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Bosses are significantly stronger enemies that can be spawned manually. Bosses provide an extra challenge when being fought. Each boss has a set of special abilities that it will use throughout the fight. Fighting a boss is often referred to a "Boss Battle" or "Boss Fight". Bosses will display a large health bar at the top of the screen when being fought. Defeating a boss concludes with a congratulatory message and special items.

Note: For most bosses, if their spawner has blocks above them, the blocks will suffocate the Boss, causing them to delete blocks around them in a 15x15 radius, the block used to spawn the Boss will also be deleted. The same rule applies to Bosses that can be spawned anywhere in a dimension without a spawner block if there are blocks above the location where the Boss is spawned. With the exception of Elusive and Clunkhead, the player shouldn't have to worry about the Boss spawner block being deleted if there isn't any generation or any blocks not native to a Dimension surrounding the area of a boss spawner. It is unknown if the spawner being deleted is intended. The block deletion doesn't occur if the player is in Creative mode.

In the 2.5 Snapshot, the player will be punished if they attempt to fly during most boss fights.

Smash[edit | edit source]

Corallus[edit | edit source]

King BamBamBam[edit | edit source]

Nethengeic Wither[edit | edit source]

Rockrider[edit | edit source]

Four Guardians[edit | edit source]

Shadowlord[edit | edit source]

Elusive[edit | edit source]

Skeletal Army[edit | edit source]

Tyrosaur[edit | edit source]

King Shroomus[edit | edit source]

Silverfoot[edit | edit source]

MechBot[edit | edit source]

Visualent[edit | edit source]

Kror[edit | edit source]

Vinocorne[edit | edit source]

Bane[edit | edit source]

Clunkhead[edit | edit source]

Dracyon[edit | edit source]

Hive King[edit | edit source]

Baroness[edit | edit source]

Voxxulon[edit | edit source]

Primordial Five[edit | edit source]

Graw[edit | edit source]

Horon[edit | edit source]

Penumbra[edit | edit source]

Coniferon[edit | edit source]

Goldorth[edit | edit source]

Gyro[edit | edit source]

Crystocore[edit | edit source]

Cotton Candor[edit | edit source]

The Immortals[edit | edit source]

C.R.E.E.P.[edit | edit source]

Craexxeus[edit | edit source]

Evercron[edit | edit source]

Daemon[edit | edit source]

Cuddlehugs[edit | edit source]

Klokwerk[edit | edit source]

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

Also, briefly mentioned, was the boss for Cyberzon, which is going to be called "Retrocon."