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Fragment Temple

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Fragment Temple
Fragment Temple (Haven).png
Structure Type Dungeon
Consists of Lab Brick.png Lab Bricks
Leveled Brick.png Leveled Brick
Donut Lab Lamp.png Donut Lab Lamp
Mob Spawners
Version Added 2.4

This structure along with its contents is only present in 1.7.10 versions of the mod. It has been temporarily removed in 1.12.2 versions for the time being.

A Fragment Temple is a structure that spawns in the Haven, the Abyss, Greckon, L'Borean and Barathos. The fragment temple is a special dungeon in which, inside is a Realmstone Fragment. Once five have been collected, the player can create the Labricon Realmstone. It is theorized these temples are connected to the Fifth God, Krasaun.

Generation[edit | edit source]

In every dimension that they spawn in, Fragment Temples have a 1 in 750 chance to generate. They will only generate if the following criteria are met:

  • There are 15 blocks of clear space along the X axis and Z axis.
  • In the Haven, the spawning block is Haven Grass. This is because temples would spawn in the middle of the Void, but the temples' entrances would be at the bottom and effectively impossible to enter with the effects of Sceptrons present.

In L'Borean, it is possible for a lake to generate in the side of the temple, leaving a massive hole in the temple's wall.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Fragment temples are made out of Labricon blocks and are in the shape of a pyramid. They have 2 floors. Six different mobs can spawn in the fragment temples. The Mega Guardian spawns in all of the temples. The rest are native to a specific dimension. Due to the mob's effects, this can make traversing the temple difficult (e.g.: high gravity, getting pushed away, etc).

Loot[edit | edit source]

Obtained from
Realmstone Fragments.gif Realmstone Fragment Sceptron, Fade, Centurion, Poseido and Torano
Krasaun's Dawn.png Krasaun's Dawn Mega Guardian
Fragment Banner.png Fragment Banner Sceptron, Fade, Centurion, Poseido and Torano

Gallery[edit | edit source]