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Ancient Cavern

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Ancient Cavern
Ancient Cavern.png
Prerequisite dimension The Haven, The Abyss, The Deeplands, Gardencia
Realmstone Ancient Cavern Realmstone.png
Text You feel a feeling, you've never felt before.
Portal sound
Version 2.0

The Ancient Cavern is where the guardians of the gods reside, with the exception of Krasaun.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Unlike other dimensions which generate randomly, the Ancient Cavern is a unique large temple structure with spawners and boss chambers. The Ancient Cavern Realmstone.png Realmstone for the Ancient Cavern is dropped by Angelicas, Bloodsuckers, Flower Faces, and Rock Critters, the latter four of which spawn in the main room of this dungeon.

The player cannot place any blocks in the Ancient Cavern besides torches. Attempting to do so will trigger a message saying,"A magical force prevents you from placing the block.", and prevent the block from being placed. This includes usage of Flint and Steel and buckets.

Generation[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Cavern is a large temple with fixed generation. The player spawns in the main room, which has spawners for the mobs Angelica, Bloodsucker, Flower Face, and Rock Critter. Unlike in the other dimensions, the return portal does not generate where the player spawns, but rather attached to the formation in the middle of the room.

From the main room extends four hallways with shrines, that can be used to teleport to special chambers where the player can fight the Bosses Coniferon, Penumbra, Horon, and Goldorth. The shrines can only be used if the player has reached level 70 in certain skills and has a full tribute bar for the corresponding god.

The temple itself (as well as the four boss rooms) float above the Void, though the Void cannot be reached because the Ancient Tiles that make up the temple are indestructible.

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Naturally generating
Ancient Vines.png Ancient Vines
Generates in structures
Ancient Tiles.png Ancient Tiles
Ancient Light.png Ancient Lamp
Selyan Shrine.png Selyan Shrine
Luxon Shrine.png Luxon Shrine
Erebon Shrine.png Erebon Shrine
Pluton Shrine.png Pluton Shrine
Ancient Glass.png Ancient Glass
Iron Bars.png Iron Bars
Limonite Ivory.png Limonite Ivory
MissingIcon32.png Lava
Cycade Wood.png Cycade Wood
Cycade Leaves.png Cycade Leaves

Mobs[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Cavern has four Mobs, all of which spawn from spawners in the main room.

Hostile[edit | edit source]

Name Notes Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
Angelica.png Angelica Levitates on hit. Spawns from a spawner.
Bloodsucker.png Bloodsucker These mobs attacks inflict Weakness

and will instantly heal some of its

lost health.

Spawns from a spawner.
Flowerface.png Flower Face Immune to knockback. Spawns from a spawner.
Rock Critter.png Rock Critter These mobs are highly resistant to knockback. Spawns from a spawner.

See individual mob pages for more information.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops: Notes
Coniferon.png Coniferon Spawned by having level 70 Augury, level 70 Infusion and a full Selyan tribute bar then right-clicking the Selyan Shrine.png Selyan Shrine. Selyan Stickler.png Selyan Stickler, Selyan Scythe.png Selyan Scythe, Selyan Banner.png Selyan Banner Randomly puts vines over players heads as well as poison them.

Pulls nearby players in.

Horon.png Horon Spawned by having level 70 Augury, level 70 Runation and a full Luxon tribute bar then right-clicking the Luxon Shrine.png Luxon Shrine. Luxon Stickler.png Luxon Stickler, Luxon Scythe.png Luxon Scythe, Luxon Banner.png Luxon Banner Explodes randomly.

Immune to knockback.

Goldorth.png Goldorth Spawned by having level 70 Augury, level 70 Foraging and a full Pluton tribute bar then right-clicking the Pluton Shrine.png Pluton Shrine. Pluton Stickler.png Pluton Stickler, Pluton Scythe.png Pluton Scythe, Pluton Banner.png Pluton Banner Charges at the player.

Immune to knockback.

Penumbra.png Penumbra Spawned by having level 70 Augury, level 70 Hunter and a full Erebon tribute bar then right-clicking the Erebon Shrine.png Erebon Shrine. Erebon Stickler.png Erebon Stickler, Erebon Scythe.png Erebon Scythe, Erebon Banner.png Erebon Banner This boss summons minions to help fight for it. Its minions include: Alarmo, Apparition, Basilisk, Devourer, Hellspot, Occulent, Shifter and Stalker.

Uses ranged attacks.

See individual boss pages for more information.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Misc Items Obtained from
Abyss Tokens.png Abyss Tokens Apparition, Occulent
Apoco Upgrade Kit.png Apoco Upgrade Kit Alarmo
Book of Shadows.png Book of Shadows Apparition
Dustopia Tokens.png Dustopia Tokens Basilisk
Dustopia Realmstone.png Dustopia Realmstone Shifter
Greckon Tokens.png Greckon Tokens Shifter
Haunted Upgrade Kit.png Haunted Upgrade Kit Shifter
Nether Tokens.png Nether Tokens Hellspot
Guns Obtained from
Duster.png Duster Basilisk
Erebon Stickler.png Erebon Stickler Penumbra
Laser Blaster.png Laser Blaster Hellspot
Luxon Stickler.png Luxon Stickler Horon
Pluton Stickler.png Pluton Stickler Goldorth
Selyan Stickler.png Selyan Stickler Coniferon
Soul Spark.png Soul Spark Occulent
Swords Obtained from
Harvester Sword.png Harvester Sword Devourer
Scythes Obtained from
Erebon Scythe.png Erebon Scythe Penumbra
Luxon Scythe.png Luxon Scythe Horon
Pluton Scythe.png Pluton Scythe Goldorth
Selyan Scythe.png Selyan Scythe Coniferon
Staves Obtained from
Destruction Staff.png Destruction Staff Alarmo
Banners Obtained from
Erebon Banner.png Erebon Banner Penumbra
Ghoul Banner.png Ghoul Banner Shifter
Luxon Banner.png Luxon Banner Horon
Pluton Banner.png Pluton Banner Goldorth
Selyan Banner.png Selyan Banner Coniferon
Shadow Banner.png Shadow Banner Apparition

Related Advancements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Parent ID Hidden
Challenger's Arena Visit the Ancient Cavern aoa3:ancientcavern/root No

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