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Mob Attributes

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Many mobs in Advent of Ascension have attributes that make them immune to certain types of damage. The attributes appear in the form of icons above the mob, togglable with the 'n' key by default.

Information[edit | edit source]

The below is WIP, some details may be slightly off. Also note that some icons were changed and/or added in 3.0 and the old icons are not shown here at the moment.

Melee Immunity.png Melee Immunity: Immunity to melee attacks.

Ranged Immunity.png Bow Immunity: Immunity to all Bow and Throwing Weapon damage.

Blaster Immunity.png Blaster Immunity: Immunity to Blaster damage.

Gun Immunity.png Gun Immunity: Immunity to all Gun, Cannon, Sniper, Archergun, and Shotgun damage.

Magic Immunity.png Magic Immunity: Immunity to all staves.

Fire Immunity.png Fire Immunity: Immunity to all fire damage.

Explosion Immunity.png Explosion Immunity: Immunity to all explosion damage.

Status Immunity.png Status Immunity: Immunity to potion effects.

Special Combat Entity.png Special Combat Entity: Entities with unique resistances/immunities.

Hunter Entity Available.png Hunter Entity Unavailable.png Hunter: This mob is a hunter mob and can only be damaged when the player is at certain Hunter levels.

Most Hunter mobs can be damaged through environmental damage regardless of the player's level, so fire, lava, and the like can be used to hold them off or eliminate them. However, Hunter mobs will NOT drop rewards or Hunter experience unless killed by a player or their minion, both of which require that the player has a sufficient Hunter level.

Green sword pairs above their heads mean that the player looking at the mob has a high enough Hunter level to damage them. A red sword pair indicates that the player cannot damage the mob.

List of mobs with attributes[edit | edit source]

Attribute Mobs that have it
Melee Immunity Sphinx, Everbeast, Tortione, Green Flower, Daysee
Ranged Immunity Tortione, Megatherium, Sand Golem, Pincher, Blue Flower, Tyrosaur, Faceless Floater, Goalby, Runic Golem, Horon, Clunkhead
Blaster Immunity Anemia
Gun Immunity Blue Flower, Sand Golem, Tortione, Faceless Floater, Goalby, Rockrider, Megatherium, Undead Troll, Infernal, Runic Golem, Nethengeic Beast, Terradon, Tyrosaur, Graw, Crystocore, Voxxulon, Coniferon
Fire Immunity Embrake, Hellspot, Hellcat, Flamewalker, Skeletal Cowman, Wither Wizard, Infernal, Nethengeic Beast, Cryptid, Wickett, Construct of Resistance, Pigotron, Nethengeic Wither, Lunarcher
Explosion Immunity Baroness, Wickett, Diocus, Construct of Resistance, Trickster, Cave Creepoid, Dweller, C.R.E.E.P., Nethengeic Wither, MechBot, Shadowlord
Magic Immunity Dyrehorn, Wickett, Construct of Resistance, Nethengeic Wither
Special Combat Entity Fake Zorp, Destructor, Rune Templar (all colors), Cotton Candor
Hunter Amphibiyte, Pincher, Living Fungi, Skipper, Fishix, Chimera, Elkanyne, Boneback, Rammerhead, Nethengeic Beast, Dawnlight, Jawe, Flesh Eater, Diocus, Iosaur, Spinoledon, Banshee, Nightmare Spider, Phantom, Undead Troll, Mushroom Spider, Fungock, Zorp, Zarg, Arocknid, Pod Plant, Daysee, Faceless Floater, Spectral Wizard, Mermage, Amphibior, Merkyre, Arkzyne, Crusilisk, Fischer, Exohead, Rawbone, Zhinx, Paravite, Cane Bug, ArcWizard, Soulscorne