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Planned features

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This page contains content on features that may be included in a future update.
These features have been mentioned by a mod developer on the official discord server or the forums, but have not been officially released yet.
The following page is lacking in proper sources. One or more necessary sources needs to be added to the article. Only remove this template when this issue has been addressed.

The following page documents all of the planned features in the mod. These are features that have been discussed by a mod developer that will be added in a future update.

Note that the following page documents content that is has been mentioned by Scimiguy that is most likely going to happen. For Xolova's old teasers, see mentioned features.

Teasers on this page that don't have a version number as a part of their source are automatically implied to be for the next major update.[1]

Update plans[edit | edit source]

Future updates, if any, are currently laid out like so:

  • 3.2 - The Loot Update.[2]

3.2 - The Loot Update[edit | edit source]

3.2 is a planned update. It is going to be the Loot Update.[3]

3.2 has a series of several different types of changes that have been discussed, which are grouped below.

Some of this information may be subject to change.[4]

Loot changes[edit | edit source]

A basic info of what the Loot Update will contain is documented here. A brief description of this document's contents, as of this point, is as follows:

  • Most of the mod's weapons and armors that are dropped by regular mobs will be obtained through a form of crafting instead.
    • The weapons and armor will be made with materials.
    • These materials can be obtained in a variety of different ways.
    • There is more than one way to obtain certain materials, but some materials may still require accessing certain dimensions.
  • There will be two global loot tables, one for all mobs, and one for certain mobs.
    • The loot table for all mobs will have a variety of different drops, and will drop commonly.
    • The loot table for certain mobs will drop much rarer, but still has the variety.
  • Mobs that already drop miscellaneous items will retain their drops.
  • Bosses will maintain dropping already complete weapons and armor, but will also gain additional items to drop.
  • Ways to obtain weapons without needing to get materials will also be present.

Weapons and Armor changes[edit | edit source]

In addition, there will also be a change to weapons and armor, mentioned in this document, which is currently planned for 3.2.[5]

Infusion and Infusion Table changes[edit | edit source]

Changes to Infusion and the Infusion Table have been showcased by snapshot recipients:

  • A new crafting recipe for the Infusion Table.[6] A picture of the recipe was shown, showing the Infusion Table being crafted out of 3 Green Wool, 2 Ancient Rock, 3 Obsidian and 1 Glowing Infusion Stone like so:
mcw:Green Wool
mcw:Green Wool
mcw:Green Wool
Ancient Rock
Glowing Infusion Stone
Ancient Rock
Infusion Table

According to the teaser, any color of wool and any infusion stone can be used.[6]

  • 2 new enhancers: a luck enhancer and a divine enhancer.[7]
  • The Infusion Table has a GUI.[8] The Infusion Table's GUI was shown to have two purposes:[8] enchanting[9] and weapon crafting.[10]
    • A teaser showed an enchanted book with Power III being made in the Infusion Table GUI, crafted with 3 Damage Enhancers, 1 String, and 1 Glistening Power Stone.[9]
    • Another teaser image showed a megagun being enchanted with Shell III on the Infusion Table, this being done with 1 Damage Enhancer, 1 gunpowder, and 1 ? power stone.[10]
    • A third teaser has shown two recipes on the Infusion Table, a recipe to make the Stampede and a recipe to make the Brown Blaster.[11]
  • An item called a "Limonite Rod" was shown.[12]
    • A teaser image showed a vulcane being crafted at the Infusion Table, with a Damage Enhancer, an unidentified block, and a limonite rod (see above).[13]

Realmstone changes[edit | edit source]

A teaser image posted by Scimiguy, showing several realmstones.[14]

Various realmstone changes have been showcased by snapshot recipients:

