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A dimension is a separate realm, with different mobs and topology. In Minecraft, dimensions can be accessed by creating and teleporting through the correct portal.

The mod adds an additional 22 dimensions to the game, accessible by Ancient Teleportation. Dimensions are tiered based on how far they are from the Overworld.

The Overworld

The Overworld is the dimension you spawn in.

Nevermine adds a very large variety of mobs to the Overworld which include very dangerous monsters, monsters that are very tricky, and other-worldly creatures.

Event Mobs

Some Overworld creatures only spawn during Events, which occur on certain nights or days.


Amethyst Ore.png Amethyst Ore

Limonite Ore.png Limonite Ore

Runium Ore.png Runium Ore

Rosite Ore.png Rosite Ore

Jade Ore.png Jade Ore

Sapphire Ore.png Sapphire Ore

And all other Ores in vanilla Minecraft.


See Mobs.


  • Ruined Teleporter

Ruined Teleporters are randomly generated underground, at y = 15. Ruined Teleporters are currently the only source of Ancient Rock in the mod, necessary to build portals between dimensions. A single Corrupted Traveller spawns here, and the player may rarely find Carved Runes here.

  • Wind Rune Shrine

Wind Rune Shrines are randomly generated in the sky above mountain biomes. The player can place a Rune Shrine in the middle of the structure in order to create Wind Runes.

  • Amphibiyte Coves

The Amphibiyte Coves are randomly generated in the Oceans. Inside of the Coves Amphibiytes spawn. Corallus can be spawned here by killing the Amphibytes.


The Nether

The Nether is the 2nd dimension you will likely go to. To go to the Nether, you need to have a 4x5 frame of Obsidian, then ignite the inside of the portal with Flint and Steel. Once ignited, the middle should turn into a purple 'mist'. If you go into that, then you will be transported to the Nether.

The mobs added to the Nether by Nevermine are moderately dangerous, making it risky to enter the Nether without a decent set of equipment.

For information on the vanilla parts of the Nether see the Minecraft Wiki's page here.


Emberstone Ore.png Emberstone Ore


The Nethengeic Pits are randomly generated in the Nether. They may generate in lava pools which can cause them to flooded with lava. Inside of the Nethengeic Pits is where the Nethengeic Beasts spawn.

  • Fire Rune Shrine

These consist of a Rune Shrine with a few Fire Rune Posts surrounding it.


The End

The End is likely the final dimension you will go to in Vanilla Minecraft. To get to the End, the player must first find a stronghold in the Overworld. The player must then insert up to 12 Eyes of Ender into the frames of the End Portal. Once done, the middle will turn into a End portal.

This mod does not add much to the End, however, it does add some extra loot for killing the Ender Dragon.

Mod Dimensions

Along with the three vanilla dimensions, the mod adds 22 new dimensions. There are 5 dimensions available from the Overworld, and all of these can be traveled to early in the player's adventure. The rest require access to other dimensions to go to (e.g.: Gardencia requires access to Precasia). The player can go to any unlocked dimension in any order, for example, the player can go to either Lelyetia or Barathos first, it does not matter (although for some dimensions, it is most ideal to wait until one has obtained equipment from another dimension).

To travel to the dimensions, the player has to construct a portal frame and then insert the corresponding realmstone into the carved rune of power block on the portal structure. Below is a list of dimensions:

The Abyss

Ancient Cavern






The Deeplands




The Haven




Lands of Lelyetia




Lands of Runandor

The Shyrelands

Vox Ponds

Ancient Cavern Realmstone.png Ancient CavernBarathos Realmstone.png BarathosCandyland Realmstone.png CandylandCeleve Realmstone.png CeleveCreeponia Realmstone.png CreeponiaCrystevia Realmstone.png CrysteviaDustopia Realmstone.png DustopiaGardencia Realmstone.png GardenciaRealm Travel Ticket.png GreckonImmortallis Realmstone.png ImmortallisIromine Realmstone.png IromineLelyetia Realmstone.png Lands of LelyetiaRealm Travel Ticket.png Lands of RunandorBorean Realmstone.png L'BoreanLunalus Realmstone.png LunalusMysterium Realmstone.png MysteriumOverworldPrecasia Realmstone.png PrecasiaAbyss Realmstone.png The AbyssDeeplands Realmstone.png The DeeplandsThe EndHaven Realmstone.png The HavenThe NetherShyrelands Realmstone.png The ShyrelandsVox Ponds Realmstone.png Vox Ponds
Ancient Teleportation