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Health 20 (Heart.png×10)
Damage 4 (Heart.png×2)
Environment Nether
Hostility Aggressive
Version 2.2
Item (Quantity) Rate
Ultraflame.png Ultraflame 2.86%
Nether Gems.png Nether Gems (3) 33.3%
Copper Coin.png Copper Coin (5 - 14) 100%

Information[edit | edit source]

The Flamewalker is an melee mob that spawns in The Nether. It creates a trail of fire on Netherrack as it walks. It grants 17 Hunter experience points when killed. It has the Attribute of Fire Immunity.

The Flamewalker's drops will almost always burn in the fire trail, which makes it nigh-on impossible to pick up the drops normally. However the fire trail only affects Netherrack, so luring the Flamewalker onto Nether Brick, Soul Sand patches, or any other block that the player sees fit will disable the fire trail and allow the player to collect the Flamewalker's drops.

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