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Events are time periods when special mobs spawn in the Overworld. There are 7 events in Advent of Ascension - 4 occur at night, and 3 occur during the day. Because events do not occur all the time, it is important to take advantage of them when they do.

The beginnings and endings of events are all announced by the chat messenger.

Except for the full moon event, all events occur randomly. It is possible for multiple events to occur at the same time; for example a Soul Scurry occurring on a Full Moon, or a Death Day on a Big Day.

Night Events[edit | edit source]

The following events all occur at night. They are announced shortly after the sun sets, and end as the sun rises.

Every night, as the sun sets, the message "Night falls upon the world." will be displayed, followed by the appropriate Tribute message (e.g. "The gods are not impressed with your lack of contribution.") This does NOT signify an "event", and does not affect mob spawns. However, if a nighttime event does occur, the announcement will be within seconds of the aforementioned message.

Full Moon Event[edit | edit source]

Opening message: The ground bathes in the pearly light of the moon.
Closing message: The moon falls beyond the horizon.

The Full Moon Event is the only event that does not occur randomly, instead occuring whenever there is a full moon.

In Minecraft the moon goes through a Lunar Cycle. Each Lunar Cycle consists of 8 moon phases; on the 8th moon phase, the Full Moon comes out. The first night of the game is always a Full Moon, so it is recommended that the player makes a bed as soon as possible to skip the night. However, if the player is skilled enough, it may be a good idea for the player to stay outside and fight the mobs to train the Hunter skill.

According to the Minecraft Wiki, each lunar cycle takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. This means that assuming no nights are skipped through usage of a bed, a Full Moon Event will occur every 2 hours and 30 minutes of gameplay.

On such a night the Full Moon Event begins and special mobs can spawn. All of these mobs can be quite dangerous compared to normal night mobs. The Skellox and Scrubby are really fast and can outrun sprinting players, and the Irkling, Night Watcher, and Dark Beast are really tanky. The latter two use Blindness to confuse players (which can be dangerous when the faster mobs are around).

Dark BeastMoon.png
Dark Beast.png
Night WatcherMoon.png
Night Watcher.png

Bloodhunt Event[edit | edit source]

Opening message: The hunt for blood has begun!.
Closing message: The blood hunters retreat, satisfied.

The Bloodhunt Event has a 1 in 18 (5.56%) chance of occurring every night.

Special mobs can spawn during the Bloodhunt event. The mobs spawned during the event has a chance to drop realmstones required to enter The Abyss.

The Anemia is a rather dangerous mob as it shoots explosive projectiles that can easily kill a player and destroy said player's items, so if the player is ill-equipped it may be a better idea to skip the Bloodhunt event.


Soul Scurry Event[edit | edit source]

Opening message: Lost souls scurry across the world in the darkness.
Closing message: The lost souls fade as the sun comes up.

The Soul Scurry event has a 1 in 16 (6.67%) chance of occurring each night.

During the Soul Scurry event, six ghost versions of common Overworld mobs will spawn. These mobs are translucent, ghostly versions of their in-the-flesh counterparts and usually have higher health and/or attack strength. These mobs all drop Ghost Stones, which can be used on the Ascension Shrine to increase Augury levels, traded to the Primordial Banker for Gold Coins, or crafted with Mystite Ingots to make special Extraction tools.

Ghostly BugeyeSoulScurry.png
Ghostly Bugeye.png
Ghostly ChargerSoulScurry.png
Ghostly Charger.png
Ghostly CyclopsSoulScurry.png
Ghostly Cyclops.png
Ghostly GoblinSoulScurry.png
Ghostly Goblin.png
Ghostly SasquatchSoulScurry.png
Ghostly Sasquatch.png
Ghostly Night ReaperSoulScurry.png

Lunar Invasion Event[edit | edit source]

Opening message: The world just got stranger.
Closing message: The strange creatures begin to vanish.

The Lunar Invasion Event has a 1 in 22 (4.55%) chance to occur each night. Alien-like mobs will spawn across the world during this time.

Lunar Invasion mobs all drop the Orbulon item, which can be used to trade with the Lottoman for Magic Repair Dust. As of version 3.1.2, the Terrestrial that drops the Lunalus Realmstone will spawn rarely during this event.


Day Events[edit | edit source]

The following events all occur during the day. They are announced within a minute of (but not immediately after) sunrise, and end just before the "Night falls upon the world." message.

Death Day Event[edit | edit source]

Opening message: Today is a good day to die.
Closing message: You survived until night, but it doesn't end here.

The Death Day Event has a 1 in 25 (4%) chance to occur each day.

The Death Day Event is particularly important because the Death Hunter spawns during this event. The Death Hunter is the only mob that drops the Immortallis Realmstone. The Headless Destroyer can be farmed early on for Hunter experience, but the other two mobs don't really do anything significant.

Death Hunters are very difficult to melee due to their gravitation abilities, but sneaking/crouching before they pull you into the air negates their ability.

It should also be noted that the Headless Destroyer does 23 (Heart.png×11.5) damage on Normal difficulty, enough to one-shot unarmored players, and bring players in clean Iron Armor to the brink of death due to the "armor toughness" mechanic.

Death Hunter
Death Hunter.png
Reaper Twins
Reaper Twins.png
Headless Destroyer
Headless Destroyer.png

Creep Day Event[edit | edit source]

Opening message: The hissing sounds begin.
Closing message: The hissing fades away.

The Creep Day Event has a 1 in 30 (3.33%) chance to occur each day. Creeper-like UFOs called Hosts will spawn in the world. While Hosts themselves do not attack, they spawn Creepers periodically if players are close by. Because of this, if a Host spawns close to anything important during this event, it's best to shoot it from a distance or just leave it alone.

This event is very important, for the Hosts will drop Creeponia Realmstones. This can also be a good time to grind for gunpowder.


Big Day Event[edit | edit source]

Opening message: Today is a big day.
Closing message: The ground settles as the sun sets.

The Big Day Event has a 1 in 26 (3.85%) chance to occur each day. Giants will spawn in their respective biomes and can be harvested for materials.

The Wood Giant is particularly useful as they are not only the most common but can be farmed for half a stack of Oak Wood each, which will usually last the player for quite a while.

Wood Giant
Wood Giant.png
Stone Giant
Stone Giant.png
Leafy Giant
Leafy Giant.png
Sand Giant
Sand Giant.png
Ice Giant
Ice Giant.png