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Dustopia is a very dark and colorless dimension.

Prerequiste Dimension Greckon
Difficulty Hard
Controlled by Erebon
Dimension Text You're beginning to feel more mortal than ever.
Version Added 1.1
Portal Sound

Overview[edit | edit source]

WARNING: Do not save and quit in this dimension. Due to a bug, doing so will cause the player to be dumped into the void upon returning to the Overworld.

Dustopia is a very hard dimension, perhaps the most difficult dimension of them all. The Realmstone for Dustopia is dropped by Grillfaces, Hunters and Shifters - all of which can be found in Greckon. Players who visit Dustopia will receive a Strength buff from Erebon. It is recommended to have the best of the best equipment and weaponry when going to Dustopia, as the mobs that spawn there can take lots of punishment even with the bonus damage given from Erebon's Strength.

What should I bring?[edit | edit source]

CommanderArmorIcons.png BaronArmorIcons.pngArchaicArmorIcons.png BiogenicArmorIcons.png NethengeicArmorIcons.png - Surviving in Dustopia is very demanding and difficult, so you should bring some of the best sets of armor you can get! Biogenic Armor allows you to see Dustopia much more clearly, while also allowing you to engage and disengage fights with relative ease. The Commander Armor will increase your survivability flat out, allowing you to shrug off intense battles very quickly. The Archaic Armor can be a lifesaver, as it will shove enemies away and fully heal you when you've lost 80% of your HP, it cannot heal you for another 80 seconds. The mobs of Dustopia almost entirely use melee attacks, making the Nethengenic and Baron armor sets some of the best armor you can have in Dustopia.

Skeletal Sword.png Candlefire Sword.png Baron Sword.png Sweet Sword.png Crystal Maul.png - Some of the mobs of Dustopia can take a lot of punishment, so it's recommended you bring some of the most powerful swords you can muster, while also giving them powerful enchantments! The Candlefire sword doesn't do much on its own, but it can inflict incredible amounts of damage if given the Fire Aspect enchantment. The Crystal Maul deals a solid amount of damage and can sometimes send an enemy flying off a platform (or better yet, away from you). The Sweet sword deals a considerable amount of damage by itself and it can heal you more and more if you find yourself being swarmed. The Skeletal sword is the most reliable damage-dealing blade in Advent of Ascension, even without any enchantments to back it up. The Baron Sword can inflict incredible damage every now and then, but it should be backed up with a high Sharpness enchantment to make its dps more reliable.

Deep Bow.png Laser Blaster.png BowMecha.png Predigun.png MindBlaster.png - Bringing very powerful ranged weapons is also recommended, as you should always have one by your side regardless. The Deep Bow has a slow charge-up time, but it deals more damage than any bow In Advent of Ascension without the use of Enchantments. The Laser Blaster may be loud (and sometimes annoying), but its dps is nigh unchallenged. The Mecha Bow can deal moderate amounts of damage while also conserving ammo. The Predigun is one of the most reliable heavy weapons in Advent of Ascension, though it's very loud. The Mind Blaster has a very slow rate of fire, but it deals a large amount of damage with every shot.

Milk.png - Lurkers inflict a very deadly Wither III debuff, so it's a good idea to bring a few Buckets of Milk with you to cure yourself. Poison can't kill you, but Wither can!

Night Vision Potion.png Tablet of Night Vision.png Night Vision Goggles.png - Torches are not as effective in Dustopia as they are in most other dimensions. Having some means of Night Vision is highly recommended so that you can see well in the dimension.

HunterAtt.png - In order to fight Merkyres, your Hunter skill must reach Level 79. It needs to be even higher to fight Arkzynes and Crusilisks - Levels 89 and 95 respectively.

No Greatblades.png - Greatblades count as RANGED weapons. Because of this, they will not gain any benefits from Erebon's Strength. This is especially bad due to the fact that many of the mobs of Dustopia can take a lot of punishment. Do not bring Greatblades with you if you plan on fighting mobs in Dustopia.

Why should I go to Dustopia?[edit | edit source]

PrimordialArmorIcons.png - The Primordial Armor set is one of the most powerful armor sets in Advent of Ascension. Pieces of the set can be obtained by defeating the group of bosses of Dustopia - The Primordial Five.

HunterAtt.png - The Primordial Five drop 43,200 Hunting experience total.

