The mod developer has officially decided that the mod was going to 1.15.2! If you still want to read the document detailing what could happen in regards to updating the mod to Minecraft 1.15, you can find it here. You can also voice your opinion on Discord.

Advent of Ascension Wiki:Talk page guidelines

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This article outlines the rules regarding talk pages.

On most wikis, talk pages serve primarily for issues/concerns with the corresponding article in-question, whereas topics better akin to forums are not allowed.

However, on this wiki the rules are a little bit different. As there is no official forum to talk about Advent of Ascension, talk pages can be used to ask basic questions, or talk about the pages content.

For talk pages, the following rules are apply:

  1. Vandalism on talk-pages is not allowed.
  2. Do not harass other users on talk pages, and respect their opinions.

Note that the above rules and guidelines also apply to user talk pages.