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The following page is based on the 1.7.10 version of the mod.
For information pertaining to the 1.12.2 version, see Enchantments.

Advent of Ascension adds many new enchantments.

Enchantments[edit | edit source]

See #Obtaining to find out how to obtain the enchantments.

Name Max Level Enchantable to Effect
Sever III Grandsword.png Greatblades Increases damage by 20/40/60%.
Crush II Grandsword.png Greatblades Increases knockback.
Shell III Hot Shot.png Guns
Skeletal Archergun.png Archerguns
Increases damage by 20/40/60%. Increases fire delay by 20/40/60%.
Control II Hot Shot.png Guns
Skeletal Archergun.png Archerguns
Reduces recoil by 25/50%.
Recharge II Laser Blaster.png Energy Weapons Reduces Energy usage by 20/40%.
Overpower II Laser Blaster.png Energy Weapons Decreases fire delay by 20/40%.
Slice III Selyan Scythe.png Scythes Increases damage by 20/40/60%.
Windfury III Selyan Scythe.png Scythes Gives Speed I/II/III when holding the scythe.
Archmage I Kaiyu Staff.png Staves Halves rune costs.
Intervention I All items that do not stack Keeps the item after death. This enchantment is single-use and disappears after taking effect.
Brace I Unknown An unknown enchantment from AoA V3 onwards

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

To obtain the enchantments, the player has to use an Infusion Table (with exception of Intervention, see below). To enchant a weapon with said enchantment, 4 of the correct Enhancer must be placed around the Infusion Table (on the four arrow blocks) and a specific Power Stone is required to be in the player's inventory. The player has to have a specific Infusion level to obtain certain levels of an enchantment.

Enchantment Infusion Level Requirement Enhancer Required Power Stone Required
Shell Level I: 1
Level II: 37
Level III: 78
Damage Glaring
Control Level I: 1
Level II: 56
Weight Radiant
Sever Level I: 1
Level II: 61
Level III: 86
Damage Glaring
Crush Level I: 1
Level II: 51
Weight Radiant
Overpower Level I: 1
Level II: 51
Damage Glistening
Recharge Level I: 1
Level II: 61
Speed Radiant
Slice Level I: 1
Level II: 61
Level III: 86
Damage Glaring
Windfury Level I: 1
Level II: 31
Level III: 71
Speed Radiant
Archmage Level I: 85 Magic Radiant
Intervention See below -- Ambient
Brace Unknown Unknown Unknown

Intervention[edit | edit source]

The Intervention enchantment is only obtainable at a Divine Station. To obtain it, the player has to have level 20 Infusion and level 20 Augury. The player will also need an Ambient Power Stone.

Once the player has both, the player must utilize the Divine Station with the item wanting to be enchanting in the player's hands, and the Ambient Power Stone in the player's inventory.