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Hardness ?
Blast resistance ?
Transparent Semi
Luminance None
Flammable No
Renewable Yes?
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool N/A
Drops See below

Crops are technical blocks that grow on farmland, that can be harvested for plants and special crop items when fully grown. Advent of Ascension adds many crop-blocks to the game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The player is not able to obtain the physical crop blocks into their inventory, no matter if the player has a tool enchanted with Silk Touch or not. The player can place crop blocks into the world by planting seeds on a farmland block. Once the player has planted the seeds, crop blocks behave just like regular crops in vanilla Minecraft; the player must wait for them to grow. Crops blocks will grow until they've reached their last stage, at this point the player can harvest the crop block. If harvested while in their last stage, crop blocks will drop an item unique to the crop block, and may even drop some seeds that the player used to plant the crop originally. Bonemeal and Fragmented Anima Stones can be used to speed up crop growth.

Drops[edit | edit source]

All crops below can be right-clicked to be replanted. This replants the crop, but decreases the seed (or crop item) drop count by 1 in order to make up for the planted crop.

Seeded crops[edit | edit source]

When an immature crop is broken only 1 seed item is dropped, and when a mature crop is broken 1 crop item is dropped, as well as 1-4 seed items. However, Heart Fruit and Magic Marang crops only drop 1-2 seed items.

Unseeded crops[edit | edit source]

Immature versions of Eye Bulb and Mystic Shrooms only drop 1 of their respective item when broken, as they do not use seeds. Mature crops simply drop 2-3 of their item.

List of crops[edit | edit source]

A list of crops can be found below, along with the seeds used to plant them, and the amount of growth stages they contain.

Crop block Name Seeds Item dropped Number of growth stages
File:Bubble Berry Plant.gif Bubble Berry Plant Bubble Berry Seeds.png Bubble Berry Seeds Bubble Berries.png Bubble Berries 5
Chili Plant.gif Chili Plant Chili Seeds.png Chili Seeds Chili.png Chili Pepper 5
File:Eye Bulb Plant.gif Eye Bulb Plant Eye Bulb Seeds.png Eye Bulb Seeds Eye Bulb.png Eye Bulb 5
Floracles.gif Floracles Floracle Seeds.png Floracle Seeds Floracle Sticks.png Floracle Sticks 5
Goldicaps.gif Goldicaps Goldicap Seeds.png Goldicap Seeds Goldicap Petals.png Goldicap Petals 5
File:Heart Fruit Plant.gif Heart Fruit Plant Heart Fruit Seeds.png Heart Fruit Seeds Heart Fruit.png Heart Fruit 5
Holly Tops.gif Holly Tops Holly Top Seeds.png Holly Top Seeds Holly Top Petals.png Holly Top Petals 4
Lunacrike Plant.gif Lunacrike Plant Lunacrike Seeds.png Lunacrike Seeds Lunacrike.png Lunacrike 5
Lunalon Plant.gif Lunalon Plant Lunalon Seeds.png Lunalon Seeds Lunalons.png Lunalons 5
Luna Globe Plant.gif Luna Globe Plant 32px Lunaglobe Seeds Luna Globe.png Luna Globe 5
File:Magic Marang Plant.gif Magic Marang Plant Magic Marang Seeds.png Magic Marang Seeds Magic Marang.png Magic Marang 5
Mystic Shroom Plant.gif Mystic Shroom Plant Mystic Shroom Seeds.png Mystic Shroom Seeds Mystic Shroom.png Mystic Shroom 5
Rosidon Plant.gif Rosidon Plant Rosidon Seeds.png Rosidon Seeds Rosidons.png Rosidons 5
Tea Plant.gif Tea Plant Tea Seeds.png Tea Seeds Tea Shreddings.png Tea Shreddings 5
File:Thorn Plant.gif Thorn Plant Thorn Plant Seeds.png Thorn Plant Seeds Thorny Petals.png Thorny Petals 5
Trilliads.gif Trilliads Trilliad Seeds.png Trilliad Seeds Trilliad Leaves.png Trilliad Leaves 5

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.0 Added crops. The crops that existed at the time were Mystic Shroom Plant, Eye Ball Plant, and Holly Tops.
1.1 Added the following crops: Floracles, Goldicaps, Rosidon Plant, Lunalon Plant, Lunacrike Plant, Luna Globe Plant and Trilliads.
2.0 Added Chili Plant and Tea Plant.
2.2.5 Added Thorn Plant, Magic Marang Plant, Heart Fruit Plant, and Bubble Berry Plant.
3.0 The id of all crop blocks was changed.