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Gorb Arms Dealer

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Gorb Arms Dealer
Gorb Arms Dealer.png
Health 30 (Heart.png×15)
Environment Mysterium
Hostility Passive
Version 1.0

Gorb Arms Dealers is an NPC that spawns in Gorb Villages in Mysterium.

Gorb Arms Dealers will trade various items dropped by mobs found in Haunted Castles and Runic Dungeons for weapons.

Trades[edit | edit source]

Nightmare Flakes.png 15 Nightmare Flakes + Ghostly Powder.png 15 Ghostly Powder = Nightmare Bow.png 1 Nightmare Bow

Phantasm.png 15 Phantasm + Ghostly Powder.png 15 Ghostly Powder = Screamer Bow.png 1 Screamer Bow

Rune Stone.png 20 Rune Stone = Runic Bow.png 1 Runic Bow

Nightmare Flakes.png 10 Nightmare Flakes + Ghostly Powder.png 10 Ghostly Powder = Nightmare Staff.png 1 Nightmare Staff

Phantasm.png 15 Phantasm + Troll Skull.png 10 Troll Skulls = Phantom Staff.png 1 Phantom Staff

Rune Stone.png 20 Rune Stone = Runic Staff.png 1 Runic Staff