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The following editing guide lists rules in effect for all Advent Of Ascension Wiki articles to follow.

Advent of Ascension is a complex mod, and therefore it is important that all articles are clear and concise, so that new readers will immediately be able to understand the information being read.

If you wish to request changes to this style guide, please request them on the talk page.

Creating an article

What is allowed as an article

All articles in the main namespace must be related to Advent of Ascension, and have to be official.

The following types of articles are not allowed:

  • Articles that document fanmade content, these must be limited to the userspace.
  • Articles that are purely speculative are not allowed either, these must also be limited to userspace.

The following are specific cases when creating certain articles:

  • Articles that serve as guides must be a subpage of guides. For example, Guide/Early Game.
  • Articles in languages other than english are allowed as long as the article's title is the same as the english one with the language's special code attached to the end (e.g.: Sasquatch/de).
  • Articles that document anything that the player can not experience in the game, such as articles pertaining to upcoming features, unused features, etc., any news related to the mod, or content who's name is not apparent in-game, must have an official source provided for the content in that article. If no source is provided, the content's of said article can be deleted without notice.

Pages for upcoming versions should not be created, nor added to the versions template, until said version is released in some form (either a full, official release, or a snapshot/beta build). Pages for upcoming features that are not released should be limited to being documented on planned features, and an article should not be made until either an official release or a public snapshot/beta build is released. Features that were removed should be documented on removed features, for now. Unused features are to be documented solely on unused features. Features that are mentioned by a developer but are not clearly stated to be planned, should go in mentioned features.

Articles that are hoax articles, spam articles, or vandalism articles will be deleted. If an article is related to Advent of Ascension, and fits the above criteria, then it can exist.

How to name an article

The name of the article should be the name that best represents the article/its content. For articles that document in-game content that the player can experience while playing, the name of the content in-game should be used as the article's name, with the exact same spelling and letter casing. An example of this:

  • The article titled "Stone Bowl" - this is accepted as an article name, because the item in-game is called "Stone Bowl" on its tooltip, however, "Stone bowl" is not accepted as an article name, because the stone bowl item in-game is has the letter b capitalized.

If something's name in-game has a misspelling, the misspelled name is to be used as the article name. Some people may think that its obvious that the developer meant a different spelling when they see this, and create the article with the corrected spelling. One cannot do this, however, because it is speculation (the only exception is if the developer comes out and says that the misspelling is wrong and confirms a different spelling - then the article can be named with the correct spelling, as long as a source is present).

In the case that something in-game has multiple names, the following list shows the names to be used:

  • Blocks, and all types of items (including weapons, tools, and armor) get their name based on their tooltip.
  • Entities get their name based on the entity name defined for them in-game.
    • In the specific case of totem entities, which have a separate name from the totem item, the totem item's name is used for the article.
  • Biome names are based on the biome's name as seen in the debug menu.

Examples not listed above go by on a case-by-case basis.

For features that are not named in the mod, a conjectural name can be used if there is not official outside source giving its name, preferably based on the name of the feature in the mod's files (if possible). In the case that this is done, the name should be made in sentence case (e.g.: Elytra nerfing, not Elytra Nerfing).

If several different things or ideas are merged into a single article, the article's title must relate to all of them.

Article titles for guide pages should ideally relate to the content of said guide, and must not be obscene in any way.

Articles in a language other than english on the english wiki must be named their english name with /<language tag> added to the end (e.g.:Chomper/de).


A redirect serves as a way to point people to the correct article that may have multiple names associated with it. All redirects on the wiki are to be relevant to the pages they point to. When creating a redirect, it must abide to the rules set forth in the above section and following section. Redirects in other languages besides english, pointing to a language page, are not preferred. Redirects that are profane/obscene are not allowed under any circumstances.

Redirects that contain different capitalization are allowed - for example: Mending table.



All headers should be written in sentence-case, where every other word following the first word starts with a lowercase letter (e.g.: This is sentence case).

When writing for a header, it is preferable if there is a space between the = signs and the words making up the header. For example:

this is preferred: == Text ==

but this is not: ==Text==

Article names

If an article name is based on the name of something in-game, it should take the exact same spelling, casing and all, when made the article title.

If the article title is not taken from the game, it should follow all of the rules provided in the Headers section above.


When writing a wiki article:


Wiki articles should be written so that they are easy to understand and follow. Articles should be structured so that new readers can find the information they need without doing too much searching, and are otherwise accessible to new readers.

For example: articles about individual weapons and armor are purposely kept on separate pages, instead of being combined into a bigger page, for new reader accessibility. The following reasons support why this is a good idea:

  • If they were combined into one big page, it might make page-loading slower on some devices.
  • If the weapons/armor were to be compressed into a table, then readers will have to dig through the table to find a specific piece of information.
    • A table is not ideal to display all of the information necessary for a specific weapon/armor (e.g.: an armor's full set bonus may be too complex for a table).

In the case of merging two articles together, if the merged article looks too cluttered, than the articles should ideally remain split unless a solution to the clutteredness is found.


In some cases, it is okay to be redundant. For example, many editors in the past were under the impression that since no mob drops in Advent of Ascension were affected by Looting, this information should be omitted from articles. However, not all new readers would have been aware of this, and expecting them to go searching through the wiki to find it is not good practice. Therefore, Looting information would be included in articles so new readers with no experience will understand.


