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Guides/Finding Rare Mobs

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This guide will attempt to help the player find rare mobs.

A rare mob is a mob that has a lower than normal spawn rate compared to the rest of the mobs in an area. Rare mobs have a tendency to drop special exclusive loot drops, only available from them. In Advent of Ascension, there are 28 rare mobs in the game. Out of those 28, 6 are required to be found to explore all dimensions, and battle all bosses.

General information[edit | edit source]

Most rare mobs have similar spawning criteria and as such it is easy to recommended a series of general criteria for trying to find said mobs. First, the player should set their render distance to 10, as this will drastically increase mob spawns.

After that, it is recommended that the player creates a designated area that promotes the spawning of a particular mob. Finding rare mobs is generally easier to do on a flat surface, because the rare mob will spawn within sight of the player, and not behind a hill or in a cave. The design for this "area" will depend on the rare mob. The player will want to build a platform that is 50x50 that is 200 blocks in the sky. Then stand away from this platform. For underground dimensions, the player will want to hollow out an area away from the rest of the dimension instead. Information on the specific conditions to maximize the spawning conditions of a particular rare mob are listed below.

Specific information[edit | edit source]

Specific information for finding individual rare mobs is listed below:

Rare Mob Home Dimension Best Place to find one
Bomb Carrier.png Bomb Carrier Overworld BuildSurface of Ocean/Deep Ocean biome during daytime; no events active
CaseConstruct.png Case Construct The Deeplands -
CherryBarrager.png Cherry Barrager Candyland -
Construct of Mind.png Construct of Mind Crystevia -
DemonReaper.png Demon Reaper Overworld Surface of Ocean/Deep Ocean biome during night
Destructor.png Destructor Vox Ponds -
Doubler.png Doubler The Deeplands -
Eilosapien.png Eilosapien Barathos Surface of Barathos, anytime
Everbeast.png Everbeast Overworld (Underground.png underground only) Underground in ocean/deep ocean biome during daytime, no events active
Fungung.png Fungung Mysterium
Grobbler.png Grobbler Lands of Lelyetia
Infernal.png Infernal The Nether
Jumbo.png Jumbo Celeve
King Charger.png King Charger Overworld Surface of Forest biome during daytime, no events active
KingCreeper.png King Creeper Creeponia Surface of Creeponia
Mechachron.png Mechachron Iromine -
Neptuno.png Neptuno L'Borean
RunicornRider.png Runicorn Rider Lands of Runandor
Silencer.png Silencer Greckon
Slimer.png Slimer The Abyss
Squiggler.png Squiggler Barathos (Underground.png underground only)
StalkerPrime.png Stalker Prime Dustopia
Stimulosus.png Stimulosus The Shyrelands
Sunny.png Sunny Gardencia
Terradon.png Terradon Precasia
Terrestrial.png Terrestrial Overworld (LunarEvent.png lunar event only) Surface of ocean/deep ocean, or desert biome, lunar event is active
Visulon.png Visulon Lunalus -
Voliant.png Voliant The Haven -

Trivia[edit | edit source]