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Health Normal: 15 (Heart.png×7.5)
Ghostly: 30 (Heart.png×15)
Damage Normal:
Easy: 4 (Heart.png×2)
Normal: 7 (Heart.png×3.5)
Hard: 10 (Heart.png×5)
Easy: 8 (Heart.png×4)
Normal: 12 (Heart.png×6)
Hard: 18 (Heart.png×9)
Spawning Normal: Overworld: Forest, Plains, Extreme Hills
Ghostly: Overworld (Soul Scurry Event only)
Hostility Aggressive
Version See #History
Mob Id Normal: nevermine.Sasquatch
Ghostly: nevermine.GhostlySasquatch

Sasquatches are hostile melee mobs from the Overworld. They have a ghostly counterpart that roams the Overworld at night during the Soul Scurry Event.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Normal Sasquatches can spawn naturally in Plains, Forest, and Extreme Hills biomes in the Overworld, in groups of up to 4. They can spawn at any light level.

Ghostly Sasquatches can spawn naturally anywhere in the Overworld, but only if a Soul Scurry Event is active.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Sasquatches are melee attackers, ramming into the player to do damage. They have a sight-range of 16 blocks, and will pursue the nearest player within that radius. Sasquatches cannot pathfind, and will always travel straight for the player.

Ghostly sasquatches behave exactly the same as normal sasquatches except they have more health and have a stronger attack.

Drops[edit | edit source]

A Ghostly Sasquatch.

The Sasquatch and its ghostly counterpart have different drops.

Normal Sasquatch[edit | edit source]

Normal Sasquatches will occasionally drop Tea Seeds, and rarely a Brown Blaster, upon death.

Item Drops Quantity Rate
Tea Seeds.png Tea Seeds 1 16%
Brown Blaster.png Brown Blaster 1 2%

Ghostly Sasquatch[edit | edit source]

Ghostly Sasquatches will occasionally drop Ghostly Stones and Ghostly Banners upon death.

Item Drops Quantity Rate
Ghostly Stone.png Ghostly Stone 4 33%
Ghostly Banner.png Ghostly Banner 1 20%

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.0 Added Sasquatches.
?? Sasquatches can now drop a Brown Blaster when defeated.
2.2.5 Added Ghostly Sasquatches.

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