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Version added 2.4

Butchery is a skill themed around harvesting blood.

Overview[edit | edit source]

When the player is attacking mobs, there is a 1 in 30 chance for a Blood Lust to spawn.

Bloodlusts are collected automatically on contact with the player.

As the player levels up in Butchery, critical hits will do more damage, and the Battle Rage meter will begin to regenerate faster. The damage multipliers per level up include:

Butchery Level: Damage Multiplier
Levels 1-14 x1.3
Levels 14-29 x1.4
Levels 29-49 x1.5
Levels 49-69 x1.6
Levels 69-89 x1.7
Levels 89-100 x1.8

The regeneration speed per level up includes:

Butchery Level: Regen Time
Levels 1-19 3 seconds
Levels 20-39 1.5 seconds
Levels 40-59 0.75 seconds
Levels 60-79 0.37 seconds
Levels 80-94 0.18 seconds
Levels 95-100 0.09 seconds

The amount of experience the player receives from blood lusts increases as the player levels up. The table shows the experience the player receives from harvesting blood lusts per level:

Level Exp
1-4 12 - 16
5-14 10 - 24
15-29 17 - 65
30-44 39 - 150
45-59 94 - 270
60-74 307 - 1.2k
75-89 963 - 3.7k
90-94 3k - 4.4k
95-100 3.5k - 5.7k

Once the player reaches level 100, the player will be able to wear the Butchery Armor.