Sabbath.png Dark Destroyer.png - Powerful weapons can be obtained by grinding many of the mobs here, such as Sabbath and the Dark Destroyer.

Raw Beef.png Rosite Ingot.png RuneKinetic.png Primordial Dust.png - The Primordials offer many useful trades! The most important one of all is the Primordial Dust - which is used to summon and challenge the Primordial Five.

Generation[edit | edit source]

Dustopia has a flat landscape filled with very thick forestry and foliage. The landscape of Dustopia is almost pitch-black, making it almost impossible to see anything without some form of light by your side. Even then, the stone and wood that come from Dustopia are so blackened, the details are barely noticeable without Night Vision - making you feel as though you're mining in the dark.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

Dustopia (Dustopian Forest): The regular Dustopia biome filled with tall and cluttered forestry. This biome was renamed to "Dustopian Forest" in the 2.5 snapshot.

Dustopian Marsh: Swampy biomes with large lakes and tall foliage. The water from this biome sometimes "leaks" into other biomes.

Dustopian Plains: Treeless biomes that bear features all too similar to that of Overworld Plains.

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Naturally Generated
Dawn Leaves.png Dawn Leaves
Dawn Wood.png Dawn Wood
Dustopia Grass.png Dustopia Grass
Dustopia Stone.png Dustopia Stone
Dawn Bush.png Dawn Bush
Dawn Stocks Top.png Dawn Stocks
Dawn Flower.png Dawn Flower
Dawn Grass.png Dawn Grass
Dawn Bulb.png Dawn Bulb
Generates in Structures
Dawnwood Bars.png Dawnwood Bars
Dawnwood Planks.png Dawnwood Planks
Dustopian Lamp.png Dustopian Lamp
Primordial Shrine.png Primordial Shrine
Darkwash Bricks.png Darkwash Bricks
Iron Bars.png Iron Bars
White Stained Glass.png White Stained Glass

Structures:[edit | edit source]

Dustopia has a few structures including:

Mobs[edit | edit source]

The aggressive mobs in Dustopia have a very dark and macabre theme. They also blend in very well with the colorless landscape of Dustopia, making it extremely difficult to detect them. Fortunately, many of them are also very loud, so it's easy to know what enemies are nearby once you've memorized the sounds they make.

Hostile:[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Desirable loot drops Notes
Arkzyne.png Arkzyne Spawns in Structure.png Arkzyne Towers. Sabbath.png Sabbath

Silver Coin.png Silver Coins

Warning: HunterAtt.png This mob is a Level 89 hunter mob.

Players cannot jump or fly near Arkzynes due to increased gravity,

even in Creative mode.

The Gravity Blaster.pngGravity Blaster will also not work while Arkzynes are present.

Basilisk.png Basilisk Spawns naturally Duster.png Duster

Darkly Upgrade Kit.png Darkly Upgrade Kits

Crusilisk.png Crusilisk Spawns in Structure.png Cruslisk Cave. Beamer.png Beamer Warning: HunterAtt.png This mob is a Level 95 hunter mob.

This mob will occasionally jolt you in a random direction,

making movement very difficult when confronting groups of Crusilisks.

Crusilisks can move you even in Creative mode.

Devourer.png Devourer Spawns naturally Harvester Sword.png Harvester Sword Successful attacks will fully heal itself and cover

your screen with a bloody smear. The Harvester Sword deals the most damage of all

the swords in Advent of Ascension, but it costs 1 HP to use.

Dusteiva.png Dusteiva Spawns naturally Dark Destroyer.png Dark Destroyer Teleports you into the air if you stare at its face.
Duston.png Duston Spawns naturally N/A Spawns four Dust Striders when it dies.
DustStrider.png Dust Strider Spawns in groups of four

when a Duston dies.

Uncharged Orb.png Uncharged Orbs Covers your screen with bits of "dust" when it hits you.
LostSoul.png Lost Soul Spawns naturally Darkly Upgrade Kit.png Darkly Upgrade Kits Heals extremely quickly when you look at its face.
Lurker.png Lurker Spawns naturally Darkly Upgrade Kit.png Darkly Upgrade Kits Successful attacks inflict Wither III.
Merkyre.png Merkyre Spawns in Structure.png merkyre towers. Primordial Skull.png Primordial Skulls Warning: HunterAtt.png This mob is a level 79 hunter mob.

Successful attacks inflict Blindness.

Stalker.png Stalker Spawns naturally N/A Staring at it causes it to slow down to a near halt,

but covers your game with nigh-opaque "static".

