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Health 50 (Heart.png×25)
Size Width: 0.625 blocks
Height: 2.4 blocks
Damage 5 (Heart.png×2.5)
Environment The Deeplands
Hostility Aggressive
Version 1.1
Item (Quantity) Rate
Copper Coin.png Copper Coin (5-13) 100%
Deep Banner.png Deep Banner 14.29%
Iromine Realmstone.png Iromine Realmstone 2.5%
Uncharged Stone.png Uncharged Stone 2.5%
Predator Upgrade Kit.png Predator Upgrade Kit 1%

Dweller is an aggressive melee mob that spawns in the Deeplands. It is immune to knockback, occasionally creates a stationary clone and turns invisible. The clone's health decays over time until it reaches zero. If the clones are defeated by any other method other than letting their health decay to zero, the clones will explode.