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This creature is a Hunter mob that can only be damaged when the player reaches a certain Hunter level.
Make sure to check the level requirements carefully before making rash decisions.

Health 200 (Heart.png×100)
Damage 20 (Heart.png×10)
Environment Mysterium
Hostility Aggressive
Version 2.3
Item (Quantity) Rate
Fungal Helmet.png Fungal Helmet 1.66%
Fungal Chestplate.png Fungal Chestplate 1.66%
Fungal Leggings.png Fungal Leggings 1.66%
Fungal Boots.png Fungal Boots 1.66%
Fungal Banner.png Fungal Banner 14%

Information[edit | edit source]

The Fungock is an aggressive melee mob that spawns in the Giant Mushrooms in Mysterium. The player must be Hunter level 90 in order to damage the Fungock.

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