StalkerPrime.png Stalker Prime Spawns naturally but is Rare.png rare. Dustopia Realmstone.png Dustopia Realmstones

Dustometer.png Dustometer

Staring at it causes it to slow down greatly and fill

your screen with inanimate static, exactly like Stalkers would.

See individual mob pages for more information.

Npcs:[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades Notes
LottomanDustopia.png Dustopian Lottoman Spawns in Structure.png lotto cages. See here.
PrimordialBanker.png Primordial Banker Spawns in Structure.png primordial villages. Converts different types of coins.
PrimordialGuide.png Primordial Guide Spawns in Structure.png primordial villages. Talks to the player about Dustopia.
PrimordialMerchant.png Primordial Merchant Spawns in Structure.png primordial villages. See here.
PrimordialSpellbinder.png Primordial Spellbinder Spawns in Structure.png primordial villages. See here.
PrimordialWizard.png Primordial Wizard Spawns in Structure.png primordial villages. See here.

See individual mob pages for more information.

Bosses:[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops: Notes
PrimordialFive.png Primordial Five Spawned by lighting the Dustopian Lamps surrounding the primordial shrine, then right clicking the shrine. See here.

See individual boss pages for more information.

Tips for Hunting Mobs and exploring Dustopia[edit | edit source]

  • The mobs of Dustopia can take lots of punishment and deal just as much in return. As such, it's recommended you bring the best armor and weapons you can muster.
  • Because of the nigh pitch-black landscape of Dustopia, torches won't do you much justice in Dustopia. Bringing some Potions of night vision or equipping Biogenic Armor can allow you to see much more clearly in Dustopia.
  • The Primordials have many useful trades, but be prepared to fight whatever monstrosities get in your way during your search for some villages!
  • Stalker Primes are the most powerful of all rare mobs currently existing in Advent of Ascension in terms of stats alone.
  • It's sometimes a good idea to turn up the brightness of your game if you're having trouble navigating in Dustopia.
  • If you wish to build a home in Dustopia, it's recommended you make it out of colorful blocks so that it can stand out among its colorless landscape.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The Resources that can be obtained in Dustopia are:

Misc Items Obtained from
Darklight Orb.png Darklight Orb Primordial Spellbinder
Darkly Upgrade Kit.png Darkly Upgrade Kit Basilisk, Lost Soul and Lurker
Dusk Orb.png Dusk Orb Primordial Spellbinder
Dustopia Gems.png Dustopia Gems Basilisk, Duston and Lost Soul
Dustopia Realmstone.png Dustopia Realmstone Stalker Prime
RuneEnergy.png Energy Rune Primordial Wizard
RuneFire.png Fire Rune Primordial Wizard
RuneKinetic.png Kinetic Rune Primordial Wizard
Primordial Dust.png Primordial Dust Primordial Merchant
Primordial Skull.png Primordial Skull Merkyre
Raw Beef.png Raw Beef Primordial Merchant
Rosite Ingot.png Rosite Ingot Primordial Merchant
RuneStorm.png Storm Rune Primordial Wizard
Sunfire Orb.png Sunfire Orb Primordial Spellbinder
Uncharged Orb.png Uncharged Orb Dust Strider
Wind Rune.png Wind Rune Primordial Wizard
RuneWither.png Wither Rune Primordial Wizard
Totems Obtained from
Daybreaker Totem.png Daybreaker Totem Dustopian Lottoman
Terminator Totem.png Terminator Totem Dustopian Lottoman
Guns Obtained from
Beamer.png Beamer Crusilisk
Dark Destroyer.png Dark Destroyer Dusteiva
Duster.png Duster Basilisk
Dustometer.png Dustometer Stalker Prime
Sabbath.png Sabbath Arkzyne
Terminator.png Terminator Terminator Totem
Swords Obtained from
Harvester Sword.png Harvester Sword Devourer
Greatblades Obtained from
Primordial Greatblade.png Primordial Greatblade Okazor
Bows Obtained from
Daybreaker.png Daybreaker Daybreaker Totem
Primordial Bow.png Primordial Bow Okazor
Staves Obtained from
Primordial Staff.png Primordial Staff Okazor
Armor Obtained from
PrimordialArmorIcons.png Primordial Armor Okazor
Banners Obtained from
Dustopian Banner.png Dustopian Banner Lost Soul and Lurker

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