1.72s 1.66/sec 3 1180
Apoco Assault Rifle.png Apoco Assault Rifle 22.5 (Heart.png×11.25) 1.79s 0.83/sec 6 1480
Apoco Rifle.png Apoco Rifle 10 (Heart.png×5) 1.45s 0.83/sec 6 1490 Explosive ranged projectiles
Aqua Magnum.png Aqua Magnum 7.5 (Heart.png×3.75) 1.79s 2.5/sec 4 1520
Artifact.png Artifact 19 (Heart.png×9.5) 1.79s 0.83/sec 3 1500 Unstable fire rate
Baronator.png Baronator 12 (Heart.png×6) 1.54s 1.0/sec 3 620 20% chance to launch a Grenade when shooting
Bayonette Rifle.png Bayonette Rifle 12.5 (Heart.png×6.25)
Melee: 10 (Heart.png×5)
1.56s 1.0/sec 4 630
Big Top.png Big Top 12.5 (Heart.png×6.25) 1.67s 1.25/sec 4 920
Blood Iron.png Blood Iron 24.5 (Heart.png×12.25) 1.64s 0.62/sec 14 870
Chain Wrecker.png Chain Wrecker 6 (Heart.png×3) 1.64s 2.5/sec 2 960
Chili Chugger.png Chili Chugger 12 (Heart.png×6) 1.64s 1.25/sec 2 890 Sets targets on fire
Clownershot.png Clownershot 8 (Heart.png×4) 1.49s 1.25/sec 7 1470 Shoots two bullets at once
Construct.png Construct 9.5 (Heart.png×4.75) 1.67s 1.66/sec 4 910
Coral Clogger.png Coral Clogger 33 (Heart.png×16.5) 1.69s 0.5/sec 15 500 Slows targets
Core Rifle.png Core Rifle 7.5 (Heart.png×3.75) 1.56s 1.66/sec 3 630
Crystal Carver.png Crystal Carver 12 (Heart.png×6) 1.64s 1.25/sec 5 870
Cyclone.png Cyclone 9.5 (Heart.png×4.75) 1.67s 1.66/sec 3 1100 Occasionally shoots an extra bullet
Darkener.png Darkener 11.5 (Heart.png×5.75) 1.79s 1.66/sec 7 1510 Reduces recoil when hungry
Dart Gun.png Dart Gun 10 (Heart.png×5) 1.49s 1.0/sec 0.2 360
Destruction Rifle.png Destruction Rifle 12.5 (Heart.png×6.25) 1.56s 1.0/sec 5 610 Bullets create a small explosion on impact
Discharge Rifle.png Discharge Rifle 5 (Heart.png×2.5) 1.35s 0.83/sec 6 570 Explosive ranged projectiles
Draco.png Draco 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 1.79s 1.25/sec 2 1390 Deals 50% more damage to underwater targets
Dragilator.png Dragilator 6.5 (Heart.png×3.25) 1.69s 2.5/sec 4 1120 Sets targets on fire
Dustometer.png Dustometer 21 (Heart.png×10.5) 1.72s 0.83/sec 7 1180 33% chance to launch a Grenade when shooting
Echo Gull.png Echo Gull 17.5 (Heart.png×8.75) 1.56s 0.71/sec 6 580 Sends out a wave, locating nearby enemies briefly
Electinator.png Electinator 6.5 (Heart.png×3.25) 1.69s 2.5/sec 4 1120 Nearby enemies get an electric shock on impact
Flame Wrecker.png Flame Wrecker 7.5 (Heart.png×3.75) 1.79s 2.5/sec 2 1530
Flaming Fury.png Flaming Fury 20.5 (Heart.png×10.25) 1.64s 0.71/sec 4 860 Releases a brief harmful cloud on impact
Floro Rifle.png Floro Rifle 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 1.79s 1.25/sec 4 1500
Flowers Fury.png Flowers Fury 13 (Heart.png×6.5) 1.69s 1.25/sec 5 1100 5% chance to spawn a friendly Rosid on hit
Frosticator.png Frosticator 6.5 (Heart.png×3.25) 1.69s 2.5/sec 4 1120 Slows targets
Gardener.png Gardener 7 (Heart.png×3.5) 1.54s 1.66/sec 2 630
Gauge Rifle.png Gauge Rifle 22.5 (Heart.png×11.25) 1.56s 0.55/sec 8 590 Shots penetrate through 2 targets
Germinator.png Germinator 6.5 (Heart.png×3.25) 1.69s 2.5/sec 4 1120 Poisons targets
Golden Fury.gif Golden Fury 26 (Heart.png×13) 1.75s 0.71/sec 4 1520 Releases a brief harmful cloud on impact
Happy Haunter.png Happy Haunter 11.5 (Heart.png×5.75) 1.79s 1.66/sec 3 1510
Haunters Rifle.png Haunters Rifle 11 (Heart.png×5.5) 1.75s 1.66/sec 3 1420
Heat Wave.png Heat Wave 23.5 (Heart.png×11.75) 1.82s 0.83/sec 5 1470 Shots burst into flames on impact
Hiver.png Hiver 11.5 (Heart.png×5.75) 1.79s 1.66/sec 4 1490
Hot Shot.png Hot Shot 14.5 (Heart.png×7.25) 1.54s 0.83/sec 5 580 Shots burst into flames on impact
Hunter's Rifle.png Hunter's Rifle 21.5 (Heart.png×10.75) 1.64s 0.71/sec 4 900
Iominator.png Iominator 11.5 (Heart.png×5.75) 1.79s 1.66/sec 3 1500
Ion Revolver.png Ion Revolver 9.5 (Heart.png×4.75) 1.67s 1.66/sec 3 930 Blows back targets on impact
Iro Rifle.png Iro Rifle 12.5 (Heart.png×6.25) 1.67s 1.25/sec 4 910
