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Bosses are significantly stronger enemies that can be spawned manually.

Overview[edit | edit source]

There are 35 boss fights in Advent of Ascension (note: some boss fights consist of more than one entity).

In this mod, fighting all bosses is an optional task; the player does not need to battle any of them in order to progress through the mod. However, a couple bosses are required to be spawned in your to progress to certain dimensions (though the player does not need to fight them afterwards).

Most bosses have a boss bar that appears on the top of the screen when the boss is in the general vicinity of the player.

Bosses in the mod have to be spawned in order to be fought. In most cases, this either involves using (defaults to right-click) a special item on a specific boss altar, or by tossing an item on the ground and waiting a few seconds for the boss to spawn (a few bosses are exceptions to this rule).

When the player defeats a boss added by the mod, said boss can drop a wide range of items. All bosses will drop a statue of themselves when defeated (some bosses have a variation of this). Most bosses will have a chance to drop a few, fully completed weapons, as well as various miscellaneous items such as Magic Repair Dust and Gold Coins. Most bosses can also drop items from a dimension's world table. The player is not guaranteed to get all drops from most bosses at once.

Due to their optional nature, the bosses can usually be fought in any order the player wants, with few exceptions.

List of bosses[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of bosses in the mod.

Image Boss Dimension Spawning method Description
BaneBig.png Bane Greckon Toss a Haunted Idol on the ground in Greckon and wait a few seconds. Bane can turn invisible and spawn different-sized clones of himself.
Baroness.png Baroness Barathos Use (right-click) a Warlock Gem on a Baroness Altar. Baroness is a ranged boss with many abilities, including the ability to put a shield when she damages the player.
ClunkheadBig.png Clunkhead Runandor Use (right-click) a Mega Rune Stone on a Clunkhead Altar. Clunkhead can fire projectiles at the player and enter a healing mode.
Coniferon.png Coniferon Ancient Cavern Use (right-click) a Selyan Shrine once the player has level 70 Infusion and a full Selyan tribute bar. Can inflict the player with a screen effect and poison.
Corallus.png Corallus Overworld Drop an Amphibiyte Lung into the water in the Overworld and wait a few seconds. A coral monster who can jump high and summon Corallus Shots.
Cotton Candor.png Cotton Candor Candyland Eat a Treat Bag while in Candyland. A flying boss that can only be damaged by staves.
Craexxeus.png Craexxeus The Shyrelands Use (right-click) an Ancient Ring on a Craexxeus Altar. A two-phase boss fight that has ranged attacks in its first phase and melee attacks in its second phase.
Crystocore.png Crystocore Crystevia Use (right-click) a Giant Crystal on a Power Station. A flying boss that can inflict potion effects to nearby players.
C.R.E.E.P..png C.R.E.E.P. Creeponia Use (right-click) an Explosive Gems on a Creep Altar. A boss that fires explosive projectiles.
DracyonBig.png Dracyon L'Borean Use (right-click) a Call of the Drake on a Dracyon Altar. Dracyon is a flying boss that can inflict a screen effect as well as fire projectiles that stun the player.
Elusive.png Elusive The Abyss Use a Staring Eye on an Illusion Altar. Elusive can summon clones of himself.
FourGuardians.png Four Guardians The Haven Use a Voliant Heart on a Guardian Altar while also powering the altar on all four sides with redstone. A boss fight where the player fights 4 entities at once: each having their own ranged ability and effects.
Goldorth.png Goldorth Ancient Cavern Use (right-click) a Pluton Shrine once the player has level 70 Foraging and a full Pluton tribute bar. Runs at the player.
Graw.png Graw Lelyetia Use (right-click) a Guardian's Eye on a Graw Altar. A flying boss that can fire explosives.
Gyro.png Gyro Celeve Use (right-click) a Toy Gyrocopter anywhere. A flying boss that can fire bullets at the player.
HiveKingBig.png Hive King Barathos Use (right-click) a Hive Egg on a Hive Spawner. Hive King can spawn Hive Soliders that will attack the player.
Horon.png Horon Ancient Cavern Use (right-click) a Luxon Shrine once the player has level 70 Runation and a full Luxon tribute bar. Horn has the ability to create explosions and drain the player's resources.
Hydrolisk.png Hydrolisk L'Borean Use (right-click) a Pure Water Stone on a Hydro Table. Hydrolisk is a two-phase boss fight where the player must disable its shield to damage it.
The Immortals.png The Immortals Immortallis Use (right-click) the Immortallis Progressor in the previous room. A series of 4 bosses that each have their own abilities.
KingBamBamBam.png King BamBamBam The Nether Drop an Explosive Idol on the ground in the Nether and wait a few seconds. A cow boss with a magic wand that can fire explosives. Summons Little Bams to aid himself in battle.
KingShroomusBig.png King Shroomus Mysterium Toss a Shroom Stone on the ground in Mysterium and wait a few seconds. King Shroomus will fire a barrage of projectiles at the player. He can also heal rapidly.
Kror.png Kror The Deeplands Use (right-click) a Boulder Dash on a Kror Altar while a Charging Table is on top. Can pull players towards him.
MechBot.png MechBot Iromine Use (right-click) a Gold Spring on a MechBot Altar. MechBot fires explosives at the player and can leap into the air.
Nethengeic Wither.png Nethengeic Wither The Nether Drop a Nethengeic Callstone on the ground in the Nether and wait a few seconds. An upgraded version of the Wither.
Penumbra.png Penumbra Ancient Cavern Use (right-click) an Erebon Shrine once the player has level 70 Hunter and a full Erebon tribute bar. Fires projectiles that spawn minions when it hits the player.
PrimordialFive.png Primordial Five Dustopia lighting all the Dustopian Lamps with Darkly Powders then right clicking the Primordial Shrine. A boss fight where the player fights each primordial one after the one - each having their own abilities.
Rockrider.png Rockrider The Haven Drop a Heavy Boulder on the ground in the Haven and wait a few seconds. A rocky duo who has the ability to change his immunities.
Shadowlord.png Shadowlord The Abyss Use a Book of Shadows on a Shadow Altar. A flying boss that behaves much like the Wither.
Silverfoot.png Silverfoot Iromine Use (right-click) a Silvro Coin on a Silverfoot Altar. Silverfoot will run at the player.
SkeletalArmy.png Skeletal Army Precasia The Skele-elder will come pre-spawned with the structure. If it is not present, interact (right-click) the Army Block in the arena. A boss fight where the player fights 40 waves of entities one after the other: the waves consist of many different melee and ranged attackers.
Smash.png Smash Overworld Drop a Troll Idol on the ground in the Overworld and wait a few seconds. A troll-themed boss that has the ability to knock players high into the air.
Tyrosaur.png Tyrosaur Precasia Hold use (right-click) while holding a Bone Horn to charge it like a bow while in Precasia. Tyrosaur can create earthquakes that damage players.
VinocorneBig.png Vinocorne Gardencia Use (right-click) a Petals on a Vinocorne Shrine. Vinocorne spawns many different colors of flower minions to fight alongside it.
VisualentBig.png Visualent Lunalus Use (right-click) an Observing Eye on a Visualent Altar. Visualent is a flying boss that can teleport around.
VoxxulonBig.png Voxxulon Vox Ponds Use (right-click) a Vile Stone on a Voxxulon Altar. Voxxulon is a stationary boss that can spawn meteors in the sky, inflict posion to the player, and teleport.