The sixth snapshot for 1.12.2 has been released. This is the first snapshot that contains dimensions. If you're played a previous snapshot, be sure to delete the aoa3.cfg file otherwise it will cause a crash.
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Health 200 (Heart.png×100)
Damage 11 (Heart.png×5.5)
Version 1.0

Information[edit | edit source]

The Corby is a melee minion that is summoned by using a Corby Slab. It costs 6 Creation. The player needs to be level 63 or higher in Creation to summon this minion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In 1.0, to spawn Corby, you had to use a egg called "Corby Egg". It would of dropped of Corallus, and you had to feed it fish to tame it. In 1.1 the egg was replaced by the Corby Slab. But strangely, the egg was left in the game. That meant that Corby was only mob that you could spawn without using a Special item or commands. The egg was removed in tslat 1.0.