Articles about a similar topic should have some sort of consistency between them.


Articles should be written in sentence case. Names of a species or type of items should be written with all lowercase letters (e.g.: "diamond bowl" not "Diamond Bowl") when in the middle of a sentence and not at the beginning. If a species names consists of multiple words, only the first word should be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence.


Trivia sections are for information that does not fit into the article anywhere. Trivia sections are to only be added if the information to be put there is not place able anywhere else in the article. If one wishes to add what a particular article's content is based off of, a source must be provided with it. If a source is not provided, the information will be removed without notice. Note that the sources have to come from a mod developer, just because a particular article's content resembles something else does not make it a source.

Personal pronouns

Avoid the usage of personal pronouns (I, you, we, etc). When writing an article, try to refer to the player as 'the player' as much as possible.

Short forms and alternative names

If something has multiple names and/or shortforms, then a single name and/or shortform should be chosen to describe it consistently, preferably a name that is most commonly used, if possible. The following examples are in-effect for this wiki, which can be used as examples for future cases:

  • Advent of Ascension is also known as Nevermine, Nevermine 2: Advent of Ascension, or simply AoA. For wiki purposes, all wiki articles should refer to the mod as 'Advent of Ascension' or whenever one wishes to omit the name, as 'the mod'.
  • Experience should be refered to as either 'Experience' or 'XP'.
  • If the word 'Level' is to be shortformed, it should be written as 'Lvl'.

Mod name

When talking about the mod, refer to it as 'Advent of Ascension' or as 'the mod', but do not refer to it as 'Nevermine' or 'AoA'. New readers may not recognize other names for the mod, and potentially get confused.

Other mods

The mention of other mods in mainspace articles (e.g.: suggesting to use a modded feature in a situation, comparing something to another mod, etc) is not allowed.

  • The only exception is if a mod conflicts with another/produces a fatal crash (e.g.: Battlegear crashing with Quickpockets).

Other things to avoid

The following should be avoided when writing an article:

  • Do not put smiley faces/emojis in articles.
  • Do not use exclamation or question marks unless the in-game feature uses it.
  • Avoid referring to something as "early-game","mid-game","late-game", or "end-game". These terms are ambiguous, and mean different things to different people.


See Advent of Ascension Wiki:Media policy

All media uploaded to the wiki should be related to Advent of Ascension in some way. This includes pictures of in-game content, sound files of in-game sound effects, or teaser screenshots. Media not-related to Advent of Ascension may be quickly deleted without notice.

For consistency, all images uploaded to the wiki should be in the png or gif file format, while sounds should be in ogg or mp3 file format.


Advent of Ascension Wiki currently only has no video media. As no official video media content has been produced, this means that there is no reason for a video of any kind to be implemented on a mainspace article. All videos should be exclusive to the userspace.


All information in articles that cannot be found in any version of the game itself must cite an official source. Examples of information that must cite a source are as follows:

  • Planned features and other upcoming content absolutely has to cite a source if the fact that the content is upcoming is not present in the game. Upcoming content not only has to be sourced, but it strictly must also mention that it is upcoming content. If no source can be provided indicating that a particular piece of upcoming content will be released into the game at all, then that piece of upcoming content is barred from the Planned features page until a proper source is stated otherwise. Upcoming content that does not specify when it will released, but does specify that it will be released, is allowed on Planned features however. If sourced content is not specified that it will be added, then it is limited to being documented on Mentioned features. Mod developers that add upcoming content to the wiki should have their edits cited based on these guidelines.
  • If a reliable source documents a detail about a piece of content in the mod differently than what is provided in-game, or provides an extra detail or piece of information, then that information may be added with a source.
  • Anything stating that a part of the mod is based off something else must have a source to support it.

If information added to an article is found to be unverifiable, it may be removed without notice.

Official sources

The following is a list of official, reliable sources that may be cited.

These sources can be cited for past information on the mod:

The following sources can be cited for current or future information about the mod.

If one wishes to cite the official Minecraft Forum thread, the cite link must be obtained when the user is logged out for consistency - the link can lead to different places depending on whether the user is logged in or out.

Mod developers posting information to this wiki can also be cited. This is outlined in the below section.

Mod developers


The mod developer, Scimiguy, is considered to be a reliable source above all other sources.

If Scimiguy adds any information to the wiki that is not seen nor heard in any other source, then this information should be cited to the edit that added this information (see here for example).


Ursun is considered to be a partially reliable source at this time.

If Ursun adds any information to the wiki that is not seen nor heard in any other source, then this information should be cited to the edit that added this information (see here for example). Furthermore, it is advised to request verification from another reliable source about the reliability of the information provided by Ursun.


Xolova is considered to be a reliable source exclusively for past information on the mod only. Any information that pertains to how the mod was going to be at one point in the past, how Xolova was going to make the mod, or information about development of the mod before Scimiguy took over, can use Xolova as a source.

Xolova will not be used as a source for information about the mod's future, including but not limited to: how the mod will be developed, etc. Xolova will also not be used as a source on development history ("development history" is defined as behind the scenes information and information relating to plans during development) for any information relating to versions of the mod produced and released by Scimiguy.


If content in an article is found to be difficult to fit within the boundaries of this style guide, a proposal can be made to make an exception or potentially rework the style guide for the content to allow as is. Proposals should be made on the relevant article's talk page.