Krilinator.png Krilinator 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 1.64s 1.0/sec 4 900 Poisons targets
Light Iron.png Light Iron 30.5 (Heart.png×15.25) 1.79s 0.62/sec 14 1470
Lunar Assault Rifle.png Lunar Assault Rifle 14.2 (Heart.png×7.1) 1.67s 1.66/sec 5 1430 Randomly deals between 5.75 (Heart.png×2.875) and 17.25 (Heart.png×8.625) damage
MK.png M-K 14.5 (Heart.png×7.25) 1.75s 1.25/sec 3 1240
MK Fung.png MK-Fung 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 1.79s 1.25/sec 3 1490
Mechanical Assault Rifle.png Mechanical Assault Rifle 18.5 (Heart.png×9.25) 1.67s 0.83/sec 6 940
Megagun.png Megagun 4 (Heart.png×2) 1.82s 5.0/sec 3 1530
Miasma.png Miasma 9 (Heart.png×4.5) 1.64s 1.66/sec 3 940 Slows targets
Minigun.png Minigun 2.5 (Heart.png×1.25) 1.56s 5.0/sec 3 670
Mint Magnum.png Mint Magnum 6 (Heart.png×3) 1.64s 2.5/sec 4 900
Nethenette Rifle.png Nethenette Rifle 18.5 (Heart.png×9.25)
Melee: 10 (Heart.png×5)
1.75s 1.0/sec 4 1500
Nethengeic Slugger.png Nethengeic Slugger 22.5 (Heart.png×11.25) 1.61s 0.62/sec 9 780 Sets targets on fire
Overshot.png Overshot 6.5 (Heart.png×3.25) 1.45s 1.25/sec 7 990 Shoots two bullets at once
Precasian Slugger.png Precasian Slugger 29.5 (Heart.png×14.75) 1.75s 0.62/sec 9 1490 Sets targets on fire
Predator.png Predator 25.5 (Heart.png×12.75) 1.75s 0.71/sec 6 1480 Non-lethal attacks create lightning on impact
Predigun.png Predigun 4 (Heart.png×2) 1.82s 5.0/sec 3 1530
Pulsator.png Pulsator 25 (Heart.png×12.5) 1.75s 0.71/sec 6 1190 Non-lethal attacks create lightning on impact
Purity Rifle.png Purity Rifle 18 (Heart.png×9) 1.75s 1.0/sec 3 1200 Charges bullets when suffering from ailments
Charged bullets deal additional damage
Rocker Rifle.png Rocker Rifle 10 (Heart.png×5) 1.56s 1.25/sec 6 630 No recoil when crouching
Roulette.png Roulette 22.5 (Heart.png×11.25) 1.79s 0.83/sec 8 1470
Shoe Flinger.png Shoe Flinger 24 (Heart.png×12) 1.82s 0.83/sec 7 400 Who brings a boot to a gun fight?
Skullette.png Skullette 23.5 (Heart.png×11.75) 1.82s 0.83/sec 8 1580
Skullifact.png Skullifact 19.5 (Heart.png×9.75) 1.56s 0.62/sec 3 1570 Unstable fire rate
Spectacle.png Spectacle 11 (Heart.png×5.5) 1.61s 1.25/sec 3 880 Has a 10% chance to deal double damage
Spine Gun.png Spine Gun 11.5 (Heart.png×5.75) 1.79s 1.66/sec 7 1510
Squad Gun.png Squad Gun 10.5 (Heart.png×5.25) 1.72s 1.66/sec 7 1210
Stampede.png Stampede 12 (Heart.png×6) 1.49s 0.83/sec 8 300
Stormer.png Stormer 15 (Heart.png×7.5) 1.64s 0.71/sec 3 900 Unstable fire rate
Sublimus.png Sublimus 11 (Heart.png×5.5) 1.75s 1.66/sec 5 1530 Requires no ammo in direct sunlight
Tiger Tommy.png Tiger Tommy 11.5 (Heart.png×5.75) 1.79s 1.66/sec 7 1490
Tommy.png Tommy 6 (Heart.png×3) 1.49s 1.66/sec 7 330
Vile Vanquisher.png Vile Vanquisher 11 (Heart.png×5.5) 1.61s 1.25/sec 3 930 Releases a toxic cloud on killing shots
Wart Gun.png Wart Gun 16.5 (Heart.png×8.25) 1.54s 0.71/sec 1 580 Sets targets on fire
Wrecker.png Wrecker 9.5 (Heart.png×4.75) 1.67s 1.66/sec 7 920 Reduces recoil when hungry

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.0 Added guns. The available guns were Abominator, Bayonette Rifle, Chain Wrecker, Dragilator, Electinator, Frosticator, Germinator, Krilinator, Hot Shot, Hunter's Rifle, Long Shot, M-K, Minigun, Squad Gun, and Tommy.
1.1 Added Baronator, Destruction Rifle, Draco, Dustometer, Echo Gull, Flaming Fury, Flowers Fury, Haunters Rifle, Ion Revolver, Iro Rifle, Lunar Assault Rifle, Mechanical Assault Rifle, Pulsator, Purity Rifle, Rocker Rifle, and Vile Vanquisher.
2.0 Added Artifact, Core Rifle, Cyclone, Megagun, Overshot, Roulette, Stampede, Stormer, and Wrecker.
2.1 Added Big Top and Spectacle.
2.2 Added Blast Barrel, Construct, and Crystal Carver.
2.3 Added Demolisher, Miasma, Ginger Blaster, and Mint Magnum.
2.4 Added Vivo and Heat Wave.
Tslat 1.1 Added Amplifier and Sublimus.