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Prerequisite dimension Mysterium
Faction Erebon
Version 1.1

Greckon (or the Greckon) is a very mountainous, haunted dimension.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Unlike most other dimensions, Greckon doesn't have a Realmstone. Instead, you have to go through a portal found in Mysterium. A Realm Travel Ticket is required to enter this portal.

Generation[edit | edit source]

Greckon's landscape is quite mountainous and forested. Much of the structures and flora bear haunted traits, such as logs with eyes flashing in large holes, or large skulls that glow and dim slowly. Caves spawn in Greckon much like they do in the Overworld, but - like the Overworld - the caves are likely to house many dangerous monsters.

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Naturally generating
Greckon Grass.png Greckon Grass
Greckon Dirt.png Greckon Dirt
Greckon Stone.png Greckon Stone
Haunted Wood.png Haunted Wood
Haunted Leaves.png Haunted Leaves
LEHW.gif Haunted Large Eye
REHW.gif Haunted Red Eyes
FFHW.gif Haunted Flashing Face
PHW.gif Purpling
Ghoulish Ore.png Ghoulish Ore
Ghastly Ore.png Ghastly Ore
MissingIcon32.png Water
MissingIcon32.png Dimensional Fabric
Haunted Flower.png Haunted Flower
Generates in structures
Greckon Bricks.png Greckon Bricks
Haunting Table.png Haunting Table
Dark Bricks.png Dark Bricks
Rune Shrine.png Rune Shrine
Storm Rune Post.png Rune Post

Structures[edit | edit source]

The structures that generate in Greckon are:

Haunted Maze[edit | edit source]

Haunted Maze
Haunted Maze.png
Version Added 1.1

A maze structure made of Greckon Bricks. At the end there is a Haunting Table. Players can use Ghoulasm on the table to create Primed Ghoulasm. Primed Ghoulasm is an ingredient for the Haunted Idol's crafting recipe, and the Idol is used to spawn the boss Bane.

Faceless Tree[edit | edit source]

Faceless Tree
Faceless Floater Tree.png
Version Added 1.1

Faceless Trees are the homes of Faceless Floaters - Hunter mobs that can only be fought at Level 46 and above.

Drops you can farm in this structure: Greckon Tokens.png Greckon Tokens, Darkly Powder.png Darkly Powder and Ghoul Banner.png Ghoul Banner.

Floating Rock[edit | edit source]

Floating Rock
Floating Rock.png
Version Added 1.1

These levitating platforms are the lottery structures of Greckon. Haunted Lottomen will trade players Totems for the Haunters Rifle.png Haunter's Rifle and a Viper-1.png Viper-1 in exchange for Greckon Tokens.png Greckon Tokens. The totems have a low chance to drop their namesake items.

Storm Rune Shrine[edit | edit source]

Main article: Rune Shrine (Structure)

The Storm Rune variant of the rune shrine spawns in the Greckon.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

The mobs in Greckon have a creepy and ghastly atmosphere to them. They all also have unique AI. These mobs and their spawning conditions are listed below:

Hostile[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful and rare loot drops: Notes
FacelessFloater.png Faceless Floater Spawns in Structure.png faceless trees. Darkly Powder.png Darkly Powder Warning: HunterAtt.png This mob is a Hunter mob.

Attacks inflict a screen effect that turns pink.

Grillface.png Grillface Spawns naturally. Dustopia Realmstone.png Dustopia Realmstone,

Ghast Blaster.png Ghast Blaster, Haunted Upgrade Kit.png Haunted Upgrade Kit

Occasionally jumpscares players.
Hunter.png Hunter Spawns naturally Dustopia Realmstone.png Dustopia Realmstone
Shifter.png Shifter Spawns naturally Dustopia Realmstone.png Dustopia Realmstone Often cloaks itself for brief moments.
Silencer.png Silencer Spawns naturally but is Rare.png rare. Ghoul Staff.png Ghoul Staff Staring at their head and eyes will cause you to

drop your currently held item.

SkullCreature.png Skull Creature Spawns naturally None
Sugarface.png Sugar Face Spawns naturally Ghoulasm.png Ghoulasm, Ghoul Cannon.png Ghoul Cannon
Valkyrie.png Valkyrie Spawns naturally Discharge Rifle.png Discharge Rifle

Haunted Upgrade Kit.png Haunted Upgrade Kit

Uses ranged attacks.

See individual mob pages for more information.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
LottomanGreckon.png Haunted Lottoman Spawns inStructure.pngFloating rocks. Haunters Rifle Totem.png Haunters Rifle Totem, Viper-1 Totem.png Viper-1 Totem

See individual mob pages for more information.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
BaneBig.png Bane Spawned by using a Haunted Idol.png Haunted Idol in Greckon. Ghoul Gasser.png Ghoul Gasser, Haunted Bow.png Haunted Bow, Haunted Greatblade.png Haunted Greatblade, Haunters Staff.png Haunters Staff

See individual boss pages for more information.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The resources that can be obtained in Greckon are:

Misc Items Obtained from
Darkly Powder.png Darkly Powder Faceless Floater
Dustopia Realmstone.png Dustopia Realmstone Grillface, Hunter, Shifter, Haunters Rifle Totem and Viper-1 Totem
Ghastly Ingot.png Ghastly Ingot Ghastly Ore
Ghoulasm.png Ghoulasm Sugar Face
Ghoulish Ingot.png Ghoulish Ingot Ghoulish Ore
Greckon Tokens.png Greckon Tokens Faceless Floater, Hunter, Shifter and Valkyrie
Haunted Upgrade Kit.png Haunted Upgrade Kit Grillface, Shifter and Valkyrie
Seeds.png Seeds Haunters Rifle Totem and Viper-1 Totem
Totems Obtained from
Haunters Rifle Totem.png Haunters Rifle Totem Haunted Lottoman
Viper-1 Totem.png Viper-1 Totem Haunted Lottoman
Guns Obtained from
Discharge Rifle.png Discharge Rifle Valkyrie
Ghast Blaster.png Ghast Blaster Grillface
Ghoul Cannon.png Ghoul Cannon Sugar Face
Ghoul Gasser.png Ghoul Gasser Bane
Haunters Rifle.png Haunters Rifle Haunters Rifle Totem
Viper-1.png Viper-1 Viper-1 Totem
Bows Obtained from
Haunted Bow.png Haunted Bow Bane
Greatblades Obtained from
Haunted Greatblade.png Haunted Greatblade Bane
Staves Obtained from
Ghoul Staff.png Ghoul Staff Silencer
Haunters Staff.png Haunters Staff Bane
Banners Obtained from
Ghoul Banner.png Ghoul Banner Faceless Floater, Grillface, Shifter and Sugar Face
Lotto Banner.png Lotto Banner Haunters Rifle Totem and Viper-1 Totem

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