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Creation (resource)

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Other version information

Creation is the resource that allows summoning of Minions.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Creation starts out with a max cap of 200, which increases to a maximum of 320 as the player's Augury skill level increases. It regenerates faster than Soul Power, but slower than Energy. Regeneration time increases when the player wears a full set of Creation Armor.

Mob draining[edit | edit source]

The boss Horon will drain the player's Creation upon hitting the player.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Summoning Minions[edit | edit source]

Creation is used up whenever the player uses a minion slab. The amount of creation each one consumes is:

Item Creation Cost Item Creation Cost
Draggy Slab.png Draggy Slab 100 CompeerSlab.png Compeer Slab
Corby Slab.png Corby Slab
Penguin Slab.png Penguin Slab
WaggySlab.png Waggy Slab
EnderCarrierSlab.png Ender Carriend Slab
130 HellquinSlab.png Hellquin Slab
PlateosaurSlab.png Plateosaur Slab
RammerhornSlab.png Rammerhorn Slab
SpikebackSlab.png Spikeback Slab
SpraggySlab.png Spraggy Slab
CraggySlab.png Craggy Slab
HorntailSlab.png Horntail Slab
MechaCyclopsSlab.png Mecha Cyclops Slab
ShaddySlab.png Shaddy Slab
160 AlluricornSlab.png Alluricorn Slab
Blissard Slab.png Blissard Slab
Construct of Servility Slab.png Construct of Servility Slab
GnawerSlab.png Gnawer Slab
Goofer Slab.png Goofer Slab
HealingGolemSlab.png Healing Golem Slab
MechaSkelloxSlab.png Mecha Skellox Slab

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.1 Added Creation.
2.0 Creation has a new texture.
The boss Horon can remove the player's Creation upon hitting the player.
2.4.B Creation has been retextured again.
3.0 Creation is no longer regeneratable with a Tablet of Creation, because the Tablet of Creation was removed.