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Mentioned features

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The following page is a list of mentioned features. Most of these were mentioned by Xolova to be implemented in future updates. Whether these features are implemented in the future or not is currently unknown.

In general, Scimiguy is most likely to add content that already has code or models, textures, and other assets that he can work with.

Scimiguy's mentioned features[edit | edit source]

Some features that have been mentioned by Scimiguy but not directly confirmed for any update:

  • Doing something about spawn eggs only being white.[1]
  • Scimiguy has said that if he was bored with porting mobs for 3.0 update, he might add an Elite Smash boss for the snapshots.[2][3]
    • According to Scimiguy, Elite Smash would have a custom ai, potentially including the ability to plan moves ahead and outsmart cheesing methods.[4][5]
  • Scimiguy mentioned having an idea for an infection-themed dimension.[6]
  • Scimiguy mentioned a dimension which would consist of a giant dungeon that existed both above and underground. The dungeon would be huge, and the player would have to fight off mobs from the outside. The player could collect materials from inside the dungeon.[7]

Xolova's mentioned features with an unknown status[edit | edit source]

The following features were mentioned by Xolova but have not been confirmed to be scrapped.

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

The Necromancer is an unreleased boss. A reveal suggested that he could be spawned in multiple dimensions, with his ability and drops being different depending on what dimension he was spawned in.[8]

Necromancer has an unused model, texture, boss bar texture, and boss music in the mod's files. Reveals showed that the Necromancer would also have been called the Warlock of Death.[8]

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Labricon mobs[edit | edit source]

Most Labricon mobs only had models, but not textures. As such, they will not be added. Of the 15 mobs that were originally planned for Labricon, only 3 have completed textures.

An unknown mob was revealed on the Minecraft Forums as a teaser for the update. Long after Xolova quit developing the mod, he revealed that it was named Lockshot and is for Labricon's Darkin layer.[9]

On 2 October 2019, two other mobs were revealed to have textures along with their models: the Arachoclops[10] and the Triatone[11]. Judging by their color schemes they are likely to be from the Leveled and Eternal layers, respectively. There is no guarantee that they will be added, however there is a possibility.

2.5 Biome Mobs[edit | edit source]

2.5 was intended to come with new mobs for the biomes it added to existing dimensions. This would make some of the already existing dimension mobs only spawn in certain biomes.[12] However, the update was not completed. While the new biomes were added to the non-snapshot version Tslat 1.1, the new mobs have not been added.

On the mod's Minecraft forums thread, a list of mobs without context was released.[13] It included the mobs for the 2.5 snapshot dimensions listed above, but also several other unknown mobs listed here.

After Scimiguy took up developing the mod, Xolova revealed that the mobs were for the dimensions with new biomes, and expanded the list with more planned mobs and the dimensions they were supposed to be in. The Haven, Mysterium, and Lunalus had new mobs planned as well, despite not receiving new biomes.[14]

Although Scimiguy has offered no comment on whether or not these mobs will be added, Xolova has confirmed that models for most of these mobs are complete, and he does not mind if they are added.

The developer has said that biome related content won't be added until the mod updates to 1.13+.[15][16]

The following mobs were listed.

The Haven:

  • Airstroke
  • Gravicus

The Abyss:

  • Clocker
  • Decapitator
  • Gorge
  • Spinecracker
  • Webbulous
  • Shadow Ancient


  • Desworm (Were hard to see until they attacked. [17])
  • Desworm - Expanded
  • Miragus
  • Oozer
  • Phaser
  • Tumbler


  • Chocoman
  • Crush Candy
  • Manmellow
  • Marsh Monster

The Deeplands:

  • Hammerock (possibly the mob in the screenshot below)
  • Rock Wizard
  • Rungus
  • Golddish


  • Exskello Ucereus
  • Dawnwalker
  • Elite Stalker Guard
  • Stalker Mage


  • Furnivus
  • Melonman
  • Stewhead
  • Vileshroom

The Greckon:

  • Dreamer
  • Dark Wizard
  • Rifter
  • Skullomancer
  • Shadeus


  • Detonator
  • Ironfist
  • Magneto (Would "magnetize" dropped items towards it. [17])
  • Rapido
  • Silverus
  • Telematrix
  • Warpotron


  • Living Comet
  • Star Wizard


  • Darkling
  • Undead Eeo


  • Tyranospinarus
  • Stegokeledon

Unknown dimension:

  • Radion
  • Executor
  • Ipolo
  • Magicyte
  • Coralacus
  • Water Wizard
  • Deceiver

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons that were once planned for future updates. Their current status is unknown, and the developer does not wish to comment on their arrival, if they will arrive.


Leveled Greatblade.png Leveled Greatblade Darkin Greatblade.png Darkin Greatblade Eternal Greatblade.png Eternal Greatblade

Bows and Archerguns

Eternal Bow.png Eternal Bow Darkin Bow.png Darkin Bow Darkin Archergun.png Darkin Archergun Demon Bow.png Demon Bow


Darkin Destroyer.png Darkin Destroyer Leveler.png Leveler Creator.png Creator
Bullet Blaster.png Bullet Blaster Mystique.png Mystique Demonic Destroyer.png Demonic Destroyer


Vengence Staff.png Vengence Staff Snowstorm Staff.png Snowstorm Staff Demon Staff.png Demon Staff

Whether or not any of these will be added is uncertain.

Dark Moon mobs[edit | edit source]

These mobs were planned for the Dark Moon event, and are mostly based off of horror movies. They have models and textures, however they have not been coded and were never officially revealed. The following screenshots were created by giving their models/textures to other mobs.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

35+ structures and NPCs were originally intended to be implemented in the combined 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7 updates.[18] These were unfortunately never implemented. However, in the 2.5 snapshot, one of the new NPCs exists in the game: the Dinosaur Breeder, which can only be seen by typing /summon nevermine.DinosaurBreeder.

The Dinosaur Breeder was to sell dinosaur eggs, such as the "Cryosaur Egg". However the dinosaurs from those eggs are not likely to have any models or textures. Whether or not the Dinosaur Breeder will return in a future update is unknown, as is the status, identities, or trades of the other NPCs that were slated to be added

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