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Creeponia (Surface).png
Prerequisite dimension Overworld
Faction Erebon
Realmstone Creeponia Realmstone.png
Text You hear creepy things on the other side.
Portal sound
Version 2.4

Creeponia is a Creeper-themed dimension.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Creeponia is very explosive. The Creeponia Realmstone.png Realmstone for this dimension is dropped by Hosts, which spawn on the Creep Day Event. Creeponia is a very dangerous dimension to go to. Monsters spawn very frequently, especially underground. Explosive Armor is reccommended, unless the player is capable of dodging the creepers.

What to bring[edit | edit source]

ExplosiveArmorIcons.png - The monsters fought in Creeponia almost exclusively utilize explosive attacks. Bringing a full set of Explosive Armor is recommended, if not armor that is very resistant to such attacks.

Tablet of Peace.png - A Tablet of Peace can be used to get rid of a large number of monsters if you start to get overwhelmed.

Why come here[edit | edit source]

Concussion Staff.png - The Concussion Staff is one of the best staves in Advent of Ascension, and it can be obtained by defeating C.R.E.E.P (the boss of Creeponia).

Creepy Banner.png - Creeper-themed banners.

Generation[edit | edit source]

There is a forest on the surface. The trees are composed of Creep Wood and Creep Leaves and have Creep Vines growing off of them. Creep Grass and Creep Flowers dot the surface of Creeponia. Massive holes leading to the underground layers can also be found. All Creeponia structures spawn on the surface.

The underground of Creeponia is very unique. The underground is divided into 3 layers of stone. Creep Stone generates towards the surface (above y = 50), Primed Stone generates towards bedrock (below y = 19), and Unstable Stone lies in between them (above y = 19 but below y = 50). Jewelyte Ore and Gemenyte Ore generate on the Unstable Stone layer, Ornamyte Ore on the Primed Stone layer. Creep Crystals can be found underground on any layer.

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Naturally Generated
Creeponia Grass.png Creeponia Grass
Creeponia Dirt.png Creeponia Dirt
Creep Wood.png Creep Wood
Creep Leaves.png Creep Leaves
Creep Stone.png Creep Stone
Unstable Stone.png Unstable Stone
Primed Stone.png Primed Stone
Creep Crystal.png Creep Crystal
Gemenyte Ore.png Gemenyte Ore
Jewelyte Ore.png Jewelyte Ore
Ornamyte Ore.png Ornamyte Ore
Creep Grass.png Creep Grass
Creep Flowers.png Creep Flowers
Creep Vines.png Creep Vines
Generates in Structures
Whitewash Bricks.png Whitewash Bricks
Darkwash Bricks.png Darkwash Bricks
Creeponian Bricks.png Creeponian Bricks
Creep Altar.png Creep Altar

Structures[edit | edit source]

The structures unique to Creeponia are:

Mobs[edit | edit source]

The mobs are all themed around creepers. There are a total of 9 hostile mobs in Creeponia, 8 of them are added by Nevermine. There are no hunter mobs in Creeponia. Some spawn on the surface, some spawn underground. It should be noted that the surface mobs can spawn both on the surface and underground.

Bone Creepers, Cave Creepoids, Creepuples, King Creepers, Magical Creepers and Creeperlocks can be turned into charged variants just like regular creepers, by striking them with lightning.

Hostile[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
BoneCreeper.png Bone Creeper Spawns naturally Underground.png underground None
CaveCreepoid.png Cave Creepoid Spawns naturally Underground.png underground None
Creeper.png Creeper Spawns naturally None
Creeperlock.png Creeperlock Spawns naturally Underground.png underground None
Creepird.png Creepird Spawns naturally None
Creepuple.png Creepuple Spawns naturally Underground.png underground None
KingCreeper.png King Creeper Spawns naturally but is Rare.png rare Creeponia Realmstone.png Creeponia Realmstone, Gold Coin.png Gold Coin
MagicalCreeper.png Magical Creeper Spawns naturally Underground.png underground None
WingedCreeper.png Winged Creeper Spawns naturally None

See individual mob pages for more information.

Passive[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
CreepCow.png Creep Cow Spawns naturally None

See individual mob pages for more information.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
Creep Banker.png Creep Banker Spawns in Structure.png Creeponia Bank Structures. See here.
Creeponia Lottoman.png Creeponia Lottoman Spawns in Structure.png Creeponia Lotto Structures. See here.
Explosives Expert.png Explosives Expert Spawns in Structure.png Explosive Towers. See here.

See individual mob pages for more information.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
C.R.E.E.P..png C.R.E.E.P. Spawned by using an Explosive Gem.png Explosive Gem on a Creep Altar.png Creep Altar. See here.

See individual boss pages for more information.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The table shows the different resources obtainable in Creeponia. In addition to the resources listed below, all drops related to Foraging and Logging can be obtained. Drops randomly dropped by all mobs (e.g.: Heartstones, Anima Stones, etc) are also obtainable.

Misc Items Obtained from
Creeponia Gems.png Creeponia Gems Bone Creeper, Cave Creepoid, Winged Creeper, Magical Creeper, Creeperlock, Creepoid Greatblade Totem, Boom-Boom Totem and Creepird
Creeponia Realmstone.png Creeponia Realmstone King Creeper
Cooked Halycon Beef.png Cooked Halycon Beef Creep Cow (if killed while on fire)
Discharge Capsule.png Discharge Capsule Explosives Expert
Gemenyte.png Gemenyte Smelting Gemenyte Ore
Grenade.png Grenade Explosives Expert
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder A few Creeponia hostile mobs
Halycon Milk.png Halycon Milk Milking a Creep Cow
Jewelyte.png Jewelyte Smelting Jewelyte Ore
Ornamyte.png Ornamyte Smelting Ornamyte Ore
Raw Halycon Beef.png Raw Halycon Beef Creep Cow
Seeds.png Seeds Creepoid Greatblade Totem and Boom-Boom Totem
TNT.png TNT Explosives Expert
Totems Obtained from
Boom-Boom Totem.png Boom-Boom Totem Creeponia Lottoman
Creepoid Greatblade Totem.png Creepoid Greatblade Totem Creeponia Lottoman
Guns Obtained from
Boom-Boom.png Boom-Boom Boom-Boom Totem
Discharge Shotgun.png Discharge Shotgun C.R.E.E.P.
Missile Maker.png Missile Maker C.R.E.E.P.
Swords Obtained from
Creepified Sword.png Creepified Sword C.R.E.E.P.
Greatblades Obtained from
Creepoid Greatblade.png Creepoid Greatblade Creepoid Greatblade Totem
Staves Obtained from
Concussion Staff.png Concussion Staff C.R.E.E.P.
Craftables Crafted from
OmniArmorIcons.png Omni Armor Gemenyte and Ornamyte
MercurialArmorIcons.png Mercurial Armor Jewelyte and Ornamyte
Ornamyte Pickaxe.png Ornamyte Pickaxe Ornamyte and Stick
Ornamyte Shovel.png Ornamyte Shovel Ornamyte and Stick
Ornamyte Axe.png Ornamyte Axe Ornamyte and Stick
Explosive Gem.png Explosive Gem Gemenyte and Ornamyte
Banners Obtained from
Creepoid Banner.png Creepoid Banner Bone Creeper and Cave Creepoid
Creepy Banner.png Creepy Banner Creeperlock, Magical Creeper and Winged Creeper
Lotto Banner.png Lotto Banner Creepoid Greatblade Totem and Boom-Boom Totem

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