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Furniture items consist of items or blocks that serve a functional purpose as well as being decorative.

Functional[edit | edit source]

Crystallanium.png Crystallanium Emberium.png Emberium Shadonantium.png Shadonantium Skeletanium.png Skeletanium
Life Lamp.gif Life Lamp Campfire.png Campfire Gold Accumulator.png Gold Accumulator Gold Accumulator.png Pure Gold Accumulator
MissingIcon32.png Krasaun Communicator

See specific pages for individual block information.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Whitewash Table.png White Wash Table Declogging Table.png Declogging Table Haunting Table.png Haunting Table Mineralization Station.png Mineralization Table
Lunar Enrichment Table.png Lunar Enrichment Table Lunar Creation Table.png Lunar Creation Table Lunar Pad.png Lunar Pad Charging Table.png Charging Table
Enigma Table.png Enigma Table Petal Crafting Station.png Petal Crafting Station Rune Randomizer.png Rune Randomizer Rune Shrine.png Rune Shrine
Rune Post.gif Rune Post Runic Block.png Runic Block Recreation Station.png Recreation Station Teasink.png Teasink
Crystal Creators.gif Crystal Creators Mending Table.png Mending Table Ancient Altar.png Ancient Altar Strange Block.png Strange Block
Enhancers.gif Enhancers

See specific pages for individual block information.

Skill Tables[edit | edit source]

Infusion Table.png Infusion Table Ascension Shrine.png Ascension Shrine Creation Forge.png Creation Forge Crystal Extension Shrine.png Crystal Extension Shrine
Divine Station.png Divine Station Extraction Device.png Extraction Device

See specific pages for individual block information.

Boss Altars[edit | edit source]

Guardian Altar.png Guardian Altar Rockrider Shrine.png Rockrider Shrine Illusion Altar.png Illusion Altar Shadow Altar.png Shadow Altar
Army Block.png Army Block Silverfoot Altar.png Silverfoot Altar Visualent Altar.png Visualent Altar Kror Altar.png Kror Altar
Dracyon Altar.png Dracyon Altar Vinocorne Shrine.png Vinocorne Shrine Clunkhead Altar.png Clunkhead Altar Hive Spawner.png Hive Spawner
Voxxulon Altar.png Voxxulon Altar Primordial Shrine.png Primordial Shrine Dustopian Lamp.png Dustopian Lamp Exoid Station.png Exoid Station
Hydro Table.png Hydro Table Lotto Vox Crate.png Lotto Vox Crate Store Vox Crate.png Store Vox Crate Graw Altar.png Graw Altar
Selyan Shrine.png Selyan Shrine Luxon Shrine.png Luxon Shrine Erebon Shrine.png Erebon Shrine Pluton Shrine.png Pluton Shrine
Toy Box.png Toy Box Power Station.png Power Station Candy Block.png Candy Block Creep Altar.png Creep Altar
Immortallis Progressor.png Immortallis Progressor Craexxeus Altar.png Craexxeus Altar Tyrosaur Altar.png Tyrosaur Altar MechBot Altar.png MechBot Altar
Baroness Altar.png Baroness Altar Evercron Altar.png Evercron Altar

See specific pages for individual block information.