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Baron Armor

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Baron Armor
Durability Helmet: 1100
Chestplate: 1600
Leggings: 1500
Boots: 1300
Damage Reduction 80%
Full Set Bonus 25% reduced damage from melee attacks, melee attacks from the player deal 25% more damage.
Version Added 1.1

Baron Armor is an armor set from Barathos. It is one of the more powerful yet more difficult to obtain armor sets in the game.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

The Baron Armor is equivalent to diamond armor in terms of strength.

Full Set Bonus[edit | edit source]

When a full set is worn, all melee attacks the player does will do 25% more damage than normal. For example, an unenchanted Skeletal Sword would do 39 (Heart.png×19.5) damage instead of 31 (Heart.png×15.5). Note that the damage bonus only applies to melee weapons.

In addition, the player will take 25% less damage from melee attacks (this is on top of the armor's already granted protection). For example, a Case Construct that normally does 20 (Heart.png×10) damage per hit would instead only do 1 (Heart.png×0.5) damage with the armor's protection and the 25% damage reduction bonus. Adding Protection enchantments to the armor would make this even less. Note that the damage reduction only applies to melee attacking mobs.

Repairing[edit | edit source]

The Baron Armor can be repaired with the following methods:

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

The Baron Armor can receive all enchantments usable by armor. In this mod, Baron Armor can also be given the Intervention enchantment.

The Baron Armor can be enchanted through an enchantment table, Infusion Table, or a Divine Station.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Baron Armor is crafted with Blazium Ingots and Hive Chunks.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Item Ingredients Recipe
Baron Helmet 4 Blazium Ingots + 1 Hive Chunk Baron Helmet Craft.png
Baron Chestplate 5 Blazium Ingots + 3 Hive Chunks Baron Chestplate Craft.png
Baron Leggings 3 Blazium Ingots + 4 Hive Chunks Baron Leggings Craft.png
Baron Boots 2 Blazium Ingots + 2 Hive Chunks Baron Boots Craft.png
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