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This article contains out of date information.

Reason: 3.1 added leaderboard section in main.cfg, as well as separate config files for ores and structures.

Advent of Ascension has configuration files that can be used to edit various parts of the mod. They are located in the /config/aoa3 folder in the Minecraft directory.

main.cfg[edit | edit source]

Dimension[edit | edit source]

This section lists the various IDs assigned to dimensions; they can be changed if they conflict with dimension IDs from another mod. The default IDs range from 800-821.

General[edit | edit source]

This section contains the following options:

  • B:DetailedDebugging – Enables more detailed debugging in log files. Default value is false.
  • B:DisableOverworldMobSpawns - Disables AoA mobs from naturally spawning in the Overworld. This causes a lot of content to be unaccessible without modifications. Default value is false.
  • B:MainWindowPausesGame - determines whether having the main AoA GUI open will pause the game. Default value is true.
  • S:MainWindowTheme - determines the theme of the main AoA window; valid options are Default, Jungle, and Ancient_Ruins.
  • B:ShowDailyMessages – whether the "Night falls upon the world" and "The ancient unrest is over, for now" messages should appear in chat. Default value is true.
  • B:ShowVanityLevels – If set to false, skill levels above 100 will display as 100 instead. Default value is true.
  • B:ShowXpParticles – Disables the small scrolling popups that appear when XP is gained in a skill. Default value is true.
  • B:FasterFloatingDimensions - Disables sky lighting for Lelyetia/Haven/Celeve making these dimensions run faster (and making them dark.) Default value is false

guipositioning[edit | edit source]

  • This section allows the player to change the position (coordinates) of the resource icons, which show up at the top right of the screen by default.

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