  • Realmstones will no longer be consumed when used on a Carved Rune of Power. They will also be non-stackable.[15]
  • New realmstones for Greckon, the Nether, and the Lands of Runandor.[16][17]
    • The Nether realmstone will not replace the obsidian and flint and steel used to access the Nether, it is merely an optional extra.[18]
  • A new "Blank Realmstone" item.[19]
  • A new way to obtain realmstones.[20]
    • This way involves completing tasks for the gods.[21]
    • Example of potential tasks (but not guaranteed final):[22]
      • Precasia: Combine a Blank Realmstone with one of each overworld sapling.[23]
      • The Abyss: Defeat the Wither while in the Nether.[24]
      • Lelyetia: Survive a fall of 26 blocks or more.[25]
      • The Nether: Throw out a Blank Realmstone while submerged in lava.[26]
      • The Deeplands: Mine an ore at bedrock level.[27]
      • Barathos: Defeat a Husk with a Blank Realmstone.[28]
      • Creeponia: Defeat a Host with an explosion.[29]
      • Iromine: Use a Blank Realmstone on a Mineralization Station.[30]
      • Crystevia: Use a Deep Crystal on a Case Construct.[31]
      • Greckon: Use nightmare flakes on Elusive.[32]
      • Dustopia: Spawn Shadowlord while the player is inflicted with Night Vision.[32]
      • The Shyrelands: Combine a Blank realmstone, Magic Mending Solution, Sunfire Orb, Haunted Flower, Darkly Powder and Ghoulasm together.[32]
      • Celeve: defeat a clown with a lelyetian greatblade.[32]
      • The Haven: defeat a Flye with a melee attack while in the Lelyetian trees.[32]
      • Lunalus: jump over the void in the Haven with a gravitator.[32]
      • Immortallis: get hit by a Construct of Strength inflicted with Strength II.[33]
      • Gardencia: throw a blank realmstone onto a carrot crop then defeat the mob that spawns in afterwards[30]
      • Candyland: eat a Heart Fruit while in the Precasia dimension.[30]
      • Vox Ponds: show a trader in Creeponia a blank realmstone while wearing a hazmat suit.[34]
      • Mysterium: Inflict a Creepird with Poison.[34]
      • Runandor: Place a blank realmstone on a vox light and activate it with an active rune stone.[34]

Tablet changes[edit | edit source]

Shown by snapshot recipients:

  • Tablets will return.[35]
    • A teaser image showed a tooltip for a supposed tablet. The tooltip was for a tablet called "Tablet of Sight". The tooltip description lists that the Tablet of Sight requires level 1 Anima and "Improves vision". In addition, three other descriptors are also on the tooltip: "Activation Cost", "Soul Power Drain", and "Effect Radius".[35]
    • Tablets can be placed down onto the ground and work until the player runs out of Soul Power.[36] Tablets can be retrieved from the ground with a right click.[36] The player can place them more than one tablet at a time, but all of the tablets will continue to drain Soul Power.[37]
    • Once Soul Power is completely drained, the player will have to pick up the tablet and place it back down to use it again.[38]

New weapon[edit | edit source]

The new weapon.
  • A new weapon being planned for 3.2 was revealed.[39]

Other changes[edit | edit source]

A teaser image showing what happens if the player tries to use a Laser Blaster when they don't have enough Energy.[40]

Other things confirmed for 3.2:[41]

