Dirt blocks

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Dirt blocks
Haven Dirt.png
Hardness ?
Blast resistance ?
Transparent None
Luminance None
Flammable No
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Shovel
Drops See below
ID See #Data values
Version added See #History

Dirt blocks are generation blocks that form the ground in some dimensions. All dirt blocks share the same statistics (see infobox right), are non-flammable, and are nonrenewable.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

All types of dirt blocks can be mined with anything, although a shovel is the quickest. All of them drop themselves.

Natural generation[edit | edit source]

How dirt blocks generate varies from dimension to dimension. Some dimensions, such as The Haven, have a stone layer, leaving the dirt to extend only a few blocks below the surface. Others, such as Candyland, lack stone layers and allow the dirt to extend all the way to the bottom of the terrain. Still others, such as The Abyss, completely lack dirt, and the grass atop it grows on stone.

Lunasole Dirt also appears as a part of the Zarg Planetoid structure.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Dirt blocks are mainly used as decoration. They can also be used as a spreading block for their corresponding grass blocks, and can hold decorative plant blocks.

Unlike dirt blocks in vanilla Minecraft, these dirt blocks cannot be turned into farmland.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Dirt block Generation location
Borean Dirt.png Borean Dirt L'Borean
Candied Dirt.png Candied Dirt Candyland
Celeve Dirt.png Celeve Dirt Celeve
Creeponia Dirt.png Creeponia Dirt Creeponia
Dustopia Dirt.png Dustopia Dirt Dustopia
Gardencia Dirt.png Gardencia Dirt Gardencia
Greckon Dirt.png Greckon Dirt Greckon
Haven Dirt.png Haven Dirt The Haven
Lunalyte Dirt.png Lunalyte Dirt Lunalus
Lunasole Dirt.png Lunasole Dirt Lunalus
Mysterium Dirt.png Mysterium Dirt Mysterium
Toxic Dirt.png Toxic Dirt Vox Ponds

Data values[edit | edit source]

All ids for dirt blocks are listed in the table below. These can be used in commands such as /give, /setblock, etc.

Block Old ID New ID

Borean Dirt.png Borean Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:borean_dirt

Candied Dirt.png Candied Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:candyland_dirt

Celeve Dirt.png Celeve Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:celeve_dirt

Creeponia Dirt.png Creeponia Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:creeponia_dirt

Dustopia Dirt.png Dustopia Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:dustopia_dirt

Gardencia Dirt.png Gardencia Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:gardencia_dirt

Greckon Dirt.png Greckon Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:greckon_dirt

Haven Dirt.png Haven Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:haven_dirt

Lunalyte Dirt.png Lunalyte Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:lunalyte_dirt

Lunasole Dirt.png Lunasole Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:lunasole_dirt

Mysterium Dirt.png Mysterium Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:mysterium_dirt

Toxic Dirt.png Toxic Dirt

nevermine:? aoa3:toxic_dirt

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.0 Added Haven Dirt and Mysterium Dirt.
1.1 Added Lunalyte Dirt, Lunasole Dirt, Gardencia Dirt, Greckon Dirt, Borean Dirt, Dustopia Dirt, and Toxic Dirt.
2.1 Added Celeve Dirt.
2.3 Added Candied Dirt.
2.4 Added Creeponia Dirt.
2.4.B Changed Haven Dirt's texture.
3.0 The ids for all dirt blocks were changed.