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The following page documents the current status of updating the wiki for the 3.2 update.

Information[edit source]

The 3.2 update was released on 17 January 2020. This update overhauls the mod to the extreme. Naturally, the wiki needs to be updated with the new information and content present in the mod in 3.2.

Why does the wiki take so long to update?[edit source]

Taking a look at the 3.2 page reveals that the 3.2 update is massive. That being said, the number of editors working on the wiki at the moment is...not high.

Updating this wiki is slowed down by the fact that there are too few editors in order to update the wiki. In addition, wiki editing is not a job, it is a volunteer effort. Current wiki editors are updating the wiki on their own free time, which is another limiting factor in keeping the wiki going.

Quick change list[edit source]

The following is a quick change list of things that have not made their way onto actual pages yet, or just a summary of changes.

World Table[edit source]

Any instance of world tables will be found under the resources section on the respective dimension pages. The following pages have at least some information of their world tables documented:

  • The Haven
  • The Abyss
  • Precasia
  • Mysterium

New item obtaining locations[edit source]

  • Blue Druse:
    • dropped by Construct of Flight.
  • Chitin:
    • dropped by arthopod-like mobs, such as Bugeyes and Bloodsuckers (note: the Chitin page exists).
  • Confetti Pile:
    • dropped by all hostile mobs in Celeve.
  • Dense Rock:
    • dropped by all hostile mobs in the Deeplands.
  • Enchanted Gunpowder:
    • dropped by various bosses, such as Baroness, Shadowlord, etc.
  • Flammable Dust:
    • dropped by all hostile mobs in the Nether that are added by the mod.
  • Floating Stone:
    • dropped by all hostile mobs in the Haven.
  • Green Druse:
    • dropped by Construct of terror.
  • Magnet Shard:
    • dropped by all hostile mobs in Iromine.
  • Mushroom Spores:
    • dropped by all hostile mobs in Mysterium.
  • Orange Spores:
    • dropped by all hostile mobs in Lelyetia.
  • Power Core:
    • dropped by certain robotic mobs, such as Ancient Golem or Automaton.
  • Purple Druse:
    • dropped by Construct of Range.
  • Rainbow Druse:
    • has a crafting recipe (crafted from one of every other druse color).
  • Red Druse:
    • dropped by Construct of Strength.
  • Rosid Root:
    • dropped by all hostile mobs in Gardencia.
  • Scrap Metal:
    • is dropped by all Overworld hostile mobs added by the mod.
    • there are a few other places that it can be obtained.
  • Sharp Claw:
    • dropped off various mobs, including Everbeast.
  • Sticky Slime:
    • dropped off various mobs, including Hag, Slimer, and Cotton Candor.
  • Torn Cloth:
    • dropped off various mobs with clothing, including Night Reaper, etc.
  • Unstable Gunpowder:
    • dropped off all hostile mobs in Creeponia.
  • Yellow Druse:
    • dropped from Construct of Speed.
  • Yellow Spores:
    • dropped by all hostile mobs in Lelyetia.
  • Void Scales:
    • dropped by various mobs, including Void Walker, etc.
  • Armour Plating:
    • dropped off various mobs, and has a crafting recipe (4 Chitin).
  • Limonite Rod:
    • has a crafting recipe (2 Limonite Ingots).
  • Reinforced Cloth:
    • has a crafting recipe.
  • Padded Cloth:
    • has a crafting recipe.
  • Hardened Confetti Ball
    • has a crafting recipe (4 confetti piles).
  • Distorting Artifact:
    • has a crafting recipe.
  • Exp Flask:
    • is unobtainable.

Boss spawner changes[edit source]

