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Health 200 (Heart.png×100)
Size Width: 0.5 blocks
Height: 2.0 blocks
Damage Melee: 5 (Heart.png×2.5)
Ranged: 10 (Heart.png×5)
Environment Lunalus
Version 2.4
Item (Quantity) Rate
Silver Coin.png Silver Coin (1-2) 50%
Molten Upgrader.png Molten Upgrader 1%
SpaceKing Helmet.png Space King Helmet 0.83%
SpaceKing Chestplate.png Space King Chestplate 0.83%
SpaceKing Leggings.png Space King Leggings 0.83%
SpaceKing Boots.png Space King Boots 0.83%
Revolution.png Revolution 0.67%

Baumbas are hostile mob that spawn in a structure called the Space Arena. They fire explosive projectiles at the player, and these explosions have sufficient knockback to pose a serious threat of being knocked out of the arena. The ideal method of combating the Baumbas is via long range weapons, such as Sniper Rifles and Bows.

If you're trying to get SpaceKing Armor, it is recommended you go after the Reflucts under the Space Arena as explosions can destroy items.

Note: the values for the percentage of chance on the table that each piece of the armor will drop is not exact: instead, it has approximatively 3.33% of chance to drop a piece of the armor which is chosen randomly, rounding up to 0.83% chance per piece. This also means that one Baumba cannot drop multiple pieces of the armor at the same time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The inspiration from this mob comes from Bobba, a creature in a game called Keen 6.[1]