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Advent of Ascension Wiki:To-do list

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This is a to-do list of things that need to be done on the wiki. Once you complete a task, please remove it from the list (or if you can't, post on the talk page that you've completed said task).

You can also add things that need to be done to this list (or if you can't, request it be added on the talk page).

To-do list[edit source]

High priority issues[edit source]

The following changes were implemented in the most recent update, and need to be updated on the wiki:

  1. Re-balanced anima stone drop rates.
    1. Figure out the new drop rates.
  2. Create redirects for rock candy colors.
  3. Gave crops some more distinct growth textures.
    1. Look into the crops and see which ones were changed - the crops on the wiki need to be redone anyway.
  4. Reduced hardness of bricks.
    1. Find new hardness (also figure out what bricks are being referred to).
  5. Changed the death message from slug acid.
    1. Figure out if this should go on the wiki, if so find out what it is.
  6. Exiting through a greckon or runandor portal takes the player to the overworld.
    1. Needs to be documented.
  7. Changed failure calculation on extraction from a flat 33% to a scaling amount based on level.
    1. The entire extraction article practically needs rewritten.
  8. Foraging/Logging: weighted item drops
    1. What are they?
  9. Fixed firefly staff being able to fire directly down or up.
    1. Needs to be documented?
  10. Fixed staves being able to be fired as fast as the user could click.
    1. Needs to be documented?
  11. Made fischers a bit rarer.
    1. Needs to be documented?
  12. Fixed paravite's knock-off attack not working.
    1. Figure out what this is all about.
  13. Fixed not getting any xp from double log drops from logging.
    1. Partially implemented - needs the table for individual levels.
  14. Some pages have outdated links to the Skill Guides page, which used to contain information about each skill; however that page now redirects to Skills (which has no information about individual skills), and skills have their own pages instead.

Low priority issues[edit source]

  1. Figure out what the high level specifically from the "Receive double drops from high level "Foraging/Logging" full set bonus on the Foraging and Logging armors is.
  2. On the Armor page:
    1. Other page changes?
  3. All content added in the 2.5 Snapshot needs to be put on the wiki.
  4. Every single mobs page need to be enhanced, just like Minecraft Wiki did.
  5. Figure out what to do with some of the structure names - many of them are conjectural/unofficial. This needs to be fixed.
  6. Find out the hardness, blast resistance, and block id for the following blocks: Baron Ground, Baron Stone, Barothos Hellstone, Borean Stone, Creep Stone, Crystevia Rock, Deep Rock, Deeplands Trap, Dustopia Stone, Gardencia Stone, Greckon Stone, Haven Stone, and Precasia Stone (both High and Low).
  7. Split the lamp article up - all lamps should have a separate article. After split is complete, the former lamp article can redirect to blocks.
  8. Improving the category tree; some pages, categories and many files remain uncategorized
  9. Making sizes of dimension pictures more consistent (maybe 500x280)
    1. Partially done - look into some of the images to see whats left.
  10. Cleanup duplicate files listed on Special:ListDuplicatedFiles.

Texture updates[edit source]

  • Reupload the following textures with transparency: Ultimatum Staff, God's Greatblade, Chainsaw, Justice Bow, Sunshine Bow, Shyregem Bow, Paralyzer, Strange Stones (both png and gif), Shyre Banner, Shiny Banner, Light Banner.

Outdated information[edit source]

Take a look at Category:Pages needing updates to see if there are any pages that need more updated information.

See also[edit source]

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