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Version Added 2.0

Augury is a skill revolving around using essences.

Information[edit | edit source]

Augury levels can be increased by using Essences on an Ascension Shrine. Increasing your Augury level increases your maximum Creation and Soul Power and unlocks the Intervention enchantment partially. Most importantly, it partially unlocks the ability to fight the Ancient Cavern bosses. The levels requirements and experience gains of each essence is:

Item Level Requirement Total XP
Weak Essence Weak Essence.png Lv 1 4 exp
Molten Essence Molten Essence.png Lv 10 7 exp
Charged Essence Charged Essence.png Lv 18 18 exp
Ominous Essence Ominous Essence.png Lv 27 30 exp
Empowered Essence Empowered Essence.png Lv 36 45 exp
Luminate Essence Luminate Essence.png Lv 45 68 exp
Ghostly Stone Ghostly Stone.png Lv 50 80 exp
Ancient Essence Ancient Essence.png Lv 58 90 exp
Dark Essence Dark Essence.png Lv 66 120 exp
Ethereal Essence Ethereal Essence.png Lv 75 160 exp
Divine Essence Divine Essence.png Lv 84 210 exp

The maximum Creation and Soul Power relative to the player's Augury level are:

Level Increases
Lv 1 10 Creation, 10 Soul Power
Lv 30 12 Creation
Lv 35 13 Soul Power
Lv 60 14 Creation
Lv 70 16 Soul Power
Lv 85 16 Creation
Lv 90 20 Soul Power

Once the player reaches level 100, the player can wear the Augury Armor.

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