  • A message will pop up when the player is missing the proper skill requirement or resource to utilize or do something.[42][43]
  • Minions no longer attacking hunter mobs when under leveled.[44][45]
  • Changes to Rune Randomizer:[46]
    • The Rune Randomizer will use a loot table.
    • The Luck effect can increase the amount of loot obtained.
    • Rune Randomizer can be used in Creative regardless of level.
  • Ascension Shrines will consume an entire stack of essence when utilized.[47]
  • Fishixes, Skippers, Elkanyes, Bonebacks, Chimeras, and Rammerheads will no longer be considered hunter mobs.[48][49]
  • Portals letting mobs (and whatever passes through nether portals) pass through them (Issue 96)
  • The following mobs will become passive:[50]
  • Halycon, Creep Cow, Coratee, and Elkanyne will be breedable and have baby versions.[citation needed]
  • Hellspots teleporting players has been removed.[51]
  • Soul Agents will be removed.[52]
  • Elecanium Ore will be moved to Runandor.[53]
  • Some crafting recipes were shown by snapshot recipients:
    • A recipe for the Baron Sword, showing it being made out of 2 Baronyte Ingots and 1 Stick.[54]
    • A recipe for Baron Bow, showing it being made out of 1 Baronyte Ingot, 1 Blazium Ingot, 1 Reinforced cloth,[55] and 3 String.[56]
    • A new item called Reinforced cloth,[55] which is crafted out of 2 String, and 2 of an item called Torn cloth.[57]
According to the mod developer, there is a single new feature in this picture.[58] The developer has confirmed that the teaser is related to some of the trees without shadows.[59]
  • All mobs from the bloodhunt event will drain Energy on hit[60]
  • All mobs from the soul scurry event will drain Soul Power on hit[60]
  • Corrupted Traveller can accept any kind of food[61]
  • Mobs no longer have block requirements when spawning, but instead are prohibited from spawning based on block light.[62][63][64]
    • Applies to mobs in all dimensions.[65]
    • Nighttime mobs still follow regular spawning rules, while the daytime mobs will require the lack of blocklight.[66][67]
  • Innervation changes:[68]
    • Dodging will no longer exist.
    • The player will gain 1 additional health every 5 levels, up to a max of 20 at level 100.
    • Heartstones still heal the player.
    • Innervation Armor was changed. A picture of the armor tooltip showed +1.5 max health per piece when worn.[69]
  • Lottomen will no longer sell weapon totems, instead selling hauling boxes (except fish and crystal boxes)[70] and a regular item called "Lotto totem".[71]
    • The Lotto totem item can be placed down in the world to make five things appear. Rewards from the lotto totem are based on a "rare table",[72] which includes diamonds, emeralds, essences, or nothing.[73]
      • The "rare table" is a set of items that can be dropped by hostile mobs. It includes a variety of items, including diamonds, emeralds, magic repair dust, essences, nether stars, and enchanted golden apples. Winning the lotto totem guarantees a roll from the rare table.[74]
  • Several mobs got changes:[75][76]
    • Walker will set players on fire upon contact instead of when in range.
    • Night Watcher will inflict Blindness onto the player when hit by the player and when hitting the player, no longer when in range.
    • Irkling will have more random jumps.
    • Hive King will gain an intro effect when spawned in his altar.
    • Slowed down Nethengeic Wither and Shadowlord
  • Some mobs got attribute changes:[76][77]
      • Sphinx will get gun immunity, and lost its melee immunity.
      • Ghost and giant snail gain potion immunity.
      • Magicke will get staff immunity.
      • Ghostly Cyclops, Ghostly Sasquatch, Ghostly Charger, Ghostly Goblin, Ghostly Night Reaper, and Ghostly Bugeye will get melee, ranged, and gun immunity.
  • All hunter mobs will no longer attack the player or minions if the player is not the correct hunter level.[78]
  • All mobs can appear in the bestiary, not just mobs added by the mod. This includes vanilla mobs and other mod's mobs.[79][80][81]
  • A command to access the wiki in-game.[82][83]
  • The following bugs have been confirmed to be fixed:
    • Dimensional Fabric (and others) breakable by Wither (Issue 962)
    • Crops add to green tribute bar at any growth level (Issue 961)
    • Spikeback Slab gives too few xp when used on the creation forge (Issue 914)
    • [1.12.2] Bit of a HUD conflict with 'Cyberware'. AoA's Resource HUD color changes color when setting Cyberware's Energy HUD color. (Issue 898)
    • Shooting a skydriver bow's arrow over the void causes the game's ai to freeze (Issue 875)
    • Hellcat's toe (Issue 850)
    • Shyrelands wind event affects players in spectators mode (Issue 832)
    • Incorrect Mysterium Black Brick Stairs Texture (Issue 792)
    • Some Creeponia creepers are affected by light level when previously they weren't (Issue 783)
    • Shooting the Ender Dragon with a Purity Shotgun crashes server with a ClassCastException (Issue 779)
    • Missing Period. (Issue 761)
    • Events don't cancel when you sleep. (Issue 760)
    • The game will crash when hunting mobs in the vox' ponds dimension. (Issue 757)
    • Resource systems appear green sometimes when popup for how to play pops up (Issue 718)
    • Metalloid gui still has sapphire ingot texture (Issue 717)
    • Greatblades dont work with changed controls (Issue 716)
    • Pristine jar thinks it has been modified. (Issue 713)
    • Bosses killed by throwing weapons don't drop items (for the most part?) (Issue 708)
    • Guide and bestiary displaying in Chinese (Issue 699)
    • Fixed a bug with stickler explosions[84]

Other github issues:

  • [Feature Request] Make AoA3's Ores give Minecraft experience (Issue 964)
  • 3.1.2b All mod bows power enchantments do not work (Issue 927)
  • Rename peppermint and spearmint slugs (Issue 926)
  • damage (Issue 916)
  • Hellquin Slab requires different level to summon then to use on creation forge (Issue 915)
  • Change the "Oops" advancement (Issue 887)
  • Changing Grass Hardness (Issue 879)
  • axes damage (Issue 782)
  • Connecting clients should be notified of current events (Issue 729).
  • A config option to disable random events or change their trigger rate (Issue 724).
  • Target selectors do not seem to work in commands (Issue 615)

Other plans[edit | edit source]

Themed-Updates[edit | edit source]

Following the release of 3.0, the developer has mentioned possibly releasing themed-updates, such as a "mob updates", focusing on mobs, and a "skills update", focusing on skills.[85]

Planned changes[edit | edit source]

Ambient sound tracks are being planned for the dimensions.[86]

More particle types.[87]

2.5 Snapshot Dimensions[edit | edit source]

These are dimensions that currently exist in the 2.5 Snapshot. They are sorted in the table from most complete (top) to least complete (bottom).

The new developer, Tslat, has confirmed adding these dimensions in at some point in the future. [88]

Any information here is subject to change.

