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The following style guide lists rules in effect for all Advent Of Ascension Wiki articles to follow. There are often disputes over which style rule or formatting to use and hopefully the inclusion of an official style guide will help resolve these disputes as well as in helping to reach a consensus.

Advent of Ascension is a complex mod, and therefore it is important that all articles are clear and concise, so that new readers will immediately be able to understand the information being read.

If you wish to request changes to this style guide, please request them on the talk page.


Articles are only allowed in the main namespace if they meet the following criteria:

  • They have to relate to Advent Of Ascension in some way.
  • Hoax articles and articles about fan-made content are not allowed.
  • Progress Guides should be a subarticle of Guides.


  • Redirects to the Minecraft Wiki should use mcw: (e.g.: mcw:Stick)
  • Redirects with typos, and bad formatting are not allowed.

Article names

When naming an article: if the article is about an in-game feature, the name of said item as seen in-game is to be used as the article's name. If the article is about a feature in-game that does not have an in-game name (such as a structure), then the following should take place:

  • Naming should be taken out of the mod's files. If this is not possible (as in this example), a conjectual name may be used in its place until an official name is found. Note that when creating an article with a conjectual name should have a {{Conjectual}} template written on it.

Articles named with the above bulletpoint should written in sentence-casing (i.e.: Lelyetian tower not Lelyetian Tower). This does not apply to in-game items written in capital-casing (e.i.: Purple Punisher, not Purple punisher).

Articles about not in-game content (such as Xolova) should be named based on an official source. If neccasary, the conjectual rules listed above may apply here. In most cases, a source may be required for an article's name.


When writing a wiki article:


Wiki articles should be written so that they are easy to understand and follow. Articles should be structured so that new readers can find the information they need without doing too much searching, and are otherwise accessible to new readers.

For example: articles about individual weapons and armor are purposely kept on separate pages, instead of being combined into a bigger page, for new reader accessibility. The following reasons support why this is a good idea:

  • If they were combined into one big page, it might make page-loading slower on some devices.
  • If the weapons/armor were to be compressed into a table, then readers will have to dig through the table to find a specific piece of information.
    • A table is not ideal to display all of the information necessary for a specific weapon/armor (e.g.: an armor's full set bonus may be too complex for a table).

In the case of merging two articles together, if the merged article looks too cluttered, than the articles should ideally remain split unless a solution to the clutteredness is found.


In some cases, it is okay to be redundant. For example, many editors are under the impression that since no mob drops in Advent of Ascension are affected by Looting, this information should be omitted from articles. However, not all new readers will be aware of this, and expecting them to go searching through the wiki to find it is not good practice. Therefore, Looting information should be included in articles so new readers with no experience will understand.


Articles about a similar topic should have some sort of consistency between them.


Trivia sections are for information that does not fit into the article anywhere. Trivia sections are to only be added if the information to be put there is not place able anywhere else in the article. If one wishes to add what a particular article's content is based off of, a source must be provided with it. If a source is not provided, the information will be removed without notice. Note that the sources have to come from Xolova, just because a particular article's content resembles something else does not make it a source.

Other mods

The mention of other mods in mainspace articles (e.g.: suggesting to use a modded feature in a situation, comparing something to another mod, etc) is not allowed.

  • The only exception is if a mod conflicts with another/produces a fatal crash (e.g.: Battlegear crashing with Quickpockets).

Other things to avoid

The following should be avoided when writing an article:

  • Do not put smiley faces/emojis in articles.
  • Avoid using personal pronouns, such as 'I' or 'You'. When referring to the player, say "the player". Only use personal pronouns in unavoidable situations.
  • Do not use exclamation or question marks unless the in-game feature uses it.
  • Avoid referring to something as "early-game","mid-game","late-game", or "end-game". These terms are ambiguous, and mean different things to different people.


See Advent of Ascension Wiki:Media policy


Information in articles that cannot be found in the game itself must cite an official source. Examples of information that must have cite a source:

  • Upcoming content should cite a source when appropriate (see Exception).
  • Information regarding updates to the mod, such as release dates or alternate names, should have a source, especially if the information is not present in the mod itself.
  • Anything stating that a part of the mod is based off something else must have a source to support it.

If information added to an article is found to be unverifiable, it may be removed without notice.

Official sources

Official sources that may be cited include:


Any information added by Xolova is an exception to the above rule. Being the mod developer, Xolova may add information regarding upcoming content (see here for example) that has not been shown nor seen anywhere else. In this case, the above rules do not apply.


If content in an article is found to be difficult to fit within the boundaries of this style guide, a proposal can be made to make an exception or potentially rework the style guide for the content to allow as is. Proposals should be made on the relevant article's talk page.

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