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Banners are a type of reward in Nevermine. The most common way to obtain banners are as uncommon drops from certain mobs. They can be placed to prove triumph over the dimension or simply as decoration.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Energy Banner (Retro).png
Hardness ?
Blast resistance ?
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Any
Drops Itself
Version added See individual banner.

Banners can be mined with anything. When mined, they drop themselves.

Mob Drops[edit | edit source]

Most Banners can be obtained as drops from certain mobs. See the chart below on which mobs drop which banner.

Trading[edit | edit source]

The Immortal Banner can be traded at a Token Trader. 1 Dungeon Token will get the player 3 Immortal Banners.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Banners are used as decoration. They place sideways, meaning the player will have turn to place a banner the correct way.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Gilded Energy Banner (Retro) 1.7.10.png Bejewelled Energy Banner (Retro) 1.7.10.png Encrusted Energy Banner (Retro) 1.7.10.png

9 regular banners can be crafted into a gilded banner, which has a golden edge. 9 Gilded banners can be crafted into a bejeweled banner. 9 Bejeweled banners can be crafted into an Encrusted banner, which has a diamond edge. It takes 81 regular banners to make a bejeweled banner and 729 regular banners to make an encrusted banner.

Banners[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of banners in the mod. The table tells the banner type, what mobs drop it, and what version it was added.

Banner Obtained from Version Added
Energy Banner (Retro).png Energy Banner (Retro) Brute, Night Reaper, Nightfly, Bone Creature, Ghostine Ancient, Bugeye, Headless Hunter and Demon Reaper 1.1
Soul Banner (Retro).png Soul Banner (Retro) Skellox, Scrubby, Dark Beast, and Night Watcher 1.1
Blood Banner 1.7.10.png Blood Banner Anemia, Bloodmist, and Linger 2.0
Ghostly Banner 1.7.10.png Ghostly Banner Ghostly Bugeye, Ghostly Charger, Ghostly Cyclops, Ghostly Goblin, Ghostly Night Reaper, and Ghostly Sasquatch 2.2.5
Void Banner 1.7.10.png Void Banner Void Charger, Void Walker, and Mother Void Walker N/A
Illusion Banner 1.7.10.png Illusion Banner Trickster and Elusive 1.1
Sea Banner 1.7.10.png Sea Banner Sea Troll, Sea Charger and Amphibiyte 1.1
Lotto Banner 1.7.10.png Lotto Banner All Lottery Totems 1.1
Nether Banner 1.7.10.png Nether Banner Skeletal Cowman and Wither Wizard 1.1
Nethengeic Banner 1.7.10.png Nethengeic Banner Nethengeic Beast 1.1
Utopian Banner 1.7.10.png Utopian Banner Automaton and Rainicorn 1.1
Shadow Banner 1.7.10.png Shadow Banner Apparition and Shadowlord 1.1
Ancient Banner 1.7.10.png Ancient Banner Kaiyu 1.1
Skeletal Banner 1.7.10.png Skeletal Banner Elite mobs of the Skeletal Army 1.1
Fungal Banner 1.7.10.png Fungal Banner Fungback, Fungik, Fungat, Fungock, and Fungung 1.1
Haunted Banner 1.7.10.png Haunted Banner Banshee, Nightmare Spider, Phantom and Undead Troll 1.1
Mecha Banner 1.7.10.png Mecha Banner Voltron and Mechyon 1.1
Lunar Banner 1.7.10.png Lunar Banner Inmate X and Inmate Y 1.1
Ghoul Banner 1.7.10.png Ghoul Banner Grillface, Sugar Face, Shifter and Faceless Floater 1.1
Boreic Banner 1.7.10.png Boreic Banner Amphibior, Sea Viper, Coralon and Hydrolon 1.1
Rosidian Banner 1.7.10.png Rosidian Banner Pod Plant and Broccohead 1.1
Vox Banner 1.7.10.png Vox Banner Centinel 1.1
Runic Banner 1.7.10.png Runic Banner Bouncer, Ariel and Runicorn 1.1
Baron Banner 1.7.10.png Baron Banner Nospike and Eilosapien 1.1
Deep Banner 1.7.10.png Deep Banner Rockbiter and Dweller 1.1
Dustopian Banner 1.7.10.png Dustopian Banner Lost Soul and Lurker 1.1
Lelyetian Banner 1.7.10.png Lelyetian Banner Trotter, Tracker and Flye 2.0
Clown Banner 1.7.10.png Clown Banner All mobs of Celeve excluding Jumbo 2.1
Crystal Banner 1.7.10.png Crystal Banner All mobs of Crystevia excluding Construct of Mind 2.2
Candy Banner 1.7.10.png Candy Banner Candy Corny, Cane Bug, Peppermint Slug, and Spearmint Slug 2.3
Gingerbread Banner 1.7.10.png Gingerbread Banner Gingerbread Man and Gingerbird 2.3
Creepoid Banner 1.7.10.png Creepoid Banner Bone Creeper and Cave Creepoid 2.4
Creepy Banner 1.7.10.png Creepy Banner Creeperlock, Magical Creeper, and Winged Creeper 2.4
Immortal Banner 1.7.10.png Immortal Banner Sold by Token Trader 2.4
Fragment Banner 1.7.10.png Fragment Banner Sceptron, Fade, Centurion, Poseido and Torano 2.4
Energy Banner.png Energy Banner Currently unobtainable. 2.4.B
Creation Banner.png Creation Banner Currently unobtainable. 2.4.B
Soul Banner.png Soul Banner Currently unobtainable. 2.4.B
Light Banner 1.7.10.png Light Banner Omnilight, ShyreKnight and Sysker Tslat 1.1
Shiny Banner 1.7.10.png Shiny Banner Lightwalker, Luxocron and Shyre Troll Tslat 1.1
Shyre Banner 1.7.10.png Shyre Banner Arcbeast, Arcworm, ShyreKnight, Soulvyre and Stimulo Tslat 1.1

God Banners[edit | edit source]

God Banners are special banners dedicated to the different Gods in Nevermine. These banners are special in that they do not have higher tier variants.

Banner Obtained from Version Added
Selyan Banner 1.7.10.png Selyan Banner Coniferon 2.0
Luxon Banner 1.7.10.png Luxon Banner Horon 2.0
Erebon Banner 1.7.10.png Erebon Banner Penumbra 2.0
Pluton Banner 1.7.10.png Pluton Banner Goldorth 2.0

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.1 Added banners. The available banners were: Energy, Soul, Illusion, Sea, Lotto, Nether, Nethengeic, Utopian, Shadow, Ancient, Skeletal, Fungal, Haunted, Mecha, Lunar, Deep, Rosidian, Ghoul, Runic, Boreic, Baron, Vox and Dustopian.
?? Added Void banners.
2.0 Added Lelyetian, Blood, Selyan, Luxon, Erebon and Pluton banners.
2.1 Added Clown banner.
2.2 Added Crystal banner.
2.2.5 Added Ghostly banner.
2.3 Added Candy and Gingerbread banners.
2.4 Added Creepy, Creepoid, Immortal, and Fragment banners.
Banner hitboxes were shifted to the top half of the banner.
2.4.B Added new Energy and Soul banners. Added Creation banner.
Former Energy and Soul banners were renamed to Energy (Retro) and Soul (Retro) respectively.
Tslat 1.1 Added Shyre, Light, and Shiny banners.