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The following page is based on the 1.7.10 version of the mod.
For information pertaining to the 1.12.2 version, see Biome.

A biome is a region in Minecraft with different mobs, flora, foliage, etc. Some of the dimensions in Advent of Ascension have different biomes.

List of biomes[edit | edit source]

Biome name Image Description
The Haven The Haven.png This is the biome used to make up the Haven.
Abyssal Void The Abyss.png A biome overrun with tentacles, trees and archways.
Abyssal Shadow Forest Abyssal Shadow Forest.png A forest biome filled with massive trees made of Shadow Wood. Shadow Leaves can be found in clusters across the ground of the biome.
Abyssal Eyelands Abyssal Eyelands.png A forest-like biome filled with trees made of Blood Wood with Eye Blocks hanging off of them. Bulb Stocks can be found here as well.
Precasian Forest Precasia.png A biome with giant trees made of stranglewood and lucalus wood.
Tall Precasian Forest Tall Precasian Forest.png A hilly biome with tall trees, made of domiguous and eucadon wood.
Precasian Fields Precasian Fields.png A rather flat biome covered mostly in Mellians. A few trees appear here and there.
Precasian Desert Precasian Desert.png A desert made up of Precasian Sand, with the occasional cactus formation.
Mysterium Mysterium.png This is the biome used to make up Mysterium.
Golden Hills Iromine.png A hilly biome with trees made of iro wood and irodust and irogold leaves.
Silvro Hills Silvro Hills.png Similar to Golden Hills, except made of Silvro-themed blocks instead. Silvro Boxes can be found here.
Iro-Tech Hills Iro-Tech Hills.png The trees here are made of Iromine Wood, Iro Glass and Iro Boxes.
Lunalus Lunalus.png This is the biome used to make up Lunalus.
Deeplands Cave Deeplands.png A biome with giant fossils and mushrooms.
Deep Fungal Cave Deep Fungal Cave.png Similar to Deeplands Cave, except there are no giant fossils, and massive trees made of mushroom appear in huge numbers here.
Deepshine Cave Deepshine Cave.png Similar to Deeplands Cave, except it is made out of Deepshine blocks instead.
Gardencia Gardencia.png A biome filled with giant flowers.
Gardencian Marsh Gardencian Marsh.png Special types of giant flowers appear here, thickly covering the ground, as opposed to the normal Gardencia biome's flowers.
Gardencian Fungal Gardencian Fungal.png Tall Mushrooms spawn everywhere here instead of giant flowers. The crowns of these mushrooms are smaller than those in Mysterium.
Greckon Greckon.png A biome with the occasional trees and foliage.
Haunted Forest Haunted Forest.png Similar to the standard Greckon biome, except it's heavily thick in trees.
Greckon Skulls Greckon Skulls.png Similar to the standard Greckon biome, except there are Skull Blocks sitting on fence posts all about.
Runandor Lands of Runandor.png This is the biome used to make up Lands of Runandor.
Borean Ponds L'Borean.png A biome with coral formations and many pools of water.
Borean Bubble Forest Borean Bubble Forest.png A forest with trees made of blue coral and Bubble Leaves.
Coral Forest Coral Forest.png A forest thick with coral.
L'Borean Reds L'Borean Reds.png A coral forest with only red foliage and coral as well as no grass.
Barathos Barathos.png A near-empty biome.
Alien Forest Alien Forest.png A forest filled with Opollo Trees and Flake Vines.
Rocky Mazus Rocky Mazus.png Similar to the normal Barathos biome, except strange rock formations dot the landscape.
Vox Ponds Vox Ponds.png This is the biome used to make up Vox Ponds.
Dustopian Forest Dustopia.png A forest biome with many tall trees.
Dustopian Marsh Dustopian Marsh.png Similar to Dustopian Plains but with extremely thick foliage covering the entirety of the biome.
Dustopian Plains Dustopian Plains.png A flat biome covered with grass.
Lelyetia Lands of Lelyetia.png This is the biome used to make up Lands of Lelyetia.
Ancient Cavern Ancient Cavern.png This is the biome used to make up Ancient Cavern.
Celeve Celeve.png This is the biome used to make up Celeve.
Crystevia Crystevia.png This is the biome used to make up Crystevia.
Candyland Candyland.png A biome filled with many giant candy formations.
Marshmallow Hills Marshmallow Hills.png A hilly biome composed of Marshmallow-related blocks, and licorice.
Chocolate Forest Chocolate Forest.png A forest made of chocolate blocks.
Rock Candy Hills Rock Candy Hills.png A hilly biome covered in rock candy formations.
Immortallis Immortallis.png This is the biome used to make up Immortallis.
Creeponia Creeponia (Surface).png This is the biome used to make up Creeponia.
The Shyrelands The Shyrelands (New).png This is the biome used to make up the Shyrelands.
The Everland
(2.5 snapshot)
The Everland.png This is the biome used to make up the Everland.
(2.5 snapshot)
Playtopia.png This is the biome used to make up Playtopia.
(2.5 snapshot)
Ethereus.png This is the biome used to make up Ethereus.
Vox Ponds
Labricon.png This is the biome used to make up Labricon.