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In order to keep the Advent of Ascension Wiki as orderly, and spam-free as possible, there are a few rules you must follow when editing and creating pages. A list of rules and the consquences for breaking them are as follows:


  1. Do not add spam or vandalism to the wiki, whether in the form of edits, or page creation. If you add spam to the wiki, it will be taken down. After 3-5 offensives you will be issued a warning. If you continued to add spam or vandalism after the warning has been given, you will be blocked for 2 weeks. Continuing to add spam or vandalism after your block has been lifted will result in you receiving an indefinite block.
  2. Do not insult or harass other users. Doing so repeatedly will result in you getting a warning. If you continue to insult/harass others after the warning has been given, you will be blocked for 2 weeks.
    1. This includes insulting/harassing others on talk pages, user pages, or edit summaries.
    2. Insults worthy of consequences/warnings can be as major as curse words, or as minor as telling the other person to "Learn to spell". NEITHER type is allowed.
  3. Advertising/adding fanmade content on the wiki is not allowed, unless it is put on your user or user talk pages. Advertising found on other pages will be removed.
  4. The wiki is not a file-hosting service. Any file that is uploaded to the wiki that does not find home in article soon after will be deleted without notice.
  5. Unacceptable/inappropriate usernames are not allowed, and will be blocked indefinitely on sight.
  6. Creating and using multiple accounts is discouraged. If you wish to use multiple accounts, make sure each one is clearly marked.
    1. Creating another account to get around an edit block is NOT allowed. If caught, the sockpuppet account will be blocked indefinitely.
  7. Do not add copyright work to the wiki.
    1. Do not directly copy something over from another website.
  8. Personal information is to only go on user pages. Be wary of what you add, once it's on here, it's on here forever.

Thank you for following these rules.