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This creature is a Hunter mob that can only be damaged when the player reaches Hunter level 6.

Health 35 (Heart.png×17.5)
Size Width: 1.2 blocks

Height: 1.95 blocks

Damage 5 (Heart.png×2.5)
Environment Overworld:Swamp
Hostility Aggressive
Version 2.2

The Fishix is a melee mob that spawns in the swamp biome of the Overworld. It can only be damaged if the player has Hunter level 6 or higher, and grants 20 Hunter experience points when killed.

Bestiary Entry[edit | edit source]

The source of many myths and legends, the Fishix is a true monster of the swamps. Its origin is unknown, but it does seem to live solely in swamps and similar areas.

They seem to take great joy in scaring nearby creatures and travellers, and can often be found hiding just beneath water level before popping up and scaring a creature, using seaweed and mud to its aesthetic advantage.

Its very muscular body can make it a real threat in the even that you find yourself facing one. Its brute strength gives its swings enough force to deal serious damage, despite an absence of claws or other sharp appendages.

Due to its high density muscle and tough skin, Fishix are very resistant to external harm and will challenge untrained combatants.