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Gorb Citizen

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Gorb Citizen
Gorb Citizen.png
Health 20 (Heart.png×10)
Environment Mysterium
Hostility Passive
Version 1.0

The Gorb Citizen spawns at Gorb Villages located in Mysterium. He will give various tips to the player, hinting some important information.

Bestiary Entry[edit | edit source]

Gorb Citizens are the friendly denizens of Mysterium. They try to stay out of the way of adventurers and local wildlife, and will occasionally offer advice to passing travellers.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Gorb: "Good to meet you!"; Just a normal greeting.

Gorb: "If you see any blue walking Fungi, don't eat that."; Hints that the player shouldn't attack the Living Fungi, because you'll get in great danger.

Gorb: "Its weird, this place isn't real, but apparently some creatures have escaped."; Implies that the Living Fungi isn't found in Mysterium, but in the Overworld.

Gorb: "Some say there are magical creatures below the surface bringing this world to life."; Hints that there is a structure in the underground. In this case its the Runic Dungeon, where Runic Golems spawn.