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Food and Farming

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Food can be harvested by killing certain mobs and be consumed when cooked.
Crops can be grown by obtaining their seeds and then farming the crops so that they can be harvested.

Food[edit | edit source]

Halycon Milk.png Halycon Milk Raw Ursa.png Raw Ursa Cooked Ursa.png Cooked Ursa Raw Chimera Chop.png Raw Chimera Chop
Cooked Chimera Chop.png Cooked Chimera Chop Lunarade.png Lunarade Tea.png Tea Fungal Tea.png Fungal Tea
Eye Candy.png Eye Candy Raw Furlion Chop.png Raw Furlion Chop Furlion Chop.png Furlion Chop Nature Melon Slice.png Nature Melon Slice
Natural Tea.png Natural Tea Hot Rod.png Hot Rod Fiery Chops.png Fiery Chops Raw Halycon Beef.png Raw Halycon Beef
Cooked Halycon Beef.png Cooked Halycon Beef Raw Charger Shank.png Raw Charger Shank Charger Shank.png Charger Shank

See specific pages for individual food information.

Fish[edit | edit source]

Finger Fish.png Finger Fish Pearl Stripefish.png Pearl Stripefish Limefish.png Limefish Sailback.png Sailback
Golden Gullfish.png Golden Gullfish Turquoise Stripefish.png Turquoise Stripefish Violet Skipper.png Violet Skipper Rocketfish.png Rocketfish
Crimson Stripefish.png Crimson Stripefish Crimson Skipper.png Crimson Skipper Sapphire Strider.png Sapphire Strider Candlefish.png Candlefish
Dark Hatchetfish.png Dark Hatchetfish Ironback.png Ironback Rainbowfish.png Rainbowfish Razorfish.png Razorfish

See specific pages for individual fish information.

Crops[edit | edit source]

Holly Tops.png Holly Tops Floracles.png Floracles Trilliads.png Trilliads RosidonsPlant.png Rosidon Plant
Goldicaps.png Goldicaps Lunalon Plant.png Lunalon Plant LunacrikePlant.png Lunacrike Plant LunaglobePlant.png Luna Globe Plant
MysticShroomsPlant.png Mystic Shroom Plant TeaPlant.png Tea Plant ChiliPlant.png Chili Plant EyeBulbPlant.png Eye Bulb Plant
ThornPlant.png Thorn Plant MagicMarangPlant.png Magic Marang Plant HeartFruitPlant.png Heart Fruit Plant BubbleBerryPlant.png Bubble Berry Plant

See specific pages for individual crop information.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

Chili Seeds.png Chili Seeds Mystic Shroom Seeds.png Mystic Shroom Seeds Lunaglobe Seeds.png Lunaglobe Seeds Lunacrike Seeds.png Lunacrike Seeds
Goldicap Seeds.png Goldicap Seeds Trilliad Seeds.png Trilliad Seeds Floracle Seeds.png Floracle Seeds Eye Bulb Seeds.png Eye Bulb Seeds
Lunalon Seeds.png Lunalon Seeds Holly Top Seeds.png Holly Top Seeds Rosidon Seeds.png Rosidon Seeds Tea Seeds.png Tea Seeds
Thorn Plant Seeds.png Thorn Plant Seeds Heart Fruit Seeds.png Heart Fruit Seeds Magic Marang Seeds.png Magic Marang Seeds Bubble Berry Seeds.png Bubble Berry Seeds

See specific pages for individual seed information.

Harvested Items[edit | edit source]

Eye Bulb.png Eye Bulb Holly Top Petals.png Holly Top Petals Floracle Sticks.png Floracle Sticks Trilliad Leaves.png Trilliad Leaves
Goldicap Petals.png Goldicap Petals Luna Globe.png Luna Globe Lunacrike.png Lunacrike Lunalons.png Lunalons
Rosidons.png Rosidons Mystic Shrooms.png Mystic Shrooms Tea Shreddings.png Tea Shreddings Chili Pepper.png Chili Pepper
Thorny Petals.png Thorny Petals Heart Fruit.png Heart Fruit Magic Marang.png Magic Marang Bubble Berry.png Bubble Berries

See specific pages for individual item information.