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Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Version Added 2.4

Augments are items used to upgrade Vulcanes.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Augments can be purchased from the Token Trader, using Dungeon Tokens. The player will have to defeat Flash multiple times to get enough tokens to purchase the higher-level augments. The cost of each augment is:

Augment Price
Fire Augment.png 1 Fire Augment Dungeon Tokens.png 3 Dungeon Tokens
Impairment Augment.png 1 Impairment Augment Dungeon Tokens.png 6 Dungeon Tokens
Poison Augment.png 1 Poison Augment Dungeon Tokens.png 10 Dungeon Tokens
Power Augment.png 1 Power Augment Dungeon Tokens.png 14 Dungeon Tokens
Wither Augment.png 1 Wither Augment Dungeon Tokens.png 20 Dungeon Tokens
Equality Augment.png 1 Equality Augment Dungeon Tokens.png 30 Dungeon Tokens
Battle Augment.png 1 Battle Augment Dungeon Tokens.png 60 Dungeon Tokens

Usage[edit | edit source]

Augments can be crafted with a Vulcane to upgrade it.

Augument Effect
Fire Augment.png Fire Sets revenge target on fire
Impairment Augment.png Impairment Impairs revenge target
Poison Augment.png Poison Poisons revenge target
Power Augment.png Power Weakens revenge target
Wither Augment.png Wither Withers revenge target
Equality Augment.png Equality Heals 3 hearts on use
Battle Augment.png Battle Increases Vulcane max damage from 25 to 50