Image Name Description
The Everland.png The Everland The Everland is a dimension filled with black foliage and geometrical creatures. The dimension's generation consist of large square black trees with colorful spots in the middle of them. There are also floating pieces of land in the Everland, as well as a seemingly random series of Ever Glass that crosses over above the dimension. If the player were to go above the Ever Glass, the player will die due to high atmospheric pressure. The Everland has its own mobs: however in the 2.5 snapshot the mobs do not have any drops, sounds or abilities. The Everland has a boss: Evercron, which can be spawned by taking a Bloodstone to its altar, found on a platform structure - the only structure that appears in the Everland.
Labricon.png Labricon Labricon is a multi-level lab themed dimension. The dimension's generation is divided between three layers: Eternal, Leveled and Darkin. The player is always spawned on the Eternal layer, with each layer getting harder as the player goes down. In the 2.5 snapshot, the generation is mostly complete however no mobs, items, or npcs can be found anywhere. There are three bosses that are planned for Labricon: Klokwerk, Pack and Exo[citation needed]
Playtopia.png Playtopia Playtopia is a toy-themed dimension. In the 2.5 snapshot, the only thing complete about the dimension is the generation, no mobs items, npcs or bosses exist. The dimension's generation takes place entirely inside an enclosed space, inside this space are trees made of building blocks, play lamps, and more. Mobs that have been revealed for the dimension are implied to all be living toys.[citation needed] . The dimension was going to have one boss: Cuddlehugs, an evil teddy bear which has multiple forms.[citation needed]
Ethereus.png Ethereus Ethereus is a ghost-themed dimension. In the 2.5 snapshot, the only thing complete about the dimension is the generation, no mobs items, npcs or bosses exist. The dimension's generation consists of tall, towering transparent pillars, complete with transparent plants and trees on top. The mobs of the dimension are implied to be all types of ghosts.[citation needed] The dimension was going to have one boss: Daemon.[citation needed]

2.5 Dimension Mobs[edit | edit source]

The following mobs were created for the 2.5 Snapshot dimensions (see Planned features#2.5 Snapshot Dimensions) - the Everland, Playtopia, and Ethereus. The developer has confirmed that the mobs are most likely going to be added as is, with some potential changes to Playtopia mobs due to copyright issues.[89]

Everland mobs[edit | edit source]

Mobs for the planned Everland dimension were revealed on 24 October 2015.[90] These mobs exist in the 2.5 snapshot, but are incomplete, having no drops, abilities, or sounds. Most of them have the same stats.

When they were revealed, Xolova has labeled Bloger and Blockhead as spawning in a structure. However, in the 2.5 snapshot they spawn naturally.

Playtopia mobs[edit | edit source]

Mobs for the planned Playtopia dimension were revealed on 25 October 2015.[91] Unlike the Shyrelands and Everland mobs, these mobs do not exist in the 2.5 snapshot. What is known about the following mobs:

  • Jack in the Box will behave similar to Hiding/Living Fungi. They will appear as a box with a spinning handle that plays music until the player comes near. In that case, the Jack will leave the box and attack the player.[92]
  • Two of the mobs are confirmed to bounce.[93]

Upon being revealed, Xolova had labeled the Toy Soldier and Blockomaton as spawning in a structure, and the Builder Blocker as a rare mob[94].

Ethereus mobs [citation needed][edit | edit source]

Ethereus mobs have models and textures, however they have not been coded and were never officially revealed. The following screenshots were created by giving their models/textures to other mobs.

Labricon mobs[edit | edit source]

Most Labricon mobs only had models, but not textures. As such, they will not be added.

Ursun will most likely create new models for Labricon, although whether or not the mobs he creates have any relation to the originally planned Labricon mobs has yet to be seen.

2.5 Snapshot Dimension Bosses[edit | edit source]

The following bosses were created for the 2.5 snapshot dimensions. As their models and textures are completed, and their dimensions are confirmed, they are likely to be added in the future.

Image Boss Description
Cuddlehugs.png Cuddlehugs A supposed boss in Playtopia. First revealed shortly after the release of 2.4.B.[95] The reveal also shows he has a rampant form.
Daemon.png Daemon A supposed boss in Ethereus. First revealed shortly after the release of 2.4.B.[96]
Evercron.png Evercron A boss in the Everland. Evercron can be fought in the 2.5 snapshot, by using a bloodstone on its evercron altar.

Evercron fires various projectiles around the player. The main gimmick of the fight is that various screen effects block the player's view during the fight, with only a few holes in the screen effect that let the player see through. These screen effects change position every few seconds and get faster the lower Evercron's health is.

Klokwerk.png Klokwerk A boss for the Eternal layer in Labricon. First revealed in one of Xolova's Twitter posts after the release of 1.1.[97]
Pack.png Pack A boss for the Levelled layer in Labricon. First revealed in one of Xolova's Twitter posts.[98] The name "Pack" was found by looking in the mod's files.
Exo.png Exo A boss for the Darkin layer in Labricon. First revealed in one of Xolova's Twitter posts.[98] The name "Exo" was found by looking in the mod's files.

The boss music for the above bosses was revealed by looking in the mod's files.

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