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Prerequisite dimension Overworld
Faction Pluton
Realmstone Celeve Realmstone.png
Text You hear a place you really want to visit.
Portal sound
Version 2.1

Celeve is a dimension themed around clowns.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Celeve's difficulty is relatively easy, though it should not be underestimated. The Realmstone for Celeve is dropped by Clowns, which are common underground mobs in the Overworld. When you enter the Celeve you will recieve a Haste buff from Pluton.

What to bring:[edit | edit source]

Gravity Blaster.png Sky Staff.png - A way to get back up in case you fall off.

AmethindArmorIcons.png - A set of good armor, preferably fall damage negating armor, as there are lots of little cliffs in the islands that mobs can throw you off.

BaronArmorIcons.png - Besides the boss, every mob in Celeve attacks with melee, making Baron Armor's increased melee defense and bonus melee damage beneficial.

Gravitator.png - A Gravitator always helps, as should the player fall off the Gravitator can be used to glide to a safe ledge. Make sure to keep it in the hotbar.

Why come here:[edit | edit source]

Candyland Realmstone.png - Realmstones to Candyland.

Clown Banner.png - Clown-related blocks and items.

Big Top.png - Powerful ranged weapons, including powerful upgraded weapons the player can get via Clown and Smiley upgrade kits, such as the Clownershot. The player also can obtain powerful cannons such as the Balloon Bomber from the Toy Merchant

Show Staff.png- Arguably one of the best weapons to use against the Skeletal Army.

Goofy Greatblade.pngA decent great blade to use for the Early game and Mid game.

Generation[edit | edit source]

Celeve is made up of several small islands. While these islands are usually close together, there are several opportunities for the player to fall into the Void, so Celeve is one of the hardest dimensions to navigate. Celeve sometimes hangs over other islands or platforms that are far down below other islands. The blocks that generate in Celeve are:

Naturally Generated:[edit | edit source]

Celeve Grass.png Celeve Grass

Celeve Stem.png Celeve Stem

Celevus.gif Celevus

Foliage:[edit | edit source]

Celebulbs.gif Celebulbs

Celevians.gif Celevians

Generates in Structures:[edit | edit source]

Whitewash Bricks.png Whitewash Bricks

Bloodstone Bricks.png Bloodstone Bricks

Toy Box.png Toy Box

Structures:[edit | edit source]

The structures that generate in Celeve are:

Compass Rune Shrine:[edit | edit source]

The Compass Rune variant of the Rune Shrine spawns in Celeve. Compass Runes are used for most Celeve and Crystevia staves.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Celeve has 9 mobs (excluding NPCs), all being hostile clown mobs. Unlike the Haven, there are no hunter mobs and the mobs can only give you debuffs at most (as opposed to the Haven mobs which can levitate you, etc).

Hostile:[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
Bobo.png Bobo Spawns naturally None
Chocko.png Chocko Spawns naturally Candyland Realmstone.png Candyland Realmstone
Jumbo.png Jumbo Spawns naturally but is Rare.png rare. Celeve Realmstone.png Celeve Realmstone
Koko.png Koko Spawns naturally Candyland Realmstone.png Candyland Realmstone
Kranky.png Kranky Spawns naturally None
Snappy.png Snappy Spawns naturally None
Sticky.png Sticky Spawns naturally Candyland Realmstone.png Candyland Realmstone
Stitches.png Stitches Spawns naturally None
Tipsy.png Tipsy Spawns naturally None

See individual mob pages for more information.

NPCs:[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
LottomanCeleve.png Celeve Lottoman Spawns in Structure.png Celeve Lotto Structures. See here.
Innervation Master.png Innervation Master Spawns naturally Innervation Armor Set.png Innervation Armor
ToyMerchant.png Toy Merchant Spawns in Structure.png Toy Tower. See here.

See individual mob pages for more information.

Bosses:[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
Gyro.png Gyro Spawned by using a Toy Gyrocopter.png Toy Gyrocopter on a Toy Box.png Toy Box found on Gyro Platforms. See here.

See individual boss pages for more information.

Survival Strategies[edit | edit source]

Celeve can be rather dangerous to explore due to the terrain and the exposed void. Here are a few strategies to keep the player safe:

  • Some Celeve mobs are slightly knockback resistant. Keep this in mind.
  • Bobo is easily the most dangerous mob in Celeve (besides Jumbo which is rare). Bobo will throw the player in the air, which can be deadly if the player is low on health or near the Void. If the player is using melee weapons against Bobo, care should be taken to ensure that the surrounding area is safe.
  • Koko inflicts the player with Blindness, which can be dangerous as the player may lose track of how close to a cliff they are.
  • If a Jumbo is spotted, the player should attempt to kill it as it has the potential to drop the Joker Staff which is very powerful. However, due to its high knockback, the player should ensure that they are in a safe, enclosed area or simply use ranged weapons to kill the Jumbo.
  • As with all other void dimensions, bringing a Gravitator and reinforcing bridges to ensure their safety is a good idea, as well as fall damage negating armor.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The resources that can be obtained in Celeve are:

Misc Items Obtained from
Balloon.png Balloon Toy Merchant
Candyland Realmstone.png Candyland Realmstone Koko, Chocko and Sticky
Celeve Gems.png Celeve Gems Bobo, Koko, Kranky, Sticky, Stitches, Tipsy, Goofy Greatblade Totem and Whimsy Winder Totem
Celeve Realmstone.png Celeve Realmstone Jumbo
Circus Coin.png Circus Coin From all hostile mobs
Clown Upgrade Kit.png Clown Upgrade Kit Tipsy, Bobo and Stitches
Magic Repair Dust.png Magic Repair Dust Celeve Lottoman
Seeds.png Seeds Goofy Greatblade Totem and Whimsy Winder Totem
Smiley Upgrade Kit.png Smiley Upgrade Kit Kranky and Snappy
Toy Gyrocopter.png Toy Gyrocopter Toy Merchant
Totems Obtained from
Goofy Greatblade Totem.png Goofy Greatblade Totem Celeve Lottoman
Whimsy Winder Totem.png Whimsy Winder Totem Celeve Lottoman
Guns Obtained from
Balloon Bomber.png Balloon Bomber Toy Merchant
Big Top.png Big Top Gyro
Bozo Blaster.png Bozo Blaster Toy Merchant
Clown Cannon.png Clown Cannon Gyro
Clown Cracker.png Clown Cracker Gyro
ConfettiCluster.png Confetti Cluster Toy Merchant
Gimmick.png Gimmick Gyro
Party Popper.png Party Popper Toy Merchant
Spectacle.png Spectacle Gyro
Whimsy Winder.png Whimsy Winder Whimsy Winder Totem
Greatblades Obtained from
Goofy Greatblade.png Goofy Greatblade Goofy Greatblade Totem
Staves Obtained from
Joker Staff.png Joker Staff Jumbo
Show Staff.png Show Staff Toy Merchant
Armor Obtained from
Innervation Armor Set.png Innervation Armor Innervation Master
Banners Obtained from
Clown Banner.png Clown Banner All Celeve mobs excluding Jumbo
Lotto Banner.png Lotto Banner Goofy Greatblade Totem and Whimsy Winder Totem

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