  • Smash
    • Troll idol has a new recipe.
    • He is spawned by throwing the troll idol on the ground.
  • Corallus
    • Can now be spawned by throwing an Amphibiyte Lung into water.
    • Amphibiyte Lungs can be obtained from defeating Amphibiytes.
  • King BamBamBam
    • Explosive idols is now dropped by little bams, which spawn naturally in the Nether.
    • Explosive Idol is now thrown on the ground to spawn the boss.
  • Nethengeic Wither:
    • Nethengeic callstone is now obtained by right-clicking a Nethengeic beast with Flammable dust.
    • Nethenegeic Callstone is now thrown on the ground to spawn the boss.
  • Rockrider:
    • Heavy boulder is obtained by throwing a floating stone down into the void, and then catching the heavy boulder that falls from the sky afterwards.
    • Heavy Boulder is now thrown on the ground to spawn the boss.
  • Four Guardians:
    • Same as before, but the guardian altar must be powered from all sides by redstone. All Haven hostile mobs drop voliant hearts now.
  • Shadowlord:
    • Use an Enchanted Book on a Web Reaper with a stage greater than 0.
    • A Web Reaper's can be increased initially by using a Nightmare Flakes on the Web Reaper.
  • Elusive:
  • Skeletal Army:
    • No longer requires the Ancient Orb, the Skele-elder comes pre-spawned in with the structure (or if its not present, from interacting with the Army Block).
  • Tyrosaur:
    • Bone Horn has a crafting recipe.
  • King Shroomus:
    • Shroom stone has a new crafting recipe (3 Mystic shrooms, 1 Mushroom spores, 3 Mysterium stone)
    • Shroom Stone is now thrown on the ground to spawn the boss.
  • Silverfoot:
    • Sold by the Professor, but has a new price (2 Magnet Shards and 5 Silver Coins).
  • MechBot
    • Can be bought from the Professor.
  • Visualent:
    • Interact with a Lunar Creation Table with a Lunar Orb and Moonlight Orb placed on any of the Lunar Pads (one per pad).
  • Kror:
    • Boulder Dash has a crafting recipe now.
    • A charging table must be placed on top of the Kror Altar in order to spawn Kror.
  • Vinocorne:
    • Petals is now crafted with the Small Blue Petal, Small Green Petal, Small Red Petal, Small Orange Petal, and Small Purple Petal at a Crafting Table and not the Petal Crafting Station.
  • Bane:
    • Haunted Idol has a new crafting recipe (2 Primed Ghoulasm, 2 Reinforced Cloth, 1 Ghoulasm)
    • Haunted Idol is now thrown on the ground to spawn the boss.
  • Clunkhead:
    • Same as before, but the Mega Rune Stone now has multiple uses (can spawn more than one boss with one Mega Rune Stone).
  • Dracyon:
    • Call of the Drake can be fished up if the player fishes in L'Borean.
  • Hydrolisk:
    • Pure Water Stone is obtained by using a Water Bucket on a Rune Post.
  • Hive King:
    • new spawning item: Hive Egg. Obtained by hitting a Tharafly with a Hive Chunk.
  • Baroness:
    • Warlock Gem has a crafting recipe.
  • Voxxulon:
    • Vile Stone now has a crafting recipe (1 Uncharged Stone and 8 Toxic Lumps).
    • Uncharged Stones can be obtained by interacting with an Engima Table.
  • Primordial Five:
    • the same except Darkly Powder is used to light the lamps instead of Primordial Dust. The lamps also won't all turn off when the player spawns the boss.
  • Graw:
    • Guardian's Eye is now obtained by using Orange Spores or Yellow Spores on a Graw Altar, then defeating the Flye that spawns in afterwards.
  • Horon:
    • same as before, but Augury is no longer required.
  • Coniferon:
    • same as before, but Augury is no longer required.
  • Penumbra:
    • same as before, but Augury is no longer required.
  • Goldorth:
    • same as before, but Augury is no longer required.
  • Gyro:
    • same as before, but the price for the Toy Gyrocopter was changed (requires 15 Circus Coins).
  • Crystocore:
    • the Giant Crystal is now obtained by dropping 10 crystals (any color) onto the ground near a Crystal Extension Shrine, then interact with the Crystal Extension Shrine while holding a Rainbow Druse.
  • Cotton Candor:
    • Treat Bag: has a new crafting recipe (1 Sour Gummy and 1 of any item oredicted as "foodCandy").
  • The Immortals:
    • same as before.
  • C.R.E.E.P.:
    • Explosive Gems has a new crafting recipe.
  • Craexxeus/Xxeus:
    • the Ancient Ring is now bought from Shyre Archer.

Misc things[edit source]

  • Holly Top Seeds:
    • are dropped by all Overworld mobs.

Important wiki notes[edit source]

The "Useful Drops" and "Useful Trades" column on on the Mobs section of the dimension pages will be getting removed at this time, as this section is subjective and horribly outdated. Any concerns can be redirected to Discord or the Wiki Update Request Poll (Discord might be better in this case).

Want to support the wiki?[edit source]

The wiki could use more editors! If you are willing to help update the wiki, you are encouraged to do so! Editing the wiki does not require an account, but it is recommended (though it will if you want to upload images, etc). The more editors the wiki gets, the better, and the faster the wiki can finish updating!

Alternatively, you can post a request on the Wiki